Tuesday 20 August 2013

Slow self-genocide

"Educated" women these days are committing a slow, self-genocide by not getting married in their early 20's and having children.

Who has children? Three types:

1/ solo mothers who push out one or more kidlets and collect the government handout so they can "survive"

2/ dumbass girls who get knocked up early and "shotgun wedding" a man (aka the man "does the right thing")

3/ older, "educated" women who play around in their twenties while they slut it up, who may or may not get knocked up and deal with having kidlets, and who at 30-35 expect to be able to:

i) find a provider man to keep them through their old age

ii) pump out 1.5 children to satisfy their baby-rabies insanity (at the worst time in their lives for having children)

"Idiocracy" was not just a movie - it was a fucking commentary on humanity and is looking all-too-likely to be the future. Because the "educated" keep waiting "for the right time", while the dumbasses just pump 'em out willy-nilly and muddle through somehow - typically with incentives to help 'em make ends meet.

Also known as: Stupid people breed. They get paid for it.

Smart people don't breed as much. There's no incentive and kidlets are a major handicap to a career (thank you feminism for brainwashing women into thinking that career is more important than smart people perpetrating the human species). 

These two factors, combined with the demonstrable fact that modern women are deliberately breeding with totally unsuitable men (aka the scum of society), means that the birthrate is dropping PLUS the quality of children is dropping PLUS the smart ones are being outbred by the stupid and unthinking. This is why the Western world has a declining population (just like Japan).

Never mind, in three-four generations your kiddies will be vastly outnumbered by the dummo's. This assuming that you have any "smart" kidlets of worth, in the sea of mediocrity.

It's amusing that you girls are poisoning yourselves so readily. You cannot blame us men for this, either - feminism has done it for you by telling you that a career (like a man does it) is the way to go.

Enjoy your cats.

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