Friday 31 October 2014

How We Use Technology

Says it fuckin' all.

Fatties Unite

Here's a gem: people are becoming so fat that they're updating the crash-test dummies used for testing cars to cater to the fatty brigade. I'm curious if they're taking into account that the fat forms a cushioning barrier, plus how much bouncing around these fatties will have space to do.

I can just see the new car-designs, designed to be "driven" by bowling-balls. This is probably the only reason that I can see for making driverless cars (apart from women being shit drivers). Fatties can then sit one and two in a pod, swing down a keyboard from the roof, punch in their destination - and sit back corpulently, sucking down sugar-water and munching on emergency "health" food bars.

Overall personal thoughts regarding this: fuckin' hilarious!

Bring back fat-shaming!

Pink Tit Day #2

Pinkies for a day. To support tit-cancer, which is better-supported than the research for male prostate cancer. Bleh.

I'm wearing a black suit with black shirt. For me it's Formal Friday.

It's disgusting to see all the mangina's downstairs poncing around in pink gear, to support Women's Pink Tit Day. No fucking balls, no fucking personal pride. Anything to cater to teh wimminz.

I had to go back upstairs. Zero fucking tolerance for the snippy little passive-aggressive comments from the cunt's-brigade.

Tho am tempted to go down there and start singing "Solidarity Forever", just to pull their collective fuckin' chain.

Monday 27 October 2014

Overall Not Worth The Effort

There comes a point when as a man, you finally click and learn what women are pretty-much all about.

At that point the feminine mystique is gone. At that point you realize that there really isn't anything to love about women - it was simply an illusion of the feminine mystique.

At that point you realize that women are overall not worth the effort.

This is what you're left with. You jump through hoops so you can bust a nut in her, then sorta lay there thinking that you'd rather be elsewhere now you're done. 'Cause to be honest, once you know what drives her, there's nothing to love.

You'd rather know the truth than the lie, though.

How To Create A Subnormal Male

Here's the steps:

1/ remove the father, have the child raised solely by the mother (divorce and single mommies)

2/ belittle and demonize the child (boys are stupid, throw rocks at them)

3/ prevent the child from playing properly (go to your room and be quiet)

4/ confuse the child's sexuality (I knew a woman who dressed her son as a girl)

5/ don't allow the child to indulge in curiosity (nothing intellectually stimulating available)

6/ encourage the child to express themselves (sensitive new age guy or pajamaboy)

7/ demonize the child's sexuality (punish him for his natural urges)

8/ don't allow the child to learn anything gender-specific (cars, electronics, mechanics, etc)

9/ approve of the first slut who comes the child's way (man up and marry that slut)

10/ wonder why the child's  life is such a mess and they're always having to mooch off you

 A special bonus, not in the above list:

0/ always refer to the child in gender-neutral terms (oh yes. they're very gifted)

Enjoy the beginnings of your unthinking slavery.

Friday 24 October 2014

Men Are Slaves

This is not going to be a particularly pleasant one. However, we're men. We're tough. We'll deal with it. So put on your man-pants, take a breath, try not to get too fuckin' depressed. Also: keep the fuckin' whiny-baby nit-picking to a minimum. This isn't meant to be the last fuckin' word on the subject, it's an overview cobbling together of a few ideas that just might make a bit of sense for past, present, and future.

Men are slaves. We've been conditioned to it from birth onwards. Hell, we've been bred to it over hundreds of thousands of years. The man impregnates the woman. The man protects the woman. The man provides for the woman. Men as a group shield and protect women (and children) as a group.

Like I said: bred for it. If you didn't do your part, you probably didn't breed. Unless you as a man went feral and just raped and did whatever, which is a different subject - and yes a lot of men have gone feral these days. There's also the cuckoo for an example, which is why it's said that at least 10% of children are not from the "father".

On the whole: Men built the structure of civilization - which was used to expand and protect the social structure, constructed by and ultimately benefiting women. The better social structure produced the better civilization structure.

In the old days life was nasty, brutal and short. Especially short for women. When she gets preggers her immune system changes to protect both her and the baby. Her immune system, heart, and lungs are altered - making her more susceptible to some things (like influenza and bacteria in food, raw fish for example).

Cooking was a boon not just for easier access to the nutritional and energy content of food. It killed any nasty microbes in it too. Probably at that point, life-expectancy made it's first jump.

Because for the woman things were so much tougher (life in general was so much tougher) she was heavily dependent upon the man. She had to be pleasant towards him or he'd probably just say "fuck it" and leave her in the lurch. You see that these days when you go to a hell-hole and have the girls throw themselves at you. Anything to get out of that hell-hole.

Of course, once she's out, there's nothing to stop her from saying: "I got my green card. Divorce, alimony, fuck off you bastard - though you're still my slave. Next!" My thought is that if you actually stayed in the hell-hole, using your money to make a better life there than the local yokels can manage, your woman would be incredibly loyal to you in every way.

With industrialization, women got more options. Things like medicine, easier access to food and shelter, not having to slave away half as much. That's the point that women started agitating for more freedoms: they had the spare time and energy, less danger, and a highly-developed social network to work through. When a woman's in poverty conditions in a hell-hole she don't have time or energy for bullshit. Staying alive has a higher priority.

Better health and food produced bigger babies, so the C-section was invented. Even though not the best way, it's better than trying to shit a watermelon for 2 days. The incidence of death in birth dropped. The birth-control pill also freed her from the inconveniences of pregnancy - she could fuck around to her heart's content and actually have babies once she decides to settle down with her personal slave and push out some kidlets.

This didn't stop the impulsive girls from fucking around and having dumbass "mistakes" - so of course, the social mores had to change to protect women. The fact that industrialization gives so much spare production capacity made this possible. In the old days bastard children were a tremendous drain on society, these days not so much. Especially with child-support and blanket taxation the "norm".

So here we are now. Fuck around with the "best" men, have a fine time, it all gets picked up by the taxpayer if she can't find a man to settle down with. Nowhere near ideal yet she's gonna live and breed. If she chooses a man for child-support purposes, he gets no say - often even if a paternity test comes up negative. Tremendous social pressure to man up and marry these sluts.

Notice all this was created to benefit the women and for female convenience. The social structure was created by women, the civilization grew around it, advances put the best civilization in control, etc. Not one thing done to benefit men directly (only indirectly regarding breeding), it was all developed around the protection of women and breeding and children.

Which is why you don't see no male birth control yet. Female birth control was developed (via pressure from society, which is controlled by women) to ease the situation of women. Men need not apply. Now if us men walked through the streets in the hundreds of thousands, chanting slogans and demanding "we want male birth control!" it'd be done within a year or two. This because the male plumbing is technically a hell of a lot easier to deal with than the female plumbing.

It ain't happened because men are still mentally slaves en-masse. We are still disposable utilities in the minds of women, in the Zeitgeist of society, and - truth be said - even in our own minds. Just look up the start of this post, where I wrote: "We're men. We're tough. We'll deal with it." That's the male mindset of "just deal with it" from a slave who sighs and knuckles down and does things - in contrast with the female mindset of "whine until a man fixes it for me".

So lets look at the present and near-future. Women have less need of men than ever, other than as sex objects (for breeding) and to keep them in comfort (as a provider-slave). Physical protection? Don't make me laugh. Society is currently thrashing around a bit, trying to sort it's way through this radical change of circumstances that happened in just a short couple of centuries.

