Tuesday 29 October 2013

PostSecret Goodness

Once again it is PostSecret time, where we find more deeply sick poison voluntarily revealed from the female mind. Let us dive into this cesspool of female desires:

Mmmmmmmm preselection! Girls love love love to fuck guys who already have girlfriends. "She thinks he's worth fucking, therefore I will fuck him too!"

Women like it rough, so caveman 'em with pleasure.

Did we ever mention that girls love bad guys?

Secret Internet Fatty alert! Fat-shaming is a public service.

The question is: "Did the world move for you, baby?" They say that men who indulge in phone sex are depraved, yet it's quite all right to do it themselves. It's easy, just talk dirty to them.

The female rationalization hamster at its finest. "I'm going to be a Cat Lady, boo hoo! Oh wait, I'm not really interested in sex. Say the future now seems less bleak!"

Enjoy the poison, laugh until you pop.

Monday 28 October 2013

Educated Women Are Shit

I would much rather have an uneducated and feminine woman than a woman who has had her head rammed up her own ass from being "educated". In fact I would much rather marry an uneducated, pleasant, feminine woman who realistically knows that her only value is the children that she pumps out and the high-quality family and family life that she makes. This is because the educated have drunk the kool-aid: the insane cyanide known as feminism has made them sterile from self-choice.

Karl Marx, the writer of The Communist Manifesto and the inspiration of feminism, was being deliciously ironic and disingenuous when he stated as a fact: "The bourgeois sees his wife a mere instrument of production." Yet the feminists (communists) themselves tore apart the institution of the family (as per the Communist Manifesto) and stated that women could have it all, that they could have a career as well as a man does - if not better. To do this, the woman has to become exactly what Karl Marx tongue-in-cheek decried: a mere instrument of production.

The deliciously ironic part is that Russia transformed its women into just another underpaid and interchangeable cog in the economic machine of production. The western world is going down the exact same path as the Communist Bloc: men and women both producing at the instigation of the State, children raised by the State, everyone isolated and working from cradle to grave with no interest in doing anything more than satisfying themselves on a short-term and selfish basis.

No long-term interest in accumulating things for a long, rich, and ultimately satisfying life that includes children and a happy family and worthwhile people for the community as a whole.

So I look at these "educated" women and view them as the damaged pieces of shit that they are in reality. They are not marriage material. They are so self-important that they have ruined their lives: they are fit for nothing more than being a fucktoy cum-bucket and if they had never been born they would have made absolutely no difference to the world. In fact, arguably the world would have been marginally better off without them - especially in aggregate.

One less parasite infecting the world, draining the effort of useful people for nothing more than their own hedonistic pleasures.

They will have no meaningful impact upon the world long-term. They certainly don't have any children. In fact, the whole bullshit of having children after 30 years old is such a crock that it's laughable: increased chances of genetic deformity, decreased fertility that sucks up public money better used for roads and drains and other public infrastructure, it makes me laugh to die.

Best of all, these pieces of fucking shit expect some quality man to marry them after they've spread their legs for an entire legion of useless badasses who treated them like the shit that they are. They expect to deserve the best after they've delighted in being defiled repeatedly by shit. They've basically been ridden to the point of prolapse and beyond and are delusional as to their true lack of value.

They are so fucking insane that I could laugh until I cry, until I sprain half the muscles in my body, and I would still be hiccuping insanely for weeks. Ah the poisonous ironies of life!

Monday 21 October 2013

We Are (Anti)Social

Antisocial, as if it's a big thing to not want to be around others every single fucking moment of the day.

Yes, let us shame the sheeple into using us. The more social that we can make something inherently antisocial appear, the better to monitor it.

So we have the rise of the "social network" - the technology which allows us to reach out "better" to others and communicate with them.

Why? Seriously, why? How hard is it to:

• pick up the phone

• have a regular, set time together

• talk for just a bit when you run across each other

Things like Facebook and Twitter may have been originally designed to arrange parties and meet ups and the like. Now they've been overtaken by narcissistic morons who want to expose the inane bullshit mediocrity and you go grrrlll-ism of their lives to others in return for a few presses of the "like" button.

I do not like. I find this disturbing, in a deep way - especially when I notice that tendency in myself. When it's reached the point that even I notice it in myself, it is time to cut back: go do something in the garden, walk around the beaches, take a road-trip to clear the head, take an overseas trip, whatever. So long as it's something real.

