Monday 1 September 2014

Emotional Manipulation

Looking back on my past, I've never been much of one for bothering with people who tried to emotionally manipulate (aka blackmail) me.

Lets take the film R.E.D. 2 as a simple illustration. It contains the usual festering festivity of female drama that the maggoty film-industry loves-loves-loves to portray: passive-aggressive, snippy, moody, bitchy, cunty, slutty, backbiting, super-empowered women children.

So one scene in the beginning of the film, right after Marvin rescues Frank from interrogation/death by Jack, Sarah is in the car. And gets snitty/bitchy with Frank (this is just before the point where Marvin comes out with the A.R.D.A.). Frank says "And now you're mad with me?" and she goes all passive-aggressive silent on him, as women so love to do - because they've been trained by the media that men will accept this, and men have been trained by the media to accept it.

This shit is wrong on so many levels. This is why you should never accept this behavior from anyone.

As I said to a girl a while back: I'm not interested in people - men or women - who stress me out. If they're constantly stressing me out then they're a drama-addict and inconsiderate. If they really liked me they would never do that.

She had to agree with that one. (That's one thing about women. If you put it sensibly, she has to agree - else she looks like a complete cunt. Very few woman want to look like a complete cunt. At least, in public.)

So this is why I've never had a problem with walking away from idiots and shitheads and people who just want to fuck with my emotions. They've simply and clearly shown to all and sundry that they aren't that interested in me or don't like me that much or just want to fuck me around. No problem, no muss, no fuss (on my part), get you gone.

It's kinda amusing, someone not liking that you've suddenly gone radio-silence on them. They can't figure that it's over - when they should just get it. The most amusing part is when they are incapable of getting that it's a natural consequence of their own actions and inconsiderate behavior.

When this happens, I enjoy the schadenfreude and wash it down with a sip of Grand Marnier. They got their just deserts.

(What, you're saying that I'm being passive-aggressive? You bet! Someone who treats me with that kind of inconsideration deserves zero consideration in return.)

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