Further, society is developing the next piece of technology to alleviate women's difficulties: the inconvenience of birth. Yes, artificial wombs are under development. Currently legal restrictions limit the gestation-period to roughly 14 days. You can be sure that this will be slowly, slightly, extended by another couple of days...weeks,..months. Eventually full gestation will occur.

At that point: no need for pregnancy. Women (especially Feminists) will rejoice! Men won't care too much - we're still in the mindset of slaves. In fact, if the time is spread out enough, even we might think that it's a good idea. The solution to declining population has been found. Plus for other, less-altruistic reasons.

At this point three possible things could happen:

1/ Men latch on to the technology and use it to create sex slaves (not to breed with, just to fuck). All of a sudden, women's only real value to men - as a fucktoy to breed with - is gone. The "personality" of a fucktoy is meaningless (like a robotic sex toy to men or dildo to women).

2/ Women latch on to the technology and use it to breed sex slaves and worker slaves. The sex slaves will be specially-groomed smoothly-social high-quality fucktoys for the women, the worker slaves are low-quality drones to keep civilization going.

3/ Both could happen. Humanity splits off into two divergent civilizations - or possibly creates a hybrid. The male side would probably be more dynamic and growth-oriented, the female side would be more of a stasis civilization filled with bickering and petty cat-fighting and backstabbing.

If you were a woman, you'd not like the male side of civilization. You'd be one of dozens of fucktoys per man, nothing more. Your society wouldn't mean squat. If you were a man, you'd not like the female side of civilization. You'd be a fucktoy or a worker slave, nothing more. There would be dozens of male fucktoys per woman, disposed of or turned into a worker slave after a certain age.

On the whole I would suspect a slightly higher chance of the male civilization becoming dominant. This is because men are on the upper extreme a lot more intelligent than women and generally have a wider IQ distribution. Yes, currently we use it with the mentality of a slave towards women - that mentality might be disposed of (just look at the grass-eaters of Japan and MGTOW).

Plus on the whole, men-only groups of workers tend to be more relaxed and cooperative than women-only groups (who are catty and snippy with each other). Probably because of our breeding to be slaves to women. Unless you're a rogue, you needed to be able to cooperate - you are the outside buffer of civilization, disposable as required.

It's only when women are nearby, when you're suddenly in competition for a woman, that the dynamic changes for men.

A thought-experiment - who knows? Only time will tell.

It's YOUR Life

Keep in mind:

#1 is you

#2 is her

#3 is your kids

And if you ain't the biological dad, why the fuck are you with this chick for more'n a root-'em-and-boot-'em.

Things to live by:

* never give chase, always be chased

* they won't live by your rules, they're not in your life

* keep it simple - drama is for morons

* love is a Hollywood make-believe, like unicorns that shit rainbows

In the end it all comes down to simple rules of thumb.

Entertain Me! Female Entitlement Edition

It never ceases to amaze me as just how entitled some of these women are. Add to that, how many are completely open with sharing their entitled craziness on the internet. They get on social media (FaceCrap) and put up extremely interesting statuses like:

  • So bored.
  • Is there anything interesting happening?
  • Hey xxx what's on this weekend?
All that simple shit from the simple-minded who expect someone else to cater to their entertainment - because they don't have a single interesting idea of what to do with themselves when they're not working / drinking / getting stoned. (Hey, is it surprising that children these days - of both sexes - are the same? Single mommies, teaching their kiddies to be self-helpless.)

So the latest amusing, good-looking, fucktard, enlightened ho puts up the following:

Her: My social life is dying, it's a 911 situation, no kidding :'( :'( :'(

Of course, the White Knight brigade jumped all over it like flies on stinky shit. "Why?" "I don't believe it." "Poor sweeeeetie." Oh, oh, poor fucking dear ho...

Her: Do I need to get a cat and force to live with me?

Yes, you do, sweetheart. At this point I'm laughing. Fuckin' amusing. Deciding to be a Black Knight cunt, I ask a simple question - with the idea of tying her up in social knots: How on earth can your social life die?

More White Knight ass-kissing going on, making me laugh harder. Yes boys, lap up that chick's runny shit. Maybe she'll fly to where you live and lay you.

Her: I'm considering of leaving my job

White Knight: Leaving your job???

Ever noticed how White Knights love to use multiple ??? and !!! and suchlike for emphasis? I think it's something weird that these retards do to emphasize that they're paying special attention (speeeeshul). Or something like that.

Wahooooo!!!!1!!1! Nah, it's still fuckin' retarded.

Her: Lol, considering so I can pursue my singing career, hehe

Sorry chicky-babe, Karaoke doesn't count. Notice: By this point all the White Knight ass-kissing has improved her attitude. She's gotten validated! Yay, she means something in this world. All these maggots have lapped up her runny shit and she feels better about things.

So more White Knight ass-kissing and shit-lapping goes on. All of a sudden another woman gets involved:

New Woman: How do you define your social life anyway? Just curious...

Her: Dull and lifeless :(

Ah so now we know what's happening. This chick is 41 and is pretty good-looking, despite being well post-wall - pre-wall she'd have been a fuckin' stunner. A 9 easily, possibly close to the mythical 10 that the PUAs harp on about. She probably is wishing that she'd been a model instead of a schoolteacher. So her problem is that she's starting to lose men's attention (at least, the men she likes) - it's not her social-life that's dying, it's that the high-quality dick surrounding her has evaporated.

Here's where I decide it's time for another Black Knight contribution:

Me: You live in Japan sweetheart. Believe you me: if I lived in Japan, I would very easily be able to find something to do. Hell, just hunting for something interesting would be an adventure in itself

Slap! upside the head, you boring and useless and clueless cunt. Whatever happens from this point on is gonna be pure yucks for me. Ah, these entitled cunts - soooo fuckin' stoooooopid, soooo fuckin' amusing.

You can always tell the fuckin' airheads, and this is a prime sample of a narcissistic airhead.

Thursday 23 October 2014

Man Up!

Man up and marry those sluts! (I'm not interested in marrying a slut.)

Man up and help keep civilization going! (I can't be bothered making the effort.)

Because while we're supposed to be trying to do this shit...

While we're supposed to be trying to keep civilization going, plus work our asses off to improve it...

While we're supposed to be doing stuff for women's and the next generation's benefit...

Our best-looking - who (supposedly) have the best female genes for breeding - are out there partying it up and getting stoned.

Never mind, we should still go out there and marry up these used-up cunts once they've hit the wall at 200kph.

Yum yum! Yes please, I really want some!

You Don't Want Poor Men

And we don't want slutty women.

At least, not to marry. We're quite happy to drop a fuck in you.
Unfortunately, this turd of a movie exemplifies the princess mindset: who's fucked her is irrelevant.

Slutty woman, just walk on by. Slutty woman, go ahead and cry. Slutty woman, noooobody wants you here!

PSA by Black Poison Soul.

Making Homemade Beef Jerky

I like beef jerky, being somewhat of a semi-health-conscious-nut who occasionally goes to the gym to push lumps of metal towards the sky.

What I don't like is the price: $100 a kilogram here in New Zealand. I also don't like the weird-ass junk additives that they chuck into it. And finally, I don't like that the stuff tends to be "wet" (aka not properly dried) so they have to seal it in cute plastic packaging - with whatever that has in it.
This jerky is homemade from prime New Zealand beef. Started with 1.5kg of very lean steak, sliced it thin, put it in the racks, sprinkled crystal salt on it (no marinade). Cost: about $30 for the meat and sweet-fuck-all for the salt - it was sitting in the cupboard. Time: about 1/2 an hour to cut and arrange, 6 hours to dry, rotated the racks after 3 hours.