We are antisocial.

I see groups of friends around a table in public, having a meal - they're all heads bent over their smartphone, on Facebook or Twitter or sending someone else a text. They may as well be flopped in a bed and chomping down potato chips for all their mental presence.

We are antisocial.

I see a pair of girls walking down the footpath, both of them texting someone else, exchanging a few words, then back on the phone again.

We are antisocial.

I see groups of girls in a bar - ostensibly to meet boys - gathered in closed groups and talking with each other, not allowing others in.

We are antisocial.

I see groups of girl dancers - ostensibly there to dance - gathered in closed groups and talking with each other, not being open to dancing and being downright rude if you interrupt their talk to ask for a dance.

We are antisocial.

I now see groups of men in a bar, only there to be involved with each other. They literally ignore the girls entirely - they don't exist. The two groups no longer intermingle.

We are antisocial.

We are broken, we two sexes have lost the ease to be able to talk with each other. This is now a world where fear and loathing of the male sex is the norm, where "all men are rapists", where "all men beat their children", where "all men are stupid", where "women need men like a fish needs a bicycle", where "men are always in the wrong", where male-bashing is the norm.

Men are becoming uninterested in hanging around with anyone else than other men. Being constantly slagged for no real reason, especially when it is an utterly illogical reason, becomes tiring to the soul. Women are not particularly interesting to them - unless she's very forward, intrusive, and overtly sexually available. Effectively, a slut will do better with men for one reason: she's easy to fuck.

We are antisocial. Well and truly antisocial. Given the inane stupidity of what is being flung about out there, you can see why. Poison kills the social urge.

I have left the dance scene. The constant antisocial behaviour of the women dancers has now made me decide that it's not something that I wish to do any further. I am no longer what Captain Capitalism once termed as a "dance whore" - from now on, I only dance with women that I am fucking.

Girls ask me why, I ignore them. I just shake my head when guys ask me in front of girls. Basically it is because I'm sick of the two-faced cunty double-standards fucking nonsense going on.

Enjoy your metrosexual dancing monkeys. Tough shit, you brought it on yourselves.

More PostSecret Fun

From this weeks PostSecret, commentary thoughtfully provided by myself:

Yes guys, girls will tolerate you fucking around. If not, who cares? There's always another slut around the corner.

Brilliant! You cannot get a better introduction to the sluttiness of the women in the world! Take it to heart guys.

From what I can see this is written by a guy. I wouldn't bother with the weed myself, however I'm 100% down with the rest. Go for it mate.


Appearances are everything, even amongst the lesbian community. "Style above substance", the clarion call of the slave and the dancing monkey.

Don't lie, it makes you feel slutty - and you enjoy that. You enjoy it even more that you can anonymously expose your sluttiness for all to see, it makes your cunt drip. Keep it up, I love receiving nudie pics from my sluts.

This poison exposé brought to you courtesy of PostSecret.

No Means No

For decades, women (aka crazy fucking feminists) have been rabidly frothing at the mouth and screaming: "No means no!" Generally very shrilly at the top of their lungs.

Of course, this applies to other things than sex: "No means no!" when going out, hanging out, eating, drinking, etc. In fact there is a rather "famous" commercial in New Zealand where some girl says "No" to another drink, then sharply says "No!" when the guy still attempts to top up her glass. Good on her and that commercial - and it fucking cuts both ways, eh cunts. I still await a male commercial where a guy says "No!" to a woman.

Last weekend I said "No!" to a woman who wouldn't stop trying to fucking feed me. In fact, the stupid cunt wouldn't accept "no" for an answer and ordered food for me on the sly.

I got up and walked away. Literally, as rudely as that. Fuck her, fuck the harpy's chorus, I walked out of there in front of twenty other people. She came running after me and I said curtly: "I asked you not to." She said that someone else would eat it and I said "good" and kept on walking.

There was no fucking way that I was going to be passive-aggressively forced to eat that stuff that she ordered for me against my express wishes. Fuck her, I'm out of there.

Seriously too, it's a good thing to take a woman at her word at all times. "No!" Get up and get dressed and leave. "What are you doing?" "You said no. No problem, have a good night." It fucks with her mind, something beautiful to watch.

Reinforce your boundaries. No exceptions. Always be willing to walk away, it shows that you have power and options.

