Friday 12 September 2014

Reality Check - Transvestites

I have come to a realization about Trannies.

In fact you can probably apply it to the LGBT crowd across the board. (Deal with it you nutjobs.)

It's not about "inner confusion". It's not about "blurred lines". It's not about "sexual fluidity".

It's not about any of those things.

It's about these people looking at the Feminine Imperative and the Pussy Pass.

It's about these people realizing (consciously or subconsciously) the power that these things give women.

It's about these people saying: I want that.

So every man who goes the transsexual route - who turns themselves into a woman - is grasping for the Pussy Pass that women are granted by default. Every public cross-dressing fruitcake is doing the same. Gay pride rallies, raising awareness, etc - all an attempt to climb on board the women's parade-float and get that Pussy Pass for themselves. All an attempt to join the herd of women.

All demanding the right to exercise their own form of hypocrisy - just like women do - and not be called out on it.

Lift a glass of Grand Marnier to the sad mentality of the human race. We don't need a disease or the like to wipe ourselves out, we can screw ourselves up pretty damn good without half trying.

PS: I'm coming more to the point of view that civilization was brought about through controlling women's sexuality and using that to yoke men's sexuality and energy into building. As per my previous Reality Check - once you've achieved that, you start to realize that there's not much point to things.


  1. When I owned a taxi I used to pick up these nuts - always at night. And when I say nuts I mean nuts. Every one of them.

    1. Absolutely, Bob. When I was hanging out with "that crowd" it didn't take long to realize that they were complete nutjobs. It was a good pre-awakening to reality for me, many years ago.

      As an example, there was a nutjob girl (literally) that I knew who was working as a prostitute. It very much amused me when the local mayor came out in the papers with a "there are no underage prostitutes working in this town" claim. This girl started when she was twelve, she was fourteen at that time, and was very hardened. Everyone knew it, the cops knew it and were taking theirs in kind.

    2. The youngest hooker I knew driving a taxi started at 15. Her parents were so humiliated they asked her to leave town - which she did.

    3. This one's parents were still trying to "save" their little hooker after two years of solid degradation.

  2. "PS: I'm coming more to the point of view that civilization was brought about through controlling women's sexuality and using that to yoke men's sexuality and energy into building."

    Hell yes. Was it Sargon? Hammurabi? Whoever it was - the dude that outlawed polygamy. That was the dude who made civilisation possible. The promise to every young man of a pussy of his very own, children, family, dynasty, if he worked hard and made money.

    Go to any place that has polygamy, anywhere tribal where the alpha male gets all the women and the other guys get nothing. All of those places are shitholes. Why? Because there's no reason to work. The young men are idle, and the women plant the fields. Why should a young bloke even bother? Why not just lounge around? Then white man comes by and introduces them to alcohol, and it's all over.

    Some societies manage this by fighting and warfare. It's competition for women. This is the root of violence and crime in ghettos (and not just african-americans: ghettoes everywhere) - unleashed hypergamy.