Result: 650 grams of damn delicious, high-protein, properly-dried beef jerky.

Roughly 40g of protein and 200 calories per 100g - damn good snack, helluva lot better for you than the crap you buy in a store. Especially the so-called protein bars: that shit is fulla processed soy.
Just looking at that makes me hungry again.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Strong Empowered Women

The ancient refrain of: "You can't handle a strong, empowered woman!"

You spent your youth chasing dick. I'm out.
Nice room, though.

Never Marry Career Women

This is an old article (2006) from Forbes about: Career, Marriage, and Divorce

Why do I bother putting it up here? Because:

1/ even back when this sort of thing was known

2/ it still makes a shitload of sense, moreso for us in the manosphere

3/ it pissed off a career woman inside Forbes - who decided to do an emotion-laden rebuttal

Finally: Forbes decided to post the two, side-by-side. It's very instructional and I think you'll get a lot of yucks by going over and reading it. Especially when you see that the woman's emotional response shows precisely why no man should marry a career woman.

Some samples:
Point: Don't Marry A Career Woman, by Michael Noer 
Counterpoint: Don't Marry A Lazy Man, by Elizabeth Corcoran
The man's article heading: factual, unemotional. The woman's article heading: emotional, shaming, pejorative.
Point: How do women, careers and marriage mix? Not well, say social scientists. 
Counterpoint: Studies aside, modern marriage is a two-way street. Men should own up to their responsibilities, too.
The man's article summary: factual, unemotional. The woman's article summary: emotional, shaming, pejorative.
Point: Guys: a word of advice. Marry pretty women or ugly ones. Short ones or tall ones. Blondes or brunettes. Just, whatever you do, don’t marry a woman with a career.
Counterpoint: Girlfriends: a word of advice. Ask your man the following question: When was the last time you learned something useful, either at home or work?
The man's first paragraph: factual, unemotional. The woman's first paragraph: emotional, shaming, pejorative (also betrays the woman's mindset of "if it's not useful to me, then it's not useful period, don't you dare do it").
Point: Why? Because if many social scientists are to be believed, you run a higher risk of having a rocky marriage. While everyone knows that marriage can be stressful, recent studies have found professional women are more likely to get divorced, more likely to cheat and less likely to have children. And if they do have kids, they are more likely to be unhappy about it. A recent study in Social Forces, a research journal, found that women–even those with a “feminist” outlook–are happier when their husband is the primary breadwinner.
Counterpoint: If the last new skill your guy learned was how to tie his shoes in the second grade, dump him. If he can pick up new ideas faster than your puppy, you’ve got a winner.
 The man's second paragraph: factual, unemotional. The woman's second paragraph: emotional, shaming, pejorative.

You can see where it's going here. The man offers a relaxed, informative article for other men to chew over and think about. The woman offers an emotionally-laden, shame-laden, anecdote-laden rebuttal. Also some unsolicited female advice to men, to make him more attractive to teh wimminz. In fact it's visible by reading between the lines of what she wrote, the exact reasons why you should not marry a career woman.

Bluntly: she read the article, decided that it was aimed squarely at her, and blew her nut about it for all to see. Because she's stupid (how could this person manage to be a professional?) what happened next was she had to blurt her unfocused and emotional thinking all over the internet for everybody to see.

At least she serves as a graphic example of why you shouldn't marry a career woman.

Female Cheapness

Driving to work this morning, on the side of the road I saw a pair of ordinarily-dressed girls trying to hitchhike. (Ordinary dress - pants and shirts, not power-suit and the like.) This on a road that goes into the heart of town.

The interesting thing: bus-stops are all along that road, every block. There are buses which stop there every 10-15 minutes.

It only costs about $1 to use the bus from my place (edge of town) to the center of town. From the center of town you can catch another bus (another $1) to go to any one of two other smallish, nearby towns. Both of those towns are basically on the beach. You can go to several places for things like libraries, parks, shopping, food, banks, etc. There's even a couple of good-sized malls on the various routes.

So why where these girls trying to hitch a ride at the height of morning "rush-hour"? (I say "rush-hour" because it's nothing like a city's rush-hour - just streams of cars that are a bit clogged-up for about 15-20 minutes. Then it calms down to almost no traffic again.)

Too cheap to spend a couple of bucks to get where they're going.

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Keep On With The Shaming Tactics

This is what the morons of feminists, leftists, and Marxists never realize.

Shaming only works if the target of your shaming gives a shit about you and your beliefs.

It doesn't work if the target of your shaming thinks that you're a piece of shit and couldn't care much less if you never existed.

Which, thinking about it, is probably why feminism and leftism seem so resilient. They're so self-absorbed with their self-importance and have such self-regard and self-attention - that they cannot pay you any real attention.

Not enough to feel deeply, truly ashamed, at any rate.

Does this mean to stop slut- and fatty-shaming? Nah. Keep it up. What the fuck, not like you doing anything else.


I don't know about others. The more I'm shamed, the more I walk away from the dipshits.

And yes, I know that there's a contradiction in this lot.

Women Made Themselves Uninteresting

Going along with the flow of my last post, yup, it was us mens' fault for being dumbasses. We let the stupid women go do what they want.

So of course, like a spoiled child - they did.

We should'a known better - hell, we did know better.

Still, it's not all gloom and doom. I find myself on the whole utterly uninterested in what women are these days. I actually find it hard to consider them as attractive in any manner.

I mean: apart from using them as a sex toy and dropping a fuck into one.

We have to be real about this: all that stuff they do isn't making themselves interesting in the slightest. They're just another notch on the bedpost. Otherwise they're simply another same-same useful idiot that I can generally ignore as being unworthy of my time, effort, thought, attention.

Because the following sure don't attract me long-term in the slightest:
  • tattoos
  • alcohol
  • smoking
  • drugs
  • foul language
  • foul attitude
  • sluttiness
  • you-go-girl
  • shallow "intellect"
  • obesity (ed: thanks to Mindstorm for reminding me)
It's reached the point where if that mythical one woman in a million turned up on my doorstep - I'd lump her in by default with the rest of the garbage. I would not believe her existence in the slightest.

Tough fuckin' shit kiddo.

Still, there's the MGTOW silver lining. I don't need the garbage (which can be hired by the hour more cheaply than via marriage, girlfriends, pickup, etc) so I can do what I want now. Easily. Cheaply. Without the slightest feeling of guilt.

So in the end, thinking about it. If the world turned around and did what would "fix" marriage and civilization (Men ultimately in control, Women relegated to the home and kitchen, no frivorce, etc).

So fuckin' what.

I wouldn't be interested anyway, for more than the moment it takes to bust a nut inside the girl. Then I'm gone, doing my own thing, helluva lot more interesting than her or her stupid "unique" self that she's "developed" to impress the herd.

It's MY life that is interesting.

We Men Can Only Blame Ourselves

Thinking about feminism and leftism and the like over time, I've reached the point where I have concluded: it's our own fault that we're in the shit the way we are now.

Any man who thinks anything along the lines of his daughter (and other women by extension) being pure as driven snow is an idiot. I mean, it's not like he never fucked his wife even once, neh? And she never liked it ever? You trying to tell me that every woman from day dot has been a frigid Ice Queen? Bullshit!

So looking at it: it was us men that ultimately fell down on the job.

