Monday 22 September 2014

The Tipping Point of Communication

From over on The Rational Male, commenter deti states:
Feminists, a la Sheryl Sandberg and “Lean In”, have gone public with AFBB because they can. They know what they’re doing and are conscious of it. They feel free to be open about it because the FI is now enshrined in law, customs, practices, culture, and judiciary. AFBB is now “normative”. 
Women speak openly about it is because they honestly believe it’s not hurting or injuring anyone – or at least it doesn’t hurt anyone who doesn’t deserve it. And to her way of thinking, nobody’s getting hurt because everyone else is doing it. And if someone does get hurt, well, then he fucked up and he deserved it.
While I am very late to the party on this topic - deti, I must correct you here:

Women are speaking openly about it because the "visible men" (20%) are not visibly being hurt by it, nor do they visibly seem to be angry about it, nor do they visibly seem to care about it. Of course, those visible men are the ones that women flock to - so of course they're not getting hurt by it, they are getting some.

Women care not about the "invisible men" (80%) who are hurt by it. Similarly the visible men don't care about the invisible men. For both sexes: they cannot relate because they are getting some, they've always gotten some, they cannot understand what it is like to be someone who is not getting some or who has never gotten some.

We should always remember the 80/20 rule (for women getting sex vs feminists) and the 20/80 rule (for men getting sex vs invisible men).

Which brings up an interesting thought: The Tipping Point.

According to scientists once an idea hits 10% it has achieved the spreading-point to where it becomes mainstream. Therefore, if you assume via the 80/20 rule that 20% of women are effectively invisible to men - and they get <b>real pissed about it</b> - then they are comfortably over the tipping point and have always been.

As communication became widespread, the spread of these beliefs happened faster and easier. So with better communication it became possible for angry and bitter women to spread their ideas more widely via the female communication channel. Being herdlike, there was fertile ground for this meme to spread and take root.

So inevitably, with the rise of technology and leisure has come the rise of feminism as hate directed towards men. Having a base of 20% of the population in this plight made its spread equally inevitable. In a sense, we men created this situation by simply trying to improve our (and our wives) lives. It was inevitable. (God I sound like a bad rendition of Agent Smith from The Matrix.)

Now that 80% of invisible men are starting to talk across the internet - the best communication channel that we have managed to build to date - the male Tipping Point might be starting to gain traction. No longer are we filtered (censored) through the female communication channel (aka ignored as being whiny male bitches).

It will be interesting to see how this battle of memes will turn out over time. Swings and roundabouts, checks and balances, social change and degradation...
Further thought: It might be inevitable that the Feminism meme will lose out. Given that it seems like 80% of women actually want a man despite the brainwashing of Feminism (20%), and that 80% of men are effectively becoming angry never mind the complacency of apex men (20%) - something is gonna have to give.

And no, I'm not talking about winning in the sense of not-breeding. I'm talking about winning in the sense of being ignored as stupid and irrelevant.

So perhaps there is a slight chance of saving this festering mess that we've created of our civilization. Makes you think a little.

I'm still gonna watch things closely. Even though it's kinda hard to enjoy watching a time-lapse of bullshit collapsing. Time for another Grand Marnier - that'll improve my mood.

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