Wednesday 15 October 2014

Inconsistency Is A Symptom

We have another stinker of women's mindset to dissect and expose in all it's smelly, fishy glory. It's gonna sound like complete common-sense once explained - yet it's something that us men have been taught all through our lives to discount and ignore.


Women pass this shit behavior off as the "Feminine Mystique" - it's just the way women are. Cue indulgent looks et-cetera, especially if you get angry with it. Flaking? Oh, it's the Feminine Mystique, a woman's privilege to do as she pleases.

Fuck I hate that indulgent look and stinking indulgent mindset from these smarmy cunts. Makes my fists ache. If a man pulled that on me I'd either give him a mouthful of swearwords, a fist in the face, or walk away from the piece of shit who tried it.

This is a smokescreen that you've been taught all your lives, to pull the wool over your eyes. This is reality: inconsistency is a symptom of deep disrespect, one that has been taught to both men and women since birth. Women have been taught that they can revel in it at will, men have been taught that they have to tolerate it. Here's the hypocrisy behind it:
  • To a woman - when a man is inconsistent he's just being rude.
  • To a man - when a woman is inconsistent it's her privilege - Feminine Mystique!
The irony is that there's nothing feminine about it. It's simply entitled cuntism and rudeness disguised by social "norms" (aka...far too much fucking shit to recite).

When a man's inconsistent he's telling you sub-rosa that you aren't important to him. He's also communicating on a deep level that he's a piece of no-good shit. Another man will pick up on that instantly, shrug, and walk away. Said first man is not worth the effort of getting to know and be around.

When a woman's inconsistent she's telling you sub-rosa that you aren't important to her. She's also communicating on a deep level that she's a piece of no-good shit. Another woman will pick up on that instantly and dislike the bitch because of it. A man though - he's expected to tolerate this bad treatment and still hang around this entitled cunt no matter what. It's the Feminine Mystique!

Inconsistency is a symptom of deep disrespect towards you as a person.

Thanks to brainwashing indoctrination social expectations, we men are expected to take this rudeness as a matter of course. Covert displays of rudeness from women towards men are never to be remarked upon! Where reality is, if we following the dictates of Feminism/Equalism we should treat everybody equally.

Someone disrespects you covertly like this? They're not worth knowing. Walk away from anyone who displays this shit-awful behavior. It's the only way to teach them a lesson, as well as keeping your own self-respect: shun them. Shun their presence. Shun their company. Be covertly (or even overtly) rude in return: stand them up, flake on them, treat them badly.

Chances are that they're far too dumb to learn from it though. Plus there are too many ignorant bastards orbiting them, just begging for an opportunity to lap up their runny shit.


  1. Women love male inconsistency if you pull it off with the right kind of entitled self-confidence.

    Oh no wait, you're one of those anti-game clowns who thinks women are REALLY LOOKING FOR A NICE GUY WHO PUTS THEM ON A PEDESTAL.

    So yeah, go on trying to please them by being consistent. Let me know when it starts working.

    No dumbass, I'm not saying put up with rudeness if it doesn't amuse you. I'm saying don't treat women like men. THEY AREN'T MEN duhhhh.

    1. Trolls gonna troll. You might wanna read the whole shebang on here, all 400 posts, before you open your foolish mouth again.

    2. Anon has a point, women do love inconsistency.

      Feeding them drama is what seperates women from men.

      The problem with BlackPoisonSoul is he mistakes PUA with game, theyre two different concepts. PUA concentrates solely on getting laid, while game is alot more beneficial as it involves self improvement & how to manage relationships.

      Combine game with MGTOW & you have a highly socially intelligent male

      A MGTOW with no game has no idea how to handle a feminist society, apart from to retreat from it ...

    3. Excellent, a properly-thoughtful comment!

      To state up front to you: I don't believe that I mix PUA up with game. Might be fooling myself there - however I do use game concepts a lot in my everyday life. Plus I've had some successes in the past with picking up women by using game concepts. Therefore it would be completely fucking hypocritical on my part to say that game is bullshit.

      This - game - is how I can tease the living fuck out of women in the companies where I go consulting, without getting dumped on with a bad rep. Complaints to the HR drones would get me kicked out a helluva lot easier'n the normal worker-drone in a company. Yet I can and have pulled out the stops with over-the-top racist commentary - and had a Maori girl laughing her ass off and lapping it up (I look more white than the part-Maori that I am).

      It's also how I can say things at various management levels of meetings like: "Fucking customers are fucking useless bastards kick their fucking asses..." blah blah, make everyone laugh, and then we get around to fixing situations that have occurred. Especially with customers who are obviously trying to put it on to the tune of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. I'm well-known for my Marketing-101 (aka Customer Abuse-101).

      As you say, it is the drama that women love and lap up. Exactly what men do not enjoy, along with inconsistency of any type. Women's inconsistency with behavior is to fuel that drama, because otherwise they are empty of anything - and they can't handle being empty.

      So a question: Is it plain inconsistency that they love, or is it the teasing inconsistency of being treated like a bratty 3yo? My opinion is the latter.

  2. There are two kinds of inconsistency: one when someone changes his/her stance on some topic, but from now on sticks to the new opinion, and another when someone is deliberately obfuscating the issue, never taking a clear position and switching sides whenever it is convenient.

    I'm okay with the first type, as nobody is ever correct from the start, but highly wary of the second.

  3. Some inconsistency is down to women always having something wrong with 'em. Migranes. Period cramps. Bleeding from the orifices. Infections. The "feminine mystique" is thinking the women are clean and smell good. The truth is, it takes 'em hours to look like that.

    You want to know why women wear nail polish? To disguise the fact that there's blood and shit under their fingernails. Foundation is to disguise the herpes sores. That's feminine mystique. That's why they are always late. These physical problems and diseases flare up unpredictably and can't be disguised with any amount of make-up. That's why they flake.

    Woman flakes on you, assume its her gonorrhea or chlamydia breaking out and "next" her without hesitation. You don't want that anywhere near your dick.

    1. Huh? And how do you deal with the grease under your own fingernails, Paul? Surely not by covering them with nail polish. Hint: why the most popular nail polish and lipstick shades imitate early signs of sexual flush?

    2. It's not always migraines or cramps that causes foul mood. It might be mittelschmerz, for example.

    3. ^^^
      Not 'imitate'. 'Exaggerate' fits better.