The information is there, has always been there. History. The writings of thoughtful men. The Bible. Always, always, very explicitly in the Bible. You'd think that many parts of it were specifically written to expose the bullshit of women.

So of course, we men completely ignored everything which tells us of the true nature of women.

Never mind Potiphar's wife wanting to have sex with Joseph. Never mind that she falsely accused him of rape when he told her to piss off. (Attempted seduction and adultery. False rape allegation.)

Never mind Samson and Delilah. Never mind that she seduced and deluded him. Never mind that she enslaved him. (Envy causing a woman to destroy a man. The guy was the top man of his time too, so don't tell me that she'll never fuck over her "alpha"!)

Never mind Jezebel making her husband King Ahab change the entire religious beliefs of his country. Never mind her fabricating false evidence to kill Naboth and steal his land. (Extreme control-freak regarding her husband's thinking and the freedoms of his people. Conspiring and lying in order to destroy another man so she could get what her husband wanted. Just read the modern newspapers, same shit different day.)

History (or cautionary stories, if you don't believe in the Bible) means nothing to the smart youth of years ago - and even today. This is where Uncle Bob looks at the original fairy tales written by Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm and points out to us what they really are: cautionary tales, showing what some people will do, and the results.

Cinderella's sisters cutting off parts of their own feet to fit in the glass slipper - nice visual! You didn't see that in the wankified Disney version. All you saw was "nice" and "sanitary". You never saw Jezebels' corpse getting eaten by stray dogs either.

We have all these cautionary tales, plus real history. The Borgia family (Lucrezia, Rodrigo, Cesare) - a family originally from Spain that moved to Italy and clawed their way to the top of Renaissance Italy via poisonings and murder. The Medicis in Florence. Cleopatra betraying Julius Caesar (though that might be suspect - it's hard to tell what might have been fictionalized by Shakespeare, etc).

We men fell down. We listened to the whining and whinging of a child. We gave the fuckin' brat her fuckin' candy, 'cause we didn't have the guts to tell her to shut the fuck up. We certainly didn't have the guts to give her ass a good beating when she pushed her luck way over the fuckin' line.

Which is really fuckin' stupid and sad. In the end, we can only blame ourselves for the bullshit state our lives - our civilization - is in.

Monday 20 October 2014

Why Women Are Fucked In The Head

Let's say you're married.

Your kids are now in school full-time. All of them.

It's time for your wife to go back to work. Even if it's just part-time.

She refuses. Adamantly. Repeatedly. Almost hysterically.

You (a Man - if you're a pathetic sack of shit then you probably ain't reading this) are getting pissed off and thinking to yourself: What the fuck? What's wrong with you, cunt?

Here's what's wrong with her: She's fucked in the head.

To explain just how she's fucked in the head. Women have this childish desire to be taken care of. Which is natural for everyone at times - especially when you're sick, scared, and uncertain about the future. Then reality kicks in, you remind yourself that you're an adult, and you get back to fuckin' business.

Question: So why won't she get back to fuckin' business?

Answer: She's deliberately being lazy and turning herself into an infant. A dependent child. A useless ornament. A fuckin' parasite. Because she's allowed to.

The reason she thinks she's allowed to: useless feminist cunts taught her that she's allowed to.

Thank you feminists for lying to all women and making them lazy infants. Thank you for lying to all young men and making them more "sensitive". Thank you for shaming every man, making them gutless pieces of shit. Thank you for teaching women that they are entitled to do whatever they want, when they want it, however they want it. Thank you for teaching women that it is always someone else's fault, she's never to blame.

Thank you for encouraging women to scream and whinge and cry like a 3yo when a man - anyone, actually - tells her that she can't have her fuckin' caaaandy. Or her 100th pair of motherfuckin' shoes. Or that motherfuckin' dress. Or whatever piece of useless motherfuckin' frippery that she'll use only once (maybe twice) and then put away to use next time she goes and visits Wendy and Tinkercunt in Never-Never-Land.
We useless Men should have beaten their asses black-and-blue years ago instead of tolerating or giving in to this bullshit treatment. Fucking pansies. Whenever I hear a bitching/nagging woman, my fists itch to put the cunt in her place. Spare the rod, spoil the child, these useless cunts are well-spoiled.

Now, more: if the silly bitch spent a bajillion fuckin' dollars getting an education (Bachelorette of Social Cuntism?) they've got shitloads of debt. Which dumbass you took on board when you married her. Then you got a second car. Then you got a house. Then you got kids. Then you upgraded her car to an SUV because it's "safer" (which is bullshit by itself). Then you put kids through school. Then through college.

So there you are you dumbass slave, knocking yourself out with long hours and working weekends for years and years - while this useless piece of shit woman is leeching off you and refusing to go back to work. Worse, the cunt is pissed off with you for no apparent reason and she is not interested in fucking you either. So you kill yourself for a parasite and her children (sure that they're all yours?) and she's giving you a hard time in the process.

Yeah, we know that 70% of divorces are instigated by women. What doesn't click is that most of the 28+% other divorces are instigated by men who have had e-fucking-nough of the motherfuckin' bullshit. Time to cut that parasite out of me, too bad for you kids, I'm'a outta here while I still have my sanity and before I deliberately kill someone to get out from under (murder or suicide can seem like a good option at times).

You kids are fucked up? Too bad. I'm already fucked up myself. Your shitty mom did it. Excuse me while I become a PUA and go pick up a few dozen sluts to fuck and get whatever random disease from. Who cares about your shit, I'm'a look after myself now.

The better part of this is that she's all cunty with you while she's going "no!" and stamping her foot in infantile tantrums. (Good excuse to turn her over your knee and blister that sloppy fat ass.) So why is she being all cunty and full of hate?

Because all her life, she's been taught that she's a "strong, independent woman" - while at the same time has been taught that she's entitled to be a "lazy cunt" with a man-slave to look after her. While she's implementing the "lazy cunt" plan her head is going around in a billion circles as she tries to reconcile "lazy cunt" with "strong, independent woman". It's driving her nuts.

However! Because she is never to blame, it must be your fault you bastard man.

This is why women are fucked in the head.

Totalitarianism Tightens Its Grip

We have another small step taken against freedom of speech by our totalitarian masters, in this case starting in the UK - getting into the act with this:

Stiffer Sentences For Internet Trolls
Internet trolls who spread “venom” on social media could be jailed for up to two years, the justice secretary Chris Grayling has said as he announced plans to quadruple the maximum prison sentence.
Yes indeed, if you are deemed a "troll" and spreading "venom" on social media - you will soon be able to be jailed for up to 2 years.

It was fuckin' laughable when Google suddenly pulled their "you need to use your real name" bullshit on their gmail accounts a while back. Pansies.

Then good old Putin pulled a similar law in Russia - no anonymity allowed for bloggers over there! Motherfucker.

Wanna bet that any "manosphere" blog - even if it simply points out female shit behavior, like this one does - will soon be considered a "troll" blog that exists only to spread "venom"? Let alone such places as: A Voice For Men, Shrink For Men, The Spearhead, Judgy Bitch, etc.

Wait, there's more! Articles which bitch about men, whether in the lamestream media or on sites like Huffing Cunts, will get the green light. No venom and hate there, none whatsoever.

Fucking clueless fascist cunts.

Friday 17 October 2014

Destroying the Child and Civilization

From the University of Washington, a study about the effects of overcrowded orphanages on thousands of Romanian children. The conditions: bleak. The amount of human contact: minimal.

