Saturday 3 August 2013

Opposites Attract and Unthinking Hate

At what point did women forget that opposites attract?

Men: rough, tough, strong, crude, rude, go-getting, dominant people who get shit done.

Women: demure, feminine, pleasant, warm, loving, sweetheart, submissive people who nurture.

Feminists have taken on the role of men, telling all women that they too can have the same lifestyle that men have. In fact that they do not need men. "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle!"

Ah, yes, indeed.

A while back I recounted the story of a receptionist at work who was told by her brother that in her mid-fifties she was past it. At the time she'd just broken up with her boyfriend - and yes indeed, she was past it. Mutton cannot be hidden as lamb. A few days ago I was talking with her and another woman at morning smoko.

Woman: I will live to be 95 years old according to the doctors.

Me: 93, myself.

Woman: That's unusual.

Receptionist: Yeah, most guys die well before their wives. It's great, you can finally get a break from the bastards.

This from the woman who is past it, who doesn't have a boyfriend, who is looking for a boyfriend. You could smell the unthinking hate of feminism coming from her words.

The discussion ended after that little gem and we went back to our desks and to work. I have the feeling that even the other woman became uncomfortable (she is Asian and that may have offended her badly - who can tell, maybe I'll ask her some day).

So, the unthinking hatred of women who have voluntarily taken on the mantle of men. Women who, because of their unthinking hatred, don't seem to be capable of getting or keeping a man.

Cannot blame the man for not wanting "her" with her hard mannish attitude. If we wanted a man, we'd be gay.

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