Friday 10 October 2014

Feminine Class vs Slutty Brass

Trigger warning! There is a billion tons of sub-rosa feminist snark in this linked piece of shit blogpost: Which U.S. States Have the Most Immature Men

And my comment from there, because it will be deleted by the moderator:
Part of it is women becoming overwhelmingly unattractive. Where are the feminine, classy women? Nowhere to be seen. Where are the slutty, brassy women? Puking in the gutters every Thursday through Saturday night.
Thinking in this vein, let us examine the modern slutty-brassy woman:
Halloween: It's okay girls, get slutty, we don't mind.

Lets find a classy woman.
Ooops. Let me try again.
Ahem. Once more?
Oh hell no. We can do better than that. Lets see.
Ehhhh, that tat kinda ruins it. Plus the limp-wrist-thing looks kinda pathetic/gay. Though she's got the legs right, if not the bloody short-shorts. Lets keep looking.
Ya know, I think we may be getting closer. It took a lot of hunting though. Plus I'm wondering what the fuck she's doing sitting like that on the concrete outside steps of an old brownstone building. Legs are wrong too.
Better, though the legs just ain't quite right. Gotta keep those legs properly together to be classy, ladies!
Success! Achievement unlocked: Find A Classy Girl.

In fact I remember from my youth: a classy girl kept her knees together (see above), had her hands demurely in her lap (see above) and either crossed her ankles (see above, though ankles should be together) or if she had to cross her legs - she kept the legs absolutely together and tilted her legs slightly (in the direction of the upper leg). The back was straight and her smile was always there (see above).

That classiness is now lost among the prevalent sea of raving sluttitude. Legs apart is a MAN's body-language, showing off the massive stainless-steel bowling-balls that his nuts really are, which hold apart his legs from sheer size. (Hah I sound like Heartiste - next I'll be talking about semen-pressure!)

Here's a couple links from Return of Queens. I don't generally bother with them since in my opinion they're just trying to hijack the male conversation for their own (feminine imperative) ends. I also see now that they've decided to censor men - their choice. In this case they got it somewhat right about being feminine:

How To Be A Feminine Lady #1
How To Be A Feminine Lady #2

This is a strong part of why I say PUA Is Broken. The PUA are hunting among the sluts and whores, digging through iron pyrites in the full expectation of finding gold.

You won't - you cannot - find class where there's nothing but brass.


  1. There is another tattoo on her back, in the fourth photo from the bottom.

    1. True indeed. Complete low-class trash then - ah well!