Orphanage care linked to thinner brain tissue in regions related to ADHD

From the article:
This study is among the first in any setting to document how social deprivation in early life affects the thickness of the cortex, the thin folded layer of gray matter that forms the outer layer of the brain. 
“We find a pervasive pattern of differences [among institutionalized children] in areas of the brain related to attention, working memory and social cognition,” McLaughlin said. 
It’s known that children raised in institutions tend to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, about four or five times more often than other children, McLaughlin said. The new work suggests how this happens.
I decided that this was a very interesting observation. I then looked at orphanages in Russia:
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was an increase in the number of orphans. In 1995, there was a reported 300,000 children in the orphanage system. Although difficult to accurately count, there are an estimated 1 million to 5 million homeless youth. The number of orphanages has increased by 100% over the past decade to 2,176. Some of the reasons for children to end up in the orphanages is due to domestic abuse, their parent's substance abuse, they have lost their parents, or they were found on the streets. As for those who are social orphans there are various reasons why they end up in orphanages. For instance one girl's parents were told when she was born that she wouldn't live long so her parents refused to take her. Other children have been abandoned due to reasons such as their disabilites, or their parent's drug or substance problems.
What's scary is "an estimated 1 million to 5 million homeless youth". That's a helluva breeding ground for crime. Also a massive lack of concern from authorities, that they can't be bothered keeping even a reasonable track of the number of children.

Orphanage conditions in Russia and what they do to children:
There have been reports over the years that the conditions in the orphanages are not providing proper mental and physical care. Researchers have stated that children 3 and under lose one IQ point for every month spent inside. Children adopted from Russia are also more likely than any other country to have fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Doctors visiting some of these institutions have even reported seeing toddlers sitting alone, rocking back and forth, staring blankly, or even banging their heads against walls. Children are often not provided with proper nutrition and are not given quality living and sleeping conditions.
You can pick out all the areas of concern in this fucked-up mess. People actually are thinking that Russian girls are good wives? It's a motherfucking hellhole, the girls want out, and you're sucker enough to think these are gonna actually be decent people who are less-than-brain-damaged. The best part: this all started in 1991 and now it's 2014. Of course these 23+yo Russian party-girls brides didn't come from the orphanages in Russia!

Now think about all the children being brought up by single mommies in the Western world. Think about the conditions that they live under. Might they effectively be the same as living in an orphanage? Especially the poverty and the welfare mommies popping out another kiddie with pre-birth problems from alcohol and drugs - all paid for under the lefties "it's for the children" slogan.

If it was really "for the children" they'd revert our social structure to remake ironclad family laws which prevented frivolous divorce. They would also completely drop the entire welfare system for these piece-of-shit single mothers. Finally, they would automatically take the children away from piece-of-shit women who frivorce their men, placing the child firmly in the care of the father - who could choose to decline if the child wasn't actually his own flesh-and-blood (aka a bastard).

Harshness is required to prevent the slide-and-collapse of our civilization - because otherwise conditions will be 100x harder as things go to pieces.

Thursday 16 October 2014

New Female Perks Available

Over on NBC News, they have an article extolling the new perk available to teh wimminz working in some Silicon Valley companies (note that the writer is a woman):

Perk Up: Facebook and Apple Now Pay for Women to Freeze Eggs

I'm slightly surprised by this. All that hoo-raw about telling people to stay out of their wombs (the whole we-want-abortion bit) now hypocritically turned around to "thank you for freezing our eggs for us for free" (aka "you're now welcome to poke around in our wombs"). So long as it benefits them, of course.

Amusing that it's the tech-giants Facebook and Apple doing this for their female employees. Female nagging finally got to you huh. Mental note: wait to see if it will be extended to the wives of male workers. It is only fair that it be available to all.
“Having a high-powered career and children is still a very hard thing to do,” said Brigitte Adams, an egg-freezing advocate and founder of the patient forum By offering this benefit, companies are investing in women, she said, and supporting them in carving out the lives they want.
People thoroughly brainwashed into the have-a-career-and-children-both mindset. It's gonna be amusing seeing them at age 85, standing there with the support of their zimmer frame (or exoskeleton) all proud and happy that their darling little 25yo kidlets have just graduated from college. I wonder how the kidlets will feel about it, calling them "mom" and "dad".

Though by then, with persistent social indoctrination, it will probably be the "social norm" and politically incorrect to even hint that the family are such late-bloomers.

Here's some thought-provoking stuff from the article:
While techniques and success rates are improving, there's no guarantee the procedure will lead to a baby down the road. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine doesn’t keep comprehensive stats on babies born from frozen eggs – in fact, the group cautions against relying on egg freezing to extend fertility – though experts say the earlier a woman freezes her eggs, the greater her chances of success. Doctors often recommend women freeze at least 20 eggs, which can require two costly rounds. 
But in the two years since the ASRM lifted the “experimental” label from egg freezing, experts say they’ve seen a surge in women seeking out the procedure. Fertility doctors in New York and San Francisco report that egg-freezing cases have nearly doubled over the past year.
Anything to retain some biological relevancy? It's worrying that "there's no guarantee" and that "the group cautions against relying on egg freezing to extend fertility". There's your warning-flag right there, that it might not be a good idea. Yet some women are still rushing giddily into it.

This particular part of the article is interesting also:
Companies may be concerned about the public relations implications of the benefit – in the most cynical light, egg-freezing coverage could be viewed as a ploy to entice women to sell their souls to their employer, sacrificing childbearing years for the promise of promotion.
Yes, I am a cynical bastard. I'm surprised that the writer actually put this up there, yet good on her for doing so. Everyone should look at everything from a cynical point of view - or at least, in my opinion it's a good idea. That way you have a better chance of being pleasantly surprised, instead of unpleasantly. At any rate, let's imagine a slightly-strange conversation:

Female HR: Hi Mary. How went the first round of getting your eggs frozen?

19yo Mary: Uh, it kinda went okay...

Female HR: Good to hear. We do our best to help keep your future options for children open.

Imagine that with a chipper Female HR person. Actually I can't imagine that. The whole thing comes across as some kind of fatuously-awkward actor in an advertisement, extolling the virtues of a company and how well they take care of their female employees future children. What a social minefield to definitely avoid. Though thinking about it: more training for specialist HR! More sensitivity training for teh evil menz!

Speaking of potential minefields: what's gonna happen if an employee jumps ship? Or if something goes wrong with the freezer 10+ years in the future and the eggs are goneski when teh wimminz wants to get preggers 20+ years in the future? Lawsuits galore!

Here is something for the PUAs and even more cynical lothario's than I am to potentially take advantage of, now and in the future - the women get about 10 days of fertility drug injections. If you can find out when she's been made to artificially ovulate you might be sneakily in with a grin for your bang-trophy:
Women generally need about two weeks of flexibility for one cycle of egg freezing. After about ten days of fertility drug injections, patients undergo a relatively short outpatient procedure – and they’re “back to work the next day,” said Lynn Westphal, Associate Professor Obstetrics and Gynecology at Stanford University Medical Center.
So find a woman doing this and apply your suave ways - you have ten days. Maybe two or three tries at hitting it, too. You know that somebody will do it.

Right at the end is the best bit:
But the emotional and cultural payoff may be more valuable, said (Christy) Jones: Offering this benefit “can help women be more productive human beings.”
It's amusing to me when a woman considers any other women's value to society to be only "productive" - effectively just another laborer. Raising children and creating a healthy and happy home life is not considered to be worthy of any effort or praise or public acknowledgement.