Sunday 20 October 2013

Overt Poison in Dating and Relationships

Free Northerner has an excellent piece up about modern dating and marriage expectations, culled from an advice column replying to a man's question about trying to get back with a girlfriend who doesn't want him. Some of the comments are gold.

As Free Northerner says:
If you are decent guy, most everybody expects you to get shit on romantically and just take the lumps for a decade, then get the used-up, washed-out, emotionally-wrecked left-overs of the assholes’ pillaging. 
Wendy just dismisses this, like it’s just the way it is. There’s no condemnation of the attitude, no real thought as to how thoroughly poisonous this is.
Oh yes, this is very poisonous. Thank you for pointing that out - though the cunts-brigade will never admit it. They can't, they're too brainwashed.

I salute you for your call to action for the girls, though it's too bad so sad way-too-late for these sluts. I myself would not even consider "committing" to any girl over 21 years of age. Too many cocks up that cunt, and she's had too long to have any chance of breaking that entitled mindset. Remember: do not man-up and marry these sluts!

In my view 18 is the sweet spot for a woman who might be worth committing to. She's strong, healthy, and can pump out kids until the cows come home. Over 21 - fucking forget it, too fucked up by then.

Thursday 17 October 2013

Ernai - Second Women

The rich and powerful Chinese keep a mistress - it is expected of them, though it can also be hazardous to their careers. The same happens here in New Zealand, with people like Auckland Mayor Len Brown having an affair with a 30yo woman named Bevan Chuang:

I suppose that I would tap that, if it went out of its way to make itself available. Why pass it up if it offers itself willingly on a platter, all open and quiveringly wet and ready for defilement.

Whoa, University of Auckland! Way to go!

You mean "open legs". What a delicious role-model.

At any rate: this mistress was ousted and pressured into revealing their affair, when she was also in an election for public office. When she lost the election, she lost it, revealed the affair, and publicly called for Len Brown to resign from office. All lusciously reported by our lefty newspapers for New Zealand's general delight and wonderment.

Let's get this straight: a willing fucktoy who took it every way from Sunday DARES to have an opinion on her former lover after she has betrayed him? Entitled hamsterdom hath no fury like a willing fucktoy who didn't get the sweeties she was promised by life (not her lover - life - Les didn't promise her a win).


In related news, Len's wife supports him. She is probably glad to have a hubby who at 57 years old can still draw the willing attentions of 30yo girls. His revealed affair gives her renewed tingles, because he can still get it if she's stupid enough to leave him. Hypergamy is such a harsh bitch neh!

The laughs at the poison in this world never end. Stay hard Len!

Cute But Psycho

Too many girls are like this:

Why is this? Because we men allowed them to develop that way.

When some chick goes psycho on you, there are two things that any self-respecting man can do.

1/ Walk away from the nonsense. No excuses.

2/ If she becomes physically violent, you can do #1 up there or you can get physically violent back to her. This is the path of most domestic abusers.

Now, Vox points out the mechanics of this. Basically it boils down to:

• these guys instil absolute existential fear in her

• this "cures" her in such a way that she will never, ever again even think of pulling that shit

• serial domestic abusers are almost never charged - their partner is too frightened for her life

In a dark and somewhat compelling manner, I think that he is right. These women are ranting and raving and screeching about "male privilege". They may be the ones who actually end up feeling the pointedly-directed pain of that privilege.

This twisted and maimed poison brought to your attention with the hashtag: #curepsychowomen

I Love You

I have lost track of the number of women who have said "I love you" in the throes and aftermath of orgasm.
Nine Inch Nails - Closer
You let me violate you
You let me desecrate you
You let me penetrate you
You let me complicate you

Help me, I broke apart my insides
Help me, I've got no soul to sell
Help me, the only thing that works for me
Help me get away from myself

I want to fuck you like an animal
I want to feel you from the inside
I want to fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to God
To women, lust equates to love. Don't be fooled by that, anything can come out in extremes of passion. Her deepest desire is to be violated, desecrated, and dominated. Women who have trouble achieving orgasm via vaginal intercourse will have enthusiastic multiple orgasms with your cock deep in her turgid anus, and she'll happily gobble her own shit off your dick once you've filled her ass with your seed.

Turn this warning of poison to your advantage - don't be afraid to lie in the heat of the moment (or passion). She will and does.

