Tuesday 30 September 2014

Cut Along Dotted Line

This is from the list of worthwhile books to read (Come and Take Them by Tom Kratzman, pp437-438):
     This is so going to suck, thought the centurion, and not in a good way.
     "Gather 'round, girls," Franco orders. The women, all of them still in something like shock, clustered in a circle. "Sit down."
     He began to pass out red felt-tip markers. When everyone had received one, Franco began to speak.
     "Okay, I want you to take your markers and I want you to draw a dotted line just like the one I am drawing on my wrist." Franco drew a six inch long series of dots lengthwise down his left wrist. "Everyone done with that? Good. Now draw another one on the other wrist...Done? Good. Let me see. Very good. Now there's no excuse."
     "You see, women threaten suicide and even act it out rather frequently, but you fail so often to carry through that I am forced to question your sincerity and competence as a sex. Therefore..."
     Franco turned toward the door. He tossed a package of razor blades to the floor on his way out. "Trujillo!" he called over one shoulder. "Collect up the markers in that box and put them by my office door. Anybody who wants a razor blade, just help yourself. 'Cut along dotted line.'"
We coddle and tolerate these cunts way too much.

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