Tuesday 29 October 2013

PostSecret Goodness

Once again it is PostSecret time, where we find more deeply sick poison voluntarily revealed from the female mind. Let us dive into this cesspool of female desires:

Mmmmmmmm preselection! Girls love love love to fuck guys who already have girlfriends. "She thinks he's worth fucking, therefore I will fuck him too!"

Women like it rough, so caveman 'em with pleasure.

Did we ever mention that girls love bad guys?

Secret Internet Fatty alert! Fat-shaming is a public service.

The question is: "Did the world move for you, baby?" They say that men who indulge in phone sex are depraved, yet it's quite all right to do it themselves. It's easy, just talk dirty to them.

The female rationalization hamster at its finest. "I'm going to be a Cat Lady, boo hoo! Oh wait, I'm not really interested in sex. Say the future now seems less bleak!"

Enjoy the poison, laugh until you pop.

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