Wednesday 8 October 2014

Bribing Entitled Women

Someone at work sending out a bullshit charity thing. Intent: To cater to teh wimminz bullshit desires to be made to feel speeeeshul:
Get back on the short bus, bitch.

This exemplifies the cuntitude of women these days. If you get her this you will either get out of the shit with her (for someone who says she loves you, she's giving you a hard time over something inane?) or you will be showing that you are a sensitive and sweet guy. Be sure to get the bouquet of 12 roses too. Otherwise you're just a cheap bastard. (Any excuse to get her nose out of joint.)

Problem displayed: Having to bribe the bitch for her to act like a decent human being person. Also known as prostitution. Assuming that she and you are fucking at all, because if you're not then you're a friendzoned fool wasting your money - let alone mental energy - on a woman who doesn't give a shit about you.

Extra problem displayed: This has become institutionalized. It's now guaranteed money for the seller of the roses, in this case a charity (90% of all charity money goes to administration costs). Further, if you don't buy her the roses - it's yet another perfect excuse for the cunt to get her nose out of joint.

Entitlement displayed: To a fare-thee-well, dialed up to e-fucking-leven.

Fuck y'all. I'm not bribing an entitled woman just so she can feel special, giggle and drool to her workmates about it, et-fucking-cetera. Or even to coax her into treating me as a decent human being person should treat someone that they say they love and care for.

Do it if you want to get onto lapping up her runny shit. Me, I'll take my bemusement and add it to the schadenfreude in tonights glass of Grand Marnier.


  1. A good way of denying a charity their 90% is to donate material goods or time. They say that they would rather have help to support their costs (income) but I have yet to find a charity that has adequate staffing and would truly say no to someone offering to help out for a few hours a week.

    1. Personally I'd rather give them nothing. That way the no-hoper pieces of shit that they support will actually have to get their shit together and work, or sponge more directly off their family. Which includes most churches by default: I realized long ago that church is filled with a lot of pieces of shit skiving off the charitable donations of the wealthier types.

      Yes I have these no-hoper pieces of shit in my family also. Between direct family-members and extended family (first cousins) there are 7 no-hopers out of 15 people. "Blood is thicker than water" - fucking oath! So damn thick that their piece of shit daughters and drug-abusing sons get money from mommy and daddy "so that they can make ends meet".

      Let the motherfuckers and their piece-of-shit womb-turds starve.