Monday 14 October 2013

Fat Shaming Week

I already did a piece a while back about how fat chicks are simply not worth having. If only because of the fat cushioning you with 6+ inches of blubber, holding your cock well away from giving her a proper deep fucking like she really desires.

Return of Kings has had a fat-shaming week, dedicated to gutting these fat landwhales and rendering them with a tongue of vitriolic wit. I myself have had nothing really to contribute.

Until now:

Oh yes. Fatties, you really are sado-masochists - because you love feeling pain and you love hurting those around you. This one excelled, hurting herself with glee.

Cheers fatties! Don't forget to do yourself an injury!

Updated to get the proper animation going. Enjoy the landwhale in all it's glory!

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