Sunday, 6 July 2014


If you want to fuck with a woman's mind in a plausibly-deniable manner, simply use one single word.


It has vague connotations of distancing, disapproval, disapprobation - and will strike directly into the heart of her psyche, triggering off her inner fears. In Game-terms it sets her hamster to running at warp-speed. In psychological terms it triggers her inner feelings of inadequacy, given that most (if not all) women have an inferiority complex.

Yes, underneath that grandiose exterior plastered over her psyche by society is the very real knowledge that she is nowhere near as worthwhile as her grandiose exterior indicates. No way is she gonna admit it though, and she'll freak if you explicitly dig it out. Which is why it's best to do this in a plausibly-deniable manner.
Where do these insecurities come from? My personal theory is: feminist brainwashing. It's turned most women into gibbering messes that require constant medication (1-in-4 American women are on antidepressants). This is why many women will automatically see the worst in any situation or utterance, especially when a man is involved.
At any rate, you can have a lot of fun, playing on her natural insecurities in a plausibly-deniable manner. If you do it right you can quietly and "accidentally" expose her inner insanities for all to see.
What, amongst the crap and insanity, you still think that there is a chance of finding someone normal?

You'd better define "normal" first.

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