Thursday 18 September 2014

Gradual Alienation

What we have here is a situation of gradual alienation. It is comprised of many things - which surprisingly, boil down to:

Every time you come out with your snotty attitude. Every time you come out with your snippy remarks. Every time you come out with a nuclear rejection. Every time you tell someone "you're wrong". Every time you are condescending. Every time you shout down any dissenting thought. Every time you treat someone badly. Every time you use someone. Every time you backstab someone. Every time you accuse someone of something that they didn't do or actually aren't. Every time you accuse someone of oppressing you. Every time you use childness to get your way. Every time you expect preferential treatment. Every time you lie. Every time you break your word. Every time you cheat. Every time you steal. Every time you gossip.

Every time you prove that you're not worth being around.
This isn't an instant alienation. It's a slow and gradual process. Like the sinking of the Yamoto during Operation Ten-Go in WWII: it took 2 hours to sink the battleship (it started capsizing - after about 2h20min it finally blew up).

Eventually you alienate men, the ones you supposedly "don't need" yet "can't find" when you suddenly want them around for something.
You wonder where all the men have gone. What you don't ask is: why have all the men gone.

(I deliberately chose Sting - for the creepy, judgmental, stalker vibe. I know girls who have had this as their wedding song. Shows their mind.)

(I deliberately chose Sinead O'Connor - for the creepy, desperate, obsessive vibe. Many girls have had this reaction when I've walked away from them.)

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