Cynically yours, BlackPoisonSoul.


I forgot to add the last flavors of cynicism  to this:

The poor little dears don't have the dollars to get their eggs frozen themselves. They gotta get it given to them because it's more important personally for them to spend their money on: high heels, boob jobs, lipstick, plastic surgery, and fingernail polish.

Cheating And Adultery Going Mainstream

Here's something that I wasn't previously aware of: there are a ton of apps which are designed to facilitate cheating.

Here is a mainstream news outlet (The Atlantic) talking about it. The writer of the article is a woman.

Here is one of the established apps, Call And Text Eraser (first concept was back in September 2012). It is specifically pitched as a cheating app.

I am exceptionally behind the times on this one. No wonder there is a massive drop-off in marriage rates among the younger generation.

Interesting the hypocritical mindset that is written about.

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Trolls Gotta Troll

On my last post, Anonymous (Coward) left a comment of frothing, dribbling insanity:
Women love male inconsistency if you pull it off with the right kind of entitled self-confidence.
Oh no wait, you're one of those anti-game clowns who thinks women are REALLY LOOKING FOR A NICE GUY WHO PUTS THEM ON A PEDESTAL.

So yeah, go on trying to please them by being consistent. Let me know when it starts working.

No dumbass, I'm not saying put up with rudeness if it doesn't amuse you. I'm saying don't treat women like men. THEY AREN'T MEN duhhhh.
I was a little surprised. Normally I attract a far better class of commentator, whether they agree with me or not. Then it clicked and I realized that this person exemplifies the Manosphere's male analogue of the feminist/leftist/Marxist lackey:
  • little to no reading comprehension
  • jumps to erroneous conclusions
  • has little to nothing of value to impart
  • seems to assume that others have no brains (projection?)
...and so finally...
  • belittles others
  • resorts to insults and personal attacks
Just like a good little feminist-leftie-Marxist does.

I can't be bothered refuting him point-by-point. The reason: to me he comes across as having a sub-100 IQ and I can't be bothered trying to reason with or point out errors to someone who is obviously heavily emotionally invested in the whole PUA thing. Nutshell: things like "read X post which disproves your Y statement" to trolls are a waste of time - because their minds are closed.

All I could be bothered doing was suggest that he read the other 400 posts in my blog (in fact this is the 403rd post). If he actually does (unlikely) then he might realize that I don't put any of these useless cunts on a pedestal, nor do I lap up their runny shit, nor do I advocate that any man lap up their runny shit.

Most especially: I do not advocate men acting like dancing monkeys, jumping through hoops to entertain the brain-damaged specimens of narcissistic wonder that the typical PUA seems to think so highly of.

In my opinion: they're not worth that much effort to dump a fuck into.

In my opinion: lapping up these women's runny shit in an effort to coax her into sex is taking a massive dump on your own personal dignity and pride.

I much prefer that men act with uncompromising personal dignity and pride. It is what makes a man.

Inconsistency Is A Symptom

We have another stinker of women's mindset to dissect and expose in all it's smelly, fishy glory. It's gonna sound like complete common-sense once explained - yet it's something that us men have been taught all through our lives to discount and ignore.


Women pass this shit behavior off as the "Feminine Mystique" - it's just the way women are. Cue indulgent looks et-cetera, especially if you get angry with it. Flaking? Oh, it's the Feminine Mystique, a woman's privilege to do as she pleases.

Fuck I hate that indulgent look and stinking indulgent mindset from these smarmy cunts. Makes my fists ache. If a man pulled that on me I'd either give him a mouthful of swearwords, a fist in the face, or walk away from the piece of shit who tried it.

This is a smokescreen that you've been taught all your lives, to pull the wool over your eyes. This is reality: inconsistency is a symptom of deep disrespect, one that has been taught to both men and women since birth. Women have been taught that they can revel in it at will, men have been taught that they have to tolerate it. Here's the hypocrisy behind it:
  • To a woman - when a man is inconsistent he's just being rude.
  • To a man - when a woman is inconsistent it's her privilege - Feminine Mystique!
The irony is that there's nothing feminine about it. It's simply entitled cuntism and rudeness disguised by social "norms" (aka...far too much fucking shit to recite).

When a man's inconsistent he's telling you sub-rosa that you aren't important to him. He's also communicating on a deep level that he's a piece of no-good shit. Another man will pick up on that instantly, shrug, and walk away. Said first man is not worth the effort of getting to know and be around.

When a woman's inconsistent she's telling you sub-rosa that you aren't important to her. She's also communicating on a deep level that she's a piece of no-good shit. Another woman will pick up on that instantly and dislike the bitch because of it. A man though - he's expected to tolerate this bad treatment and still hang around this entitled cunt no matter what. It's the Feminine Mystique!

Inconsistency is a symptom of deep disrespect towards you as a person.

Thanks to brainwashing indoctrination social expectations, we men are expected to take this rudeness as a matter of course. Covert displays of rudeness from women towards men are never to be remarked upon! Where reality is, if we following the dictates of Feminism/Equalism we should treat everybody equally.

Someone disrespects you covertly like this? They're not worth knowing. Walk away from anyone who displays this shit-awful behavior. It's the only way to teach them a lesson, as well as keeping your own self-respect: shun them. Shun their presence. Shun their company. Be covertly (or even overtly) rude in return: stand them up, flake on them, treat them badly.

Chances are that they're far too dumb to learn from it though. Plus there are too many ignorant bastards orbiting them, just begging for an opportunity to lap up their runny shit.

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Slavery Once More

The Islamic State has gone back to the old methods of slavery.

IS Claims Religious Justification For Slavery

Interesting, part of the justification:
The Dabiq article said fighters were reviving a practice of the companions of the Prophet Mohammad by enslaving enemies. Enslaving women and forcing them to become wives reduces sin by protecting men from being tempted into adultery, it said.
"One should remember that enslaving the families of the (non-believers) and taking their women as concubines is a firmly established aspect of the Shariah, that if one were to deny or mock, he would be denying or mocking the verses of the Quran and the narrations of the Prophet," the article said.
Sex slavery. Feminists will love becoming Kajirae (slave-girls - courtesy of Gor).
Perhaps I should have been born and raised Islamic. I'm beginning to think that this is the way the world will go in the future.

Monday 13 October 2014

Something Stinks With Red Pill Women

Something like the fishy, fishy, fishy fish of Feminism.
Yes, where did that fish go?

I have a sniff at Return of Queens. Mmm very fishy! What's this - all men's comments will now be blocked. Interesting.  This is feminist-leftist-Marxist thinking, silencing (censoring) any possible dissent or observations or comments from men in "their space".

Now, I know that Return of Kings censored female comments. No surprise after that massive burl of insanity following the post about dating women with eating disorders. The reason: every feminist with an axe to grind jumped in and started trolling. Maureen the femicunt was a complete hoot, such an absolute caricature of a feminist moron troll. I'm still not sure if she was real.

Yet I don't recall any event even remotely resembling that brouhaha with Return of Queens. Now admittedly I don't bother following it. Yet if something like that had happened, I would have expected it to be stated as the reason for censorship. Nope. Not a hint. So the censoring had another reason - perhaps to make it a "safe space" for women?

Oh my. This on a website supposedly out there with the agenda of creating Real™ women - Red Pill Women - making a woman more attractive to Red Pill Men - a website with men's issues and desires regarding women in mind.

