Monday 28 October 2013

Educated Women Are Shit

I would much rather have an uneducated and feminine woman than a woman who has had her head rammed up her own ass from being "educated". In fact I would much rather marry an uneducated, pleasant, feminine woman who realistically knows that her only value is the children that she pumps out and the high-quality family and family life that she makes. This is because the educated have drunk the kool-aid: the insane cyanide known as feminism has made them sterile from self-choice.

Karl Marx, the writer of The Communist Manifesto and the inspiration of feminism, was being deliciously ironic and disingenuous when he stated as a fact: "The bourgeois sees his wife a mere instrument of production." Yet the feminists (communists) themselves tore apart the institution of the family (as per the Communist Manifesto) and stated that women could have it all, that they could have a career as well as a man does - if not better. To do this, the woman has to become exactly what Karl Marx tongue-in-cheek decried: a mere instrument of production.

The deliciously ironic part is that Russia transformed its women into just another underpaid and interchangeable cog in the economic machine of production. The western world is going down the exact same path as the Communist Bloc: men and women both producing at the instigation of the State, children raised by the State, everyone isolated and working from cradle to grave with no interest in doing anything more than satisfying themselves on a short-term and selfish basis.

No long-term interest in accumulating things for a long, rich, and ultimately satisfying life that includes children and a happy family and worthwhile people for the community as a whole.

So I look at these "educated" women and view them as the damaged pieces of shit that they are in reality. They are not marriage material. They are so self-important that they have ruined their lives: they are fit for nothing more than being a fucktoy cum-bucket and if they had never been born they would have made absolutely no difference to the world. In fact, arguably the world would have been marginally better off without them - especially in aggregate.

One less parasite infecting the world, draining the effort of useful people for nothing more than their own hedonistic pleasures.

They will have no meaningful impact upon the world long-term. They certainly don't have any children. In fact, the whole bullshit of having children after 30 years old is such a crock that it's laughable: increased chances of genetic deformity, decreased fertility that sucks up public money better used for roads and drains and other public infrastructure, it makes me laugh to die.

Best of all, these pieces of fucking shit expect some quality man to marry them after they've spread their legs for an entire legion of useless badasses who treated them like the shit that they are. They expect to deserve the best after they've delighted in being defiled repeatedly by shit. They've basically been ridden to the point of prolapse and beyond and are delusional as to their true lack of value.

They are so fucking insane that I could laugh until I cry, until I sprain half the muscles in my body, and I would still be hiccuping insanely for weeks. Ah the poisonous ironies of life!

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