Monday 21 October 2013

No Means No

For decades, women (aka crazy fucking feminists) have been rabidly frothing at the mouth and screaming: "No means no!" Generally very shrilly at the top of their lungs.

Of course, this applies to other things than sex: "No means no!" when going out, hanging out, eating, drinking, etc. In fact there is a rather "famous" commercial in New Zealand where some girl says "No" to another drink, then sharply says "No!" when the guy still attempts to top up her glass. Good on her and that commercial - and it fucking cuts both ways, eh cunts. I still await a male commercial where a guy says "No!" to a woman.

Last weekend I said "No!" to a woman who wouldn't stop trying to fucking feed me. In fact, the stupid cunt wouldn't accept "no" for an answer and ordered food for me on the sly.

I got up and walked away. Literally, as rudely as that. Fuck her, fuck the harpy's chorus, I walked out of there in front of twenty other people. She came running after me and I said curtly: "I asked you not to." She said that someone else would eat it and I said "good" and kept on walking.

There was no fucking way that I was going to be passive-aggressively forced to eat that stuff that she ordered for me against my express wishes. Fuck her, I'm out of there.

Seriously too, it's a good thing to take a woman at her word at all times. "No!" Get up and get dressed and leave. "What are you doing?" "You said no. No problem, have a good night." It fucks with her mind, something beautiful to watch.

Reinforce your boundaries. No exceptions. Always be willing to walk away, it shows that you have power and options.

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