Friday 24 October 2014

Entertain Me! Female Entitlement Edition

It never ceases to amaze me as just how entitled some of these women are. Add to that, how many are completely open with sharing their entitled craziness on the internet. They get on social media (FaceCrap) and put up extremely interesting statuses like:

  • So bored.
  • Is there anything interesting happening?
  • Hey xxx what's on this weekend?
All that simple shit from the simple-minded who expect someone else to cater to their entertainment - because they don't have a single interesting idea of what to do with themselves when they're not working / drinking / getting stoned. (Hey, is it surprising that children these days - of both sexes - are the same? Single mommies, teaching their kiddies to be self-helpless.)

So the latest amusing, good-looking, fucktard, enlightened ho puts up the following:

Her: My social life is dying, it's a 911 situation, no kidding :'( :'( :'(

Of course, the White Knight brigade jumped all over it like flies on stinky shit. "Why?" "I don't believe it." "Poor sweeeeetie." Oh, oh, poor fucking dear ho...

Her: Do I need to get a cat and force to live with me?

Yes, you do, sweetheart. At this point I'm laughing. Fuckin' amusing. Deciding to be a Black Knight cunt, I ask a simple question - with the idea of tying her up in social knots: How on earth can your social life die?

More White Knight ass-kissing going on, making me laugh harder. Yes boys, lap up that chick's runny shit. Maybe she'll fly to where you live and lay you.

Her: I'm considering of leaving my job

White Knight: Leaving your job???

Ever noticed how White Knights love to use multiple ??? and !!! and suchlike for emphasis? I think it's something weird that these retards do to emphasize that they're paying special attention (speeeeshul). Or something like that.

Wahooooo!!!!1!!1! Nah, it's still fuckin' retarded.

Her: Lol, considering so I can pursue my singing career, hehe

Sorry chicky-babe, Karaoke doesn't count. Notice: By this point all the White Knight ass-kissing has improved her attitude. She's gotten validated! Yay, she means something in this world. All these maggots have lapped up her runny shit and she feels better about things.

So more White Knight ass-kissing and shit-lapping goes on. All of a sudden another woman gets involved:

New Woman: How do you define your social life anyway? Just curious...

Her: Dull and lifeless :(

Ah so now we know what's happening. This chick is 41 and is pretty good-looking, despite being well post-wall - pre-wall she'd have been a fuckin' stunner. A 9 easily, possibly close to the mythical 10 that the PUAs harp on about. She probably is wishing that she'd been a model instead of a schoolteacher. So her problem is that she's starting to lose men's attention (at least, the men she likes) - it's not her social-life that's dying, it's that the high-quality dick surrounding her has evaporated.

Here's where I decide it's time for another Black Knight contribution:

Me: You live in Japan sweetheart. Believe you me: if I lived in Japan, I would very easily be able to find something to do. Hell, just hunting for something interesting would be an adventure in itself

Slap! upside the head, you boring and useless and clueless cunt. Whatever happens from this point on is gonna be pure yucks for me. Ah, these entitled cunts - soooo fuckin' stoooooopid, soooo fuckin' amusing.

You can always tell the fuckin' airheads, and this is a prime sample of a narcissistic airhead.

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