Time for a closer sniff. Mmmm, yes, something smells fishy...and dusty...and...
Ohhhhh somebody did have a little whine breakdown scream somewhere, it seems! Since I don't have the real inside goss, I can only jump back out of range, put in earplugs, and think about things a little.

Upon reflection: Red Pill Women are supposedly going to be "the perfect wife" for the Red Pill Man:
That's Marie Osmond, by the way. Remember the old adage that starts with: The bigger the hoops...

The trigger words, though, are: The Perfect Wife. From the Guide to Bird Watching in the Manosphere:

One might spot an Elusive Wife perched on a branch overhanging your path. You veterans know her well. She is the one who has the perfect life; her marriage is free from strife, her children are raised the perfect way, and you’ll see her in church twice on Sunday. She will pleasure her husband anytime he desires, sex in their marriage is still burning fires. “Her home cuisine is delicious,” she insists he will say, and to top it all off, from this path she’ll never foray.
The Elusive Wife is most often a traditional stay-at-home mom who believes in the message of the MRM. She’s the one who never lets any man forget that "he should keep on looking because there are still good women out there!" Her song goes something like this: "Look at me! Look at me! This is how it can be! Look at me!"

The Elusive Wife appears to support men's issues, but really, those more jaded and experienced within "The Movement" will recognize that the Elusive Wife is concerned about men mainly because she is scared shitless of men waking up to the scam. She wants men to return to their masculine role of pandering to women's every whim, slaving away like a mindless drone for her and her children. It is noteworthy that the Elusive Wife's husband never comes online, gushing about his wonderful life with his wonderful wife. Nope, only she speaks of how blissfully contented her husband is with her. He smartly (or cowardly) remains silent.

The Elusive Wife says she is interested in men's issues, but what she really wants is to ensure that men keep serving women. She does this because, deep down, she knows she would be screwed if it were any other way. She knows she is a preferred human and wants desperately to maintain that concept. She has a manipulated man-slave at her finger tips and she damn well knows what a good con-game women have been running for thousands of years.

It appears that what we have in so-called Red Pill Women is a variation of the above: the Elusive Wife. As in, the making of.

Nothing underneath has changed. Nothing fundamental has been altered within these women. There's simply an extra surface veneer added, just under the caked-on makeup and goop that fakes sexually-enticing youth and fertility. The con-artist says that the pea is under the shell, when in reality the pea isn't even in the game. It's up her sleeve and will stay firmly there until you make your choice.

Then: "Oh. You chose the wrong one. Here it was. Well, try again, she's out there somewhere for you!" All with an encouraging cheerfulness and a brave face. All the time scared shitless of men waking up to the scam as she tries to entice him back into some womans' - any womans' - clutches.

Your slavery is mandatory.

Male Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with them.

It strikes me that we men are also exhibiting a form of our own Stockholm Syndrome: we keep going back to our abusers (aka women who abuse us emotionally and use us for our money/effort/sweat - ie slavers - ie captors).

Unfortunately for them, the amount of abuse has gotten to the point where some of us men have reached the point of not blindly accepting women's help. Because we have to ask ourselves: are they women who genuinely want to help, or are they simply members of the herd jumping on the latest bandwagon in an effort to attract men back into captivity?

This whole thing of Women Against Feminism: it sounds like a crock of shit. You can proclaim whatever you want, yet I can still smell the nasty stench of feminism in what you say casually and how you act all the time. So I have to ask myself: What are you getting out of it, changing your mind like that? I mean, 40 years of expressed man-hate and then suddenly feminism is being rejected as bullshit? Why?

Oh, you might actually get a slave man of your own then.

I've seen tremendous amounts of female selfishness. Then you turn around, all mealy-mouthed and hypocritical, to say to me: "Don't be selfish!" It's breathtaking the chutzpah that you display. Though thinking about it: all muchness of a muchness with the predominant female entitlement mindset.

Fuck you. I'm going to be selfish as I want. It is my right.

For 40 years you've told us that we're unwanted. I can see it too, all the time, especially these days. I'm not wasting my time and effort, shoveling shit into a black hole while you have a whinge in my ear about everything. Fuck that noise.

We men have been saying: "What do women bring to the table? Nothing." This is actually wrong. The reality is, men have deliberately walked away from the table - crap like the so-called Anti-Feminist and Red Pill Women is just women trying to coax men back to the table with the promise of change. The herd as a whole is now jumping on the bandwagon in an effort to get their own men.

Abusers always make false promises about changing to bring their victims back to them. This is why we shouldn't believe. We've been ensnared by our captors for 150 years - ever since the divorce-laws changed from men getting everything by default to women getting everything by default. Finally, after 40 years of feminist-inspired overt abuse, we've actually realized - properly-internalized - that it's changed for the worse for us.

Now that we've realized this, now that we've started acting in our own best interests, it's shocking to some women.

Just because a woman is against feminism doesn't mean that she's pro-men. She still plans to use a man for her own ends: a paycheck, a home, kids, etc. Frivorce for cash and prizes are still 100% viable methods that she has available - and likely will continue to use.

Do you not see this? Do you not see why this is happening?

We are finally starting to have an effect upon the "marriage" business of women. It's gone down the tubes, they can't get any commitment, this is why we have 49% of children born to single mommies.

Further, they are starting to get that worrying feeling that government is going down the tubes. That social safety-net is going away.

So they can't find a good maaaaan. Whine, whinge, bleat.

So they look at the complaints of men. PUA, MRA, MGTOW. "Hey, these guys dislike feminism. They blame feminism for all this. They say that they will not go out with feminists. They will only hate-fuck feminists. I know! I will disavow feminism! I'm a Woman Against Feminism!"

Preach it sister. Scream it loud and proud.
Nice tits.
You can use those lips on me any day.
Easy to say when you're cute - feminists are mostly ugly.
Nice slogan subversion.
Nice nails - by the way, traditional family constructs were destroyed 150 years ago. You don't know what they are any more.
You sure about that.
Equalism is the new feminism. Fail.
Tell me that when my fist is in your hair.
Feminism vs "real" feminism. Do you have split ends to go with splitting semantic hairs? Fail.
You love how many men?

If female nature has suddenly changed in the last year or two - what has changed it?

Nothing. So wake up!

It's not that these girls have changed any. Christ, just talk with them in an unguarded moment - or say one thing against their female prejudices - and you'll get an earful of the feminism and feminine imperative that they still don't realize they have deeply internalized. It's just that for these girls, their meal-ticket has walked away. And she's sitting at the table, trying to coax him back.

You women can say what you like. Us men aren't listening to what you say now, we haven't been for a while. (What, the 50% divorce statistic isn't a glaring clue as to your nature? Shame on you! Yes, yes, we know that you try to ignore and belittle that as being irrelevant.)

So there's not enough available men out there for the women to hunt down, entrap, and make pay for their promised life of ease.

You know what all the above signs (and women) are saying? "If you work for 7 days a week at a crappy job to support me, I will marry you and fuck you." How reassuring, there is a girl out there who wants you. So can you really believe this?

It's a fucking dating ad for women. This is just a bait-and-switch scheme, another manipulation of men. Good prank - predictable, though surprising that it happened this quick. Next, it'll be anti-feminism in movies with sickening men falling for it and marrying these women.

That solid eye-contact is saying: "Fuck me." And I would, because these girls are generally cute. Yet I would not believe for an instant that she was an exception to the general run of the mill woman of my experience. YAWALT. I would never commit to her. I would never marry her. Once you're fully in her slave-pen, you're done.

