Monday 15 September 2014

Female Entitlement - Celebrity Style

I have been vaguely watching with great amusement the following hoo-rah.
For those of us who have been too busy to notice: celeb Jennifer Lawrence (of Hunger Games fandom, the tweenage snuff-movie-series that has been causing so many female hearts to burst with their prideful throbbing) had her iCloud  account hacked and naked selfies slapped up on the interwebs. I have no idea how naked she was in said selfies, however they supposedly did the rounds pretty quick. Going by the furor they were probably reasonably racy.

Oh wait - nude! I forgot. Naked is rude, nude is just r.

At any rate, being in the tech-world I've seen umpteen articles and things about iPhone and iCloud security, hacking, how to prevent this, blah blah blah blah blah. None of which strikes at the real issue:

What the fuck was this stupid slut doing taking naked selfies for?

Who the fuck was this stupid slut sending these naked selfies to?

Why the fuck is this stupid slut being used to blame Apple for bad security?

Let's be brutally honest here. In the old days of film cameras, did you take naked selfies? Fuck no. If you did, you sent them to a very discreet service which charged you big bucks - and you were the type who didn't mind if some random unknown employee perved over those pictures of your naked bod. (AKA you were a fucking slut and it gave you a sexual charge to think that some unknown guy was jerking off to your pictures. Just like the girls who were in all the pages in Penthouse, Playboy, etc.)

So, to all the stupid pieces of shit who are trying to pull the Female Entitlement bullshit over our eyes and say "it's all Apple's fault!" and "where is her privacy!" and all that crap. Two words: Fuck off.

This is a stupid slut who was taking naked selfies and sending them to various guys who turn her on. The moment it goes out of her phone it's over the airwaves - into the open air for anyone to pick up. (I wonder if that'll become the new geek entertainment someday: instead of wardriving, picking up cellphone transmissions and reconstructing them into naked selfies for personal enjoyment.) The guys can then pass them on to whoever they want.

You want your privacy? Then don't be a stupid slut who takes naked selfies to send on to hawt guys!

This is a prime example of the female entitled mindset coupled with the male kiss-ass mindset. So sad that so many men are so pathetic that they have to try and protect sluts from themselves, or excuse sluts for their bad behavior. Especially bad when these dumb sluts are supposed to be our "role models" for youth.

Never mind, I'll just have another sip of Grand Marnier and watch these dumb cunts of both sexes run around in ever-decreasing circles. You gotta laugh.


  1. Why doesn't Apple do something?
    I looked at the scriped that hacked these accounts. It's a brute-force password script, and only works on passwords like "Hottie3" or "Jesus4Me". Apple could put a dead stop to these attempts by enforcing decent passwords and retry limits.
    If they did, there'd be howls of outrage from all the stupid land lazy people who cant memorize of cant be bothered typing in a decent password.

    I use an XKCD password. brute-force script-kiddie attacks are not an issue.

    1. The problem of passwords is a human one: most people are too stupid and lazy to come up with anything more secure than "fred" and "password" and "qwerty". Or the couple that you posted. Which is sad given that the net was originally designed for disseminating information. Sadly porn and feminist drivel and advertising is not the information that the scientists had in mind when they invented the web.

      If a web-service started enforcing harsh passwords like "Di!Tm#Om@T" ("Do it to me one more time" with a few random ascii characters - thank you Britney) or passphrases ("this is not a happening thing") then people would get up in arms because:

      1/ It's only a private email account, nothing vital in there
      2/ It's too haaaaaard (sounds like "why can't I find a maaaaan")

      Where the real issue is: if it's sensitive information (like "OMG nekkid pics of Jennifer Lawrence!!!1!" or the military designs for a fusion bomb) then don't bloody take naked selfies and don't bloody put 'em up in dumbass places on the net, (un)protected with a password of for eg "Jennifer3Lawrence" (or whatever her password was).

      Because once it gets cracked and disseminated, the feminists and their wimp-ass drones will have a huge-ass whinge about it and use that to have a bash on Apple (or whoever). Trying to blame someone (