Sunday 27 July 2014

You're Shallow!

Her: You're shallow!

Me: Eh?

Her: What do you have against fat girls who drink and smoke? They could be perfectly lovely inside! It's the inside that counts, not the outside!

Me: My apologies. I was unaware that your dream man was a fat alcoholic drug addict who stinks of tobacco and tastes bad when kissing. I also didn't know that you like guys with mommy issues and who beat the tar out of their girlfriends and punch her teeth out and give her black eyes on a regular basis.

Her: ...

Me: Why are you wasting time talking to me? Go find the fat alcoholic drug addict of your dreams! In fact, I can point you to twenty-thirty of them, they're everywhere.

It's always good to slap them upside the head with their own delusions. Not that they learn from it. It's just fuckin' humorous.

Why Marriage Is A Crock Of Shit

Apparently a guy has had enough of his sexless marriage (5 years married, no children, they are currently 26 years old). Disgusted, as he went off on a 10 day business trip he sent this to his wife - then went incommunicado:

His wife chucked it up online, looking for validation (which she got).

Thank you man, you have shown the world very graphically that marriage is a huge crock of shit.

TGI Friday: Personal Pride Edition

Them: You should go with her.

Me: No. She's an alcoholic.

Them: You could save her you know.

Me: Fuck that shit. I'm not wasting my life trying to fix some drunken alcoholic cunt whose bullshit has spoiled more fun evenings than I can remember right now. I earn six figures, let her sort herself out - I have better shit to do with my life and money.

Them: You sound like you've thought this out thoroughly.

Me: Damn straight. Over three years ago, when I first came to dance.

Always remember: your life and sweat is more valuable than some woman's. You don't have time for their crap.


The PUAs have a term: flaking. It's a fancy way of saying that some chick was a no-show.

For girls, it's a part of the so-called feminine mystique: what is socially-acceptable for women to do and men are expected to tolerate. Not vice-versa, of course.

Let me lift the veil on what this process really is.

It's when the woman "arbitrarily" changes her mind. In reality she becomes unsure and decides to not even show up. Cue whatever lame excuse she desires.

There is another way of putting this: she turns chickenshit. (There is a proactive form of it when she doesn't even agree to show in the first place. This can be a surprise to the uninitiated man.)

Don't forget to call women out on it.

This PSA pleasantly brought to you by BlackPoisonSoul.

Saturday 19 July 2014

Rapists In Waiting

All men are rapists, or rapists in waiting. Waiting for that one moment to suddenly unveil our true intentions, waiting for that one moment to rudely shatter a woman's innocence, waiting for that one moment to destroy her virginal state - leaving her bloodied and broken and forever shattered, a perpetual whimpering and powerless victim.

This is the crass thinking of the brainwashed, monomaniacal feminist. This is the droning cant of the fervent new convert to the new religion. This is the inner poison that makes so many feminists unable to have good relationships - though I'll state that in my view it also makes them unfuckable and most definitely unmarryable.

It is wryly ironic that while the world is filled with bastard men (no fathers and no hearts, unfeeling) - likewise the world is filled with bastard women.


Misogyny. Originally it meant a hatred of women.

Now this context has changed: it means a denigration and hatred of feminist orthodoxy. Women and feminised men use it as a shaming tactic, have for a long time. This will be why it has become warped out of recognition.

An interesting thought, feminism is now considered orthodox and masculinism(?) is now considered unorthodox. I wonder how uncomfortable that thought would make a reasoning and reflective person feel. Orthodoxy, a religion of the new masses, taught in universities in the form of near-brainwashing of the graduates into (r)androids of conformist thought.

When I consider how alike the graduates of universities are, how much they struggle to be different, how much they denigrate others for their sheeplike behaviour, how they flail around in their search for meaning in their lives. In their blindness they are more sheeplike, conformist, and orthodox than the most strict of religions.

It brings a small smile of amusement, a delicious schadenfreude, to life.

Misogyny. I do not think that you should use that word. I do not think that it means what you think it means.


Civilised, civilisation.

To be civil, to be benevolent.


I look around, I look within. There is not much civil here - outside or inside - mostly rudeness and using each other for personal gain.

The most commonly-seen women have filthier tongues than most men. If you don't use filthy language, if you are polite and civil, they won't give you the time of day.

We are closer to barbarism than we like to think. Ironically, we also no longer have the skills to survive this barbarism if our civilisation collapses.

Only the criminal classes might survive, preying upon others. Banditry would be most common, since barbarians can survive by themselves where bandits have it easier in larger groups. Fifty will find it much easier to overrun small groups of families and friends, killing and raping and thieving.

The thought of collapse is very unpleasant.

Friday 11 July 2014

Going Backwards Genetically

The whole world seems to be going backwards, in the sense of breeding and genetics.

I have thought for a while that feminism was almost deliberately-aimed at destroying civilisation. Telling women that they don't need a man, that they deserve an education, that they are capable of having a career just like a man, that they can have a life that is fabulous and far better than any man can provide. Female Esau's, selling their birthright.

A perfect recipe for having no children at all, or defective children later in life.

So our better women go down the tubes reproductively, wasting their prime child-bearing years chasing ultimately-futile dreams. Leaving the impulsive garbage types to pump out five different children to five different men, while the putative mother has a fine time with sex, drugs and alcohol. The drugs and alcohol can have their effects on the children, shitty home lives with a mother in constant turmoil, worthless men for father-figures, perhaps even being born with STDs from the get-go.

On the dime of me and the stupid bright girls who don't want bright bastards like myself. At least, not until their ovaries are shrivelled up and they're reproductive toast at the age of 35.

Much too late chicky-babe.

Looking at the credentialism gone wild, where the universities push their agenda, brainwash the graduates into getting huge debts for fluff degrees. Women encouraged to find themselves rather than doing what they should be doing: birthing and bringing up the next generation of children.

No next generation of children, your civilisation goes down the hole, outbred by impulsive idiots who couldn't keep things going even if they wanted to. They'd much rather suck off the teat of the productive: useless people tend to be lazy bastards.

Socialism in a nutshell, then they wonder why the productive people look at the shitty deal and laugh and walk away.

Never mind. Stupidity (doesn't) breed it's own rewards.

Sunday 6 July 2014


If you want to fuck with a woman's mind in a plausibly-deniable manner, simply use one single word.


It has vague connotations of distancing, disapproval, disapprobation - and will strike directly into the heart of her psyche, triggering off her inner fears. In Game-terms it sets her hamster to running at warp-speed. In psychological terms it triggers her inner feelings of inadequacy, given that most (if not all) women have an inferiority complex.

Yes, underneath that grandiose exterior plastered over her psyche by society is the very real knowledge that she is nowhere near as worthwhile as her grandiose exterior indicates. No way is she gonna admit it though, and she'll freak if you explicitly dig it out. Which is why it's best to do this in a plausibly-deniable manner.
Where do these insecurities come from? My personal theory is: feminist brainwashing. It's turned most women into gibbering messes that require constant medication (1-in-4 American women are on antidepressants). This is why many women will automatically see the worst in any situation or utterance, especially when a man is involved.
At any rate, you can have a lot of fun, playing on her natural insecurities in a plausibly-deniable manner. If you do it right you can quietly and "accidentally" expose her inner insanities for all to see.
What, amongst the crap and insanity, you still think that there is a chance of finding someone normal?

You'd better define "normal" first.

Saturday 5 July 2014

Slow Thoughts

Everybody needs to do this:

Push everyone and everything away.

Step out of the silliness and chaos.

Settle down for a while.



It can be surprising what will slowly bubble to the surface.