Friday 19 September 2014

Women Lack Dignity

Vox Day has his ideas of why men prefer clean breakups, in response to this entitled princess retard who doesn't like being deprived of her drama so must whine about it online.

Here's a few ideas to add to the list:

  • women don't like being mansplained to (fight!)
  • women who aren't worth being around don't take that knowledge well (fight!)
  • women who are broken up with have their narcissistic ego hurt (fight!)

All of these end up with the woman showing her utter lack of dignity and completely (and deliberately) hurting the man and pissing him off. No. Just walk away, end it, be done with it. Its easier on you as a man, and if the woman was worth that sort of consideration you probably wouldn't be breaking up with her in the first place.

If the woman involved had the womanly virtues (including and most especially dignity) they:

  • wouldn't be whining about why men ditch her without remorse (poor little me card)
  • wouldn't be deluded about why men ditch her without remorse (because she's worthless)
  • wouldn't be whining about the whole situation to the world (getting her drama and attention vicariously)
  • wouldn't be putting in the usual feminist superiority crapola digs against men (stab, stab, stab for extra passive-aggressive drama, read the end of the article for some examples)

Petty sacks of shit like this deserve all the respect that they get in a breakup: absolutely none.

Woman up, you pathetic whining losers.

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