Monday 7 October 2013

Monday Poison from PostSecret

Why yes, it's Monday here in New Zealand. So today I go through the dribblings on PostSecret and analyse them through Crap Colored Glasses™.

Yep, women fall for prison thugs. Then as now, nothing new under the sun here!

Ouch, a seriously bad case of pedestalization here! Get over that "friendship", it was time-limited anyway. Additionally you look like you're bleeding heavily there: want a maxi-pad as well as a super-absorbent tampon to control that?

I wonder how many men do the same with your pictures, slore. Or at least show them to their friends.

Oh man, you have so opened yourself up to paying for that kid when her marriage goes to shit.

This one's a little too neutral to in tone to quite figure what she means here. So now to run it through the crap-to-ingrish translator. It added an addendum: "He's such a pussy. I think I'll sponge off him for a while until I find someone who can rock my world."

Thank you crap-to-ingrish translator, you have made that poison abundantly clear. Especially tasty that she announced it to the world in such a plausibly-deniable manner.

As an aside, I have a post to release soon that I call "Poison Sugar". It's a bit sparse, yet I'm starting to truly think that "brevity is the soul of wit" - thank you William Shakespeare. After all, women love brevity - it gives their hamster something to chow down on and spin about, feeding the drama-impulse she craves. This is why women love laconic guys, we give them something to spin and dribble about as they try to analyse our words.

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