Two more books that you should read as a man, relevant to this:

The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli
48 Laws of Power, by Robert Greene

Women Are Ridiculous

This guy is gold:

If more men woke up and realised this, women would feel the cold a lot faster and might even mend their ways.

This deserves to go viral. I salute you, mate.

Monday 14 October 2013

Fat Shaming Week

I already did a piece a while back about how fat chicks are simply not worth having. If only because of the fat cushioning you with 6+ inches of blubber, holding your cock well away from giving her a proper deep fucking like she really desires.

Return of Kings has had a fat-shaming week, dedicated to gutting these fat landwhales and rendering them with a tongue of vitriolic wit. I myself have had nothing really to contribute.

Until now:

Oh yes. Fatties, you really are sado-masochists - because you love feeling pain and you love hurting those around you. This one excelled, hurting herself with glee.

Cheers fatties! Don't forget to do yourself an injury!

Updated to get the proper animation going. Enjoy the landwhale in all it's glory!

In Breaking News

A friend of mine asked his girl to marry him, and she ACCEPTED! Yippee skip, poor motherfucking bastard.

As self-reported on FaceBook: "I have asked XXXXX to marry me and yes I was on bended knee, I put a bow tie on my lovely Dalmation, I lit a candle...and she said yes."

His status: "feeling blessed"

Oh fuck me. On one level I'm happy for him, on another level I want to fucking cry. This is his second wife, you would have thought that the poor fool would have worked it out the first time.

Plus, he shouldn't be fooling around with older sluts. I never thought that he'd be stupid enough to put a ring on that.

Another poor shit gone down the plughole that is modern society.

Friday 11 October 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink Ribbon day here in New Zealand, and the wimminz are out in force. Pink ribbons for sale, why aren't you wearing pink, etc. All to raise awareness (as if it's not been shoved down our throats for the past two fucking weeks) and funds for Breast Cancer.

It doesn't take much to refuse. Just a simple: "no thanks" or "not for me thanks".

Do you know what the most interesting thing is? None of the harpies - not one - has asked me why not.


So the women are pushing this like a drug, with support from the pussified men dressed in pink - it's to puke. Give, give, give, give money to show your support - it's for women's breast cancer. Come on, man up! It's practically a little social event at work, with cute costumes and cute cooking and the like. The cooing gaggle of girls makes me roll my eyes.

Movember in contrast: the men grow a moustache. They have to collect pledges, it's not handed out to them "just because" - nor is there any expectation of that. Finally, we have to endure the smartass comments from the women's brigade while we're doing this - and they do very little to show any kind of support.

Fun facts to think about (in America alone)  -

Breast cancer: 232,340 women are expected to be diagnosed in 2013

Prostate cancer: 238,590 men are expected to be diagnosed in 2013

Radical surgery is prescribed for prostate cancer, side-effects being incontinence for at least a time - and possibly impotence. Worse: it has been found that radical surgery does nothing more than a simple close watch on the situation can do. There's a silent shit-storm going on in the medical community about it at this time: a lot of money, millions of dollars, is gonna fly away from some of these surgeons. I wonder how few are having a crisis of conscience.

Breast Cancer Awareness - this awareness being constantly rammed down our throats is the biggest cancer of all. Slick advertising, pamphlets, paying telemarketers to call for donations, big thank-you's on the TV, paying the staff who have to administer and track everything - all money that doesn't go to it's stated recipients. Myself, I like that my taxes go towards public health: there's my charity, paid on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis.

It is a sick, twisted, poisonous society that we live in.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Already, pictures of guys painting their nails with pink nail polish or wearing pink tutu's are doing the rounds. Ugh. It's not even lunchtime yet, stop putting me off my food!

Monday 7 October 2013

Fifteen Lies

Fifteen lies from the poison that is the modern woman:

Let's take these in order:

1/ Women's love equates to lust (and has a 4-year time-limit)

2/ Women lie (dissemble) all the time

3/ So you can get food for your hamster and ammunition for fights

4/ Women have lost their sweetness, it's turned rancid

5/ Women keep every hurt for ammunition in future fights

6/ Just blindside him when you dump the loser

7/ He should be able to fucking read your mind - remember to get angrier when he can't

8/ Entitlement is the default state for women, men are to be ground into the dust

9/ You are a woman - you are never in the wrong

10/ Never forget your shitty past - it's a great excuse for every fight that you start

11/ Bitch and moan about all men to the harpy's chorus, especially your current moron

12/ He gives, you take, take, take

13/ Make sure you don't push him to the point of murder, anything less is fair game and fun as hell

14/ Make-up sex is fantastic so be sure to fight lots - until it's time to dump his ass

15/ Women eat, drink, cry, dribble, blow snot out of their noses, fuck a storm in all orifaces, and take a nasty great dump that stinks out the house - when a man pedestalizes THAT they know he's not much cop and will use him cruelly - this is why they prefer guys who treat them like the crap they are

This translation of poisonous lies brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™.

