Tuesday 7 October 2014

Women Showing Interest

So I'm buying lunch today (being a lazy prick). Head around to the local tuckshop where they sell pies, sandwiches, rolls - all that good hearty stuff that people working in heavy-industry will eat.

I walk in the door, first thing I hear from the (married) girl across the counter: Hey you! (Translation: Hey <I want to fuck> you.) I call her darling and grab my food, go and pay with eftpos.

All of a sudden hands grab the points of my shoulders and I hear a female giggle. The girl across the counter has a giggle also. Turns out that another (single) girl who is interested in me came up behind me and grabbed my shoulders. She wanted to cop a feel of my muscles, as well as showing me her interest.

I teased them both, even though I have no interest in following through. They're both 6's at best.

Women. Go figure.


  1. Black Knight, Black Heart18 December 2014 at 07:03

    You so lucky! I never get that. But then again, my facial expression always give off that "Don't fuck with me" look and that turns off all women. Oh well!

    1. My habitual expression tends to be a "fuck off and die" frown also - until I grin or laugh. Then it becomes more like a naughty imp. Something about that seems to turn a few types of women on, gawd knows why.

      Many times I've had women say: "You look as if butter wouldn't melt in your mouth!" Right after an exhausting romp in the sack. And no, I'm not claiming anything like 8-10 looks women are chasing me. A 7 seems to be about as high as I get, when I can be arsed. Though I tease the fuck out of the 8+ chicks too, I simply can't be bothered with jumping through the hoops of their games.