You see, no matter what the women are babbling incoherently saying - the understructure of our laws has not changed in the slightest. It's all still the same. Nothing has changed on a fundamental level. You will still be her slave. The only way to change it would be to roll all those laws about family back 200-500 years ago, then there will be a fundamental change and men will no longer automatically be the slave in the relationship.

Anti-Feminism. Red Pill Women. Just another crock of shit, another snow-job, more wool that women try to pull over a mans eyes in the process of enslaving him.

I will not bear the burden of supporting you. I will not marry you. I will not apologize for it. You did it to yourself.

You Can Get Away With More Than You Think You Can

Especially with regards to women. Men or women though, it comes down to: make 'em laugh.

You can say the most racially insensitive crap - so long as you make 'em laugh.

This is how you can say: "I'm gonna get in the pimpmobile, gonna cruise around looking for some hoes." And she'll be laughing her fucking head right off. Never mind that it's racist as fuck.

You can swear at someone to their face - so long as you make 'em laugh. Like this little interaction, today, with a cute-ass 8 at work (good thing I don't fish off the company pier):

Her: Dammit you fixed it! Now I've gotta work!

Me: Yeh? Tough fucking shit.

Her: Things were so much easier when all I had to do was paint my nails while waiting!

Me: Get back to fucking work slave! (whipcrack)

I was wearing a big ole shit-eating grin while saying all that, of course. And she was laughing her ass off, lapping it up.

Go into a meeting, be a complete shit. They start talking about customer problems, I say: "Fuck the bloody customer. They're a pain in the fucking ass with this bull-fucking-shit. Fire the fucking lot of them." I'm well-known for my Marketing-101. The guys laugh it up, it relieves the tension, then we can fix whatever-the-fuck is going wrong in the systems.

Make 'em laugh. You can get away with more than you think you can.

Sunday 12 October 2014

If this was a man...

...nobody would give a flying fuck.

Brittany Maynard Chooses to Commit Suicide 1 November

Of course, being a woman, she makes the frontline of the news. "If it bleeds, it leads." And women are the only ones who bleed (literally) while men are stones (literally).

What more can you really say.

Friday 10 October 2014

Feminine Class vs Slutty Brass

Trigger warning! There is a billion tons of sub-rosa feminist snark in this linked piece of shit blogpost: Which U.S. States Have the Most Immature Men

And my comment from there, because it will be deleted by the moderator:
Part of it is women becoming overwhelmingly unattractive. Where are the feminine, classy women? Nowhere to be seen. Where are the slutty, brassy women? Puking in the gutters every Thursday through Saturday night.
Thinking in this vein, let us examine the modern slutty-brassy woman:
Halloween: It's okay girls, get slutty, we don't mind.

Lets find a classy woman.
Ooops. Let me try again.
Ahem. Once more?
Oh hell no. We can do better than that. Lets see.
Ehhhh, that tat kinda ruins it. Plus the limp-wrist-thing looks kinda pathetic/gay. Though she's got the legs right, if not the bloody short-shorts. Lets keep looking.
Ya know, I think we may be getting closer. It took a lot of hunting though. Plus I'm wondering what the fuck she's doing sitting like that on the concrete outside steps of an old brownstone building. Legs are wrong too.
Better, though the legs just ain't quite right. Gotta keep those legs properly together to be classy, ladies!
Success! Achievement unlocked: Find A Classy Girl.

In fact I remember from my youth: a classy girl kept her knees together (see above), had her hands demurely in her lap (see above) and either crossed her ankles (see above, though ankles should be together) or if she had to cross her legs - she kept the legs absolutely together and tilted her legs slightly (in the direction of the upper leg). The back was straight and her smile was always there (see above).

That classiness is now lost among the prevalent sea of raving sluttitude. Legs apart is a MAN's body-language, showing off the massive stainless-steel bowling-balls that his nuts really are, which hold apart his legs from sheer size. (Hah I sound like Heartiste - next I'll be talking about semen-pressure!)

Here's a couple links from Return of Queens. I don't generally bother with them since in my opinion they're just trying to hijack the male conversation for their own (feminine imperative) ends. I also see now that they've decided to censor men - their choice. In this case they got it somewhat right about being feminine:

How To Be A Feminine Lady #1
How To Be A Feminine Lady #2

This is a strong part of why I say PUA Is Broken. The PUA are hunting among the sluts and whores, digging through iron pyrites in the full expectation of finding gold.

You won't - you cannot - find class where there's nothing but brass.

Thursday 9 October 2014

Women and Fake Careers

Ran across a secretary at work in the kitchen, cutting up various vegetables and sausage rolls and stuff in preparation for a smoko tomorrow morning. For non-NZ'ers, smoko is the morning or afternoon tea break at 10am or 3pm.

Being the Black-Knight eeeevil bastard patriarchy damnfool idiot that I am, I immediately wondered: "Why is the secretary doing this instead of doing her filing, paperwork, typing up diction, accounts, et-fucking-cetera?"

Y'know, the stuff that actually makes the business money.

Then I realized: it's cheaper to have her do it (minimum wage) than it is to pay some caterer to do it for us (they'd charge about twice minimum wage - after all, gotta make a profit). So instead of making the business money, she was saving the business a few cents. False economy of course.

Be entitled proud, women. Your high-end well-paid careers now consist of:
  • filing paperwork
  • doing accounts
  • cooking
Hooray. You have a BA in English, know your ABCs, and can do simple addition. You also know how to waitress (boss gotta have his coffee). To add to your repertoire of professional accomplishments: you can even cook.

How deeply fulfilling for you.

Pandering to Crazy Women

In the theme of PUA Is Broken, I see Chateau Heartiste is still teaching men to validate crazy women by jumping through their hoops and trying to still get into her pants even though she's preemptively said "No".

Even though she's being an utter cunt, you are still being brainwashed encouraged to try and "salvage" the situation and get into her pants. To give her her dose of narcissistic supply. No matter what she does, PUAs are still being brainwashed encouraged to try and use her as a cum-bucket to get their rocks off with.

Stop the pandering, stop jumping through hoops for them, stop putting them up on a pedestal (still) as if she's worth the effort of fucking. At least some of the guys there seem to get it. Remember:

Never put your dick in crazy. (And they're all crazy.)

This is also reinforcing another fallacy of the PUA: the myth that finding a "decent woman" is possible among the habitual good-time-girls (aka sluts) in the party-scene. They would do better to acknowledge to (and among) themselves that:

  • they are training themselves to be good-time-boys
  • that this is only for a good time, nothing serious
  • that it doesn't actually matter if the girl is left better or worse
  • that the girls are already fucking broken
  • that the girls are getting exactly what they want
  • that they are actually dumpster-diving
  • that they are cherry-picking for good looks among a general wasteland of shit
I don't deplore what they do - more power to them. What disturbs me is the self-deception and lies that goes along with the territory. When they're not being honest with themselves, when they're still putting her up on a pedestal, when they're taking a massive shit on their personal dignity - it simply can't be good for their personal mental state.

Nor the mental state of the entitled/crazy women. Seriously. When a man persists in chasing a crazy who has preemptively said "No" then he's validating both her shitty existence and shitty behavior. Instant narcissistic supply.

Cut that crazy cunt down to size and walk away. Remember: You Don't Have Time For This Crap.

Set yourself free from crazy - especially from begging crazy to let you stick your dick in her.