Monday 7 October 2013

Fifteen Lies

Fifteen lies from the poison that is the modern woman:

Let's take these in order:

1/ Women's love equates to lust (and has a 4-year time-limit)

2/ Women lie (dissemble) all the time

3/ So you can get food for your hamster and ammunition for fights

4/ Women have lost their sweetness, it's turned rancid

5/ Women keep every hurt for ammunition in future fights

6/ Just blindside him when you dump the loser

7/ He should be able to fucking read your mind - remember to get angrier when he can't

8/ Entitlement is the default state for women, men are to be ground into the dust

9/ You are a woman - you are never in the wrong

10/ Never forget your shitty past - it's a great excuse for every fight that you start

11/ Bitch and moan about all men to the harpy's chorus, especially your current moron

12/ He gives, you take, take, take

13/ Make sure you don't push him to the point of murder, anything less is fair game and fun as hell

14/ Make-up sex is fantastic so be sure to fight lots - until it's time to dump his ass

15/ Women eat, drink, cry, dribble, blow snot out of their noses, fuck a storm in all orifaces, and take a nasty great dump that stinks out the house - when a man pedestalizes THAT they know he's not much cop and will use him cruelly - this is why they prefer guys who treat them like the crap they are

This translation of poisonous lies brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™.

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