Monday 21 October 2013

More PostSecret Fun

From this weeks PostSecret, commentary thoughtfully provided by myself:

Yes guys, girls will tolerate you fucking around. If not, who cares? There's always another slut around the corner.

Brilliant! You cannot get a better introduction to the sluttiness of the women in the world! Take it to heart guys.

From what I can see this is written by a guy. I wouldn't bother with the weed myself, however I'm 100% down with the rest. Go for it mate.


Appearances are everything, even amongst the lesbian community. "Style above substance", the clarion call of the slave and the dancing monkey.

Don't lie, it makes you feel slutty - and you enjoy that. You enjoy it even more that you can anonymously expose your sluttiness for all to see, it makes your cunt drip. Keep it up, I love receiving nudie pics from my sluts.

This poison exposé brought to you courtesy of PostSecret.

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