Wednesday 1 October 2014

Definitely Rape Harder

From the deeeeeelicious insanity that is American college students (aka University Students, aka Sick Cunts America Trains™ (S.C.A.T.)) I am afraid that I must bring you:

Campus War on Men

Yes, these crazy cunts are getting so insane that men are literally having to record every sexual encounter that they partake in. Else they're gonna get accused of rape. Or, in fact, being allegedly guilty of "women-focused violence".
Last week, at the University of Chicago, individuals allegedly trying to keep “the Hyde Park community safe from people who publicly accuse other people of committing varying levels of gender-based violence without any proof whatsoever…” hacked into a website of the school’s student organization and posted the name and photo of an alleged rape survivor as well as this threat: “Hopefully the class of 2018 is paying attention because otherwise the UChicago Electronic Army is going to have to rape harder.” 
The incident was apparently in retaliation for a post on Tumblr called the “Hyde Park List.” 
That list claimed to identify male students “known to commit varying levels of gender-based violence.” It listed male students as either “code red’ or “code orange” – apparently a reference to the seriousness of their alleged sexual crimes. 
“Creating so-called ‘rape lists’ of students who may or may not be guilty of sex-based offenses – ostensibly to warn female students, but also to shame the males – is both ethically dubious and may well open the perpetrators to legal action,” says Professor Banzhaf, who has written widely on the topic of campus date rape. On the other hand, hacking into computer systems and outing women is at least as wrongful, and two wrongs never make a right, especially concerning such a serious matter, suggests Banzhaf.
Ah the blinkered fucktardism of Academia! Their whole problem is that they are training (aka brainwashing) these miserable cunts to hate men (aka teaching feminism/leftism/socialism/Marxism) - the girls are young and horny so that when it finally becomes unbearable they'll do anything to get off - then they have their remorse period because what they did was utterly wrong according to what they've been trained (aka - oh yeah, already said "brainwashed").

You could almost pity these crazy little fucked-up cunts. Until, that is, you realize how they square it up mentally in their retarded little heads. "I know! It must have been raaaaaaaape!"

Y'know, I'm sure that someone will come along and say something like: "Well, it wouldn't happen to true Alphas™!"

I don't really believe in "alphas" and I'm picking that if they did exist, they would get fucked over with a false-rape allegation too. Reasoning: it's just toooo delicious for Tinkerbell to resist her ego-expansion-mindfuck-trip by fucking over a so-called "alpha".
I mean, what a boost to her ego! Just think of her bragging to her female "friends" (aka frenemies):

Her: Oh yeah! That piece of fucking shit, thinks he's soooo kewl! Well I fucked him over hahahahahah! Ain't too kewl for skewl now are you, maggot!!!1!

Ya know something, here's a reality-check about Tinkercunt:
Which when you think about it - totally expresses the mindset of the modern conditioned Western "woman" (aka...fuck it, too many to add in here).

Now sure, I'm a fan of "always be recording". You cannot trust these cunts. Unfortunately it doesn't address the root problem (hah!) which is this:

Don't stick your dick in crazy. (And they're all crazy.)

Thank you to Alpha Game Plan for: "Rape Harder". Yes, definitely rape harder.


  1. You are correct. There is no protection "for alphas" they get destroyed by women all the time, or they try to destroy them.

    Bill Clinton - Jennifer Flowers and Monica

    Robin Williams - married three of them and they destroyed him eventually.


    Lancelot and Arthur, one a king, the other the greatest knight of his time, destroyed by a woman.

    Anthony and Cleopatra

    Joseph and his master's wife (he was alpha enough for her to want to sleep with him and being scorned, falsely accuses him of rape)

    Tiger Woods and all his chippies.

    1. Preeeecisely! The feminine imperative is doing its Sherman's March (aka scorched earth/total warfare) right through society. Nobody is safe from the riders of the Femcopalypse.

    2. I've run across that nonsense, too, that these things don't happen to "Alphas." Like women don't want to destroy them, too. You know - Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

    3. When you interbreed the green-eyed monster of jealousy along with that scorning - weeeeehew! Watch the backstabbing and false-rape allegations and whatever fly!

      There might be another string to that revenge-bow also: assholes doing a deliberate pump and dump. Bullshit. I've never intended to do that, it's always been inadvertent - triggered once the woman shows what an utter loopball she happens to actually be.