Saturday, 19 July 2014


Misogyny. Originally it meant a hatred of women.

Now this context has changed: it means a denigration and hatred of feminist orthodoxy. Women and feminised men use it as a shaming tactic, have for a long time. This will be why it has become warped out of recognition.

An interesting thought, feminism is now considered orthodox and masculinism(?) is now considered unorthodox. I wonder how uncomfortable that thought would make a reasoning and reflective person feel. Orthodoxy, a religion of the new masses, taught in universities in the form of near-brainwashing of the graduates into (r)androids of conformist thought.

When I consider how alike the graduates of universities are, how much they struggle to be different, how much they denigrate others for their sheeplike behaviour, how they flail around in their search for meaning in their lives. In their blindness they are more sheeplike, conformist, and orthodox than the most strict of religions.

It brings a small smile of amusement, a delicious schadenfreude, to life.

Misogyny. I do not think that you should use that word. I do not think that it means what you think it means.


  1. Modern definition of misygonist:

    Man who is hated by women.

    1. Truth enough. Aka an un-charming man - a charming man can get away with a helluva lot that would be misogynist.

      Thanks for the smile.