Monday Poison from PostSecret

Why yes, it's Monday here in New Zealand. So today I go through the dribblings on PostSecret and analyse them through Crap Colored Glasses™.

Yep, women fall for prison thugs. Then as now, nothing new under the sun here!

Ouch, a seriously bad case of pedestalization here! Get over that "friendship", it was time-limited anyway. Additionally you look like you're bleeding heavily there: want a maxi-pad as well as a super-absorbent tampon to control that?

I wonder how many men do the same with your pictures, slore. Or at least show them to their friends.

Oh man, you have so opened yourself up to paying for that kid when her marriage goes to shit.

This one's a little too neutral to in tone to quite figure what she means here. So now to run it through the crap-to-ingrish translator. It added an addendum: "He's such a pussy. I think I'll sponge off him for a while until I find someone who can rock my world."

Thank you crap-to-ingrish translator, you have made that poison abundantly clear. Especially tasty that she announced it to the world in such a plausibly-deniable manner.

As an aside, I have a post to release soon that I call "Poison Sugar". It's a bit sparse, yet I'm starting to truly think that "brevity is the soul of wit" - thank you William Shakespeare. After all, women love brevity - it gives their hamster something to chow down on and spin about, feeding the drama-impulse she craves. This is why women love laconic guys, we give them something to spin and dribble about as they try to analyse our words.

Saturday 5 October 2013

Poisoned Sugar

What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and all things nice!

Sugar: sweetness, femininity, etc.

Spice: naughtiness, sexuality, etc.

In far too many cases: the sugar has gone off. It's been laced with poison and has gone rancid. So what you're left with is the spice, the naughtiness and wickedly tasty sexuality. With no leavening whatsoever.

Coupled with a case-hardened ultrasteel bitch, that's a difficult shell to drill through. It takes a diamond-hard bastard to make it through, and he's so inflexible that he cuts up all the gooey softness inside.

Interesting simile or not particularly useful? Either way, there are a lot of poisonous women out there. They've lost their femininity and all that's left is a twisted and fucked-up mess. One that's exceptionally good in bed, though.

The women's goodness and sweetness of yesteryear has curdled, gone sour, then turned all the way to lethal poison. All the men are lining up like ants to take a sip, while she'll never change because the attention from the losers and PUAs are convincing her that this is the right way to go.

Ironically, it's us men's fault - for listening and being gentle with her. We let cupcake get away with bullshit, never corrected her bad behaviour, now both she and we are reaping the poisonous rewards. Men are being used and women are being left lonely.

Thursday 3 October 2013

Financial Rape


Such a beautiful and subversive image, depicting the reality for half of all married men. More fool them if they are stupid enough to get married a second time. How about a third time huh - think you're man enough to do that?

Women, here is thy pussy pass:

That's some tasty pussy right there! Tell me though - why did you buy it? Duh!

Can't you tell when it's been laced with poison? Or are you just fucking brain-dead?

Wednesday 2 October 2013

An Object Lesson

Never fuck a dancer.

Never allow a woman back into your life, even peripherally.

Back when I was naive, I did both. Actually the first mistake wasn't that bad: women self-destruct their relationships sooner or later, you just have to learn to structure your life so that she cannot screw you up.

The second mistake was the bad one. Really bad. Because that allowed her the opportunity to have another self-destructive meltdown at my expense. Thus exposing me to more "he said, she said, he said she said..." fucking female drama.

Women thrive on this shit. I think that if they could, they would have it liquified and mainlined directly into their veins just so they can get the highest high possible. Add a special seasoning of your crushed heart and your bitter tears (kiddies tears are delicious too).

Until you stop bleeding.

Until you harden up.

Until your heart turns to stone.

Until you have stainless steel bowling balls for testicles.

Until you do what you want and ignore women's shit.

Until you realise, finally, that life is to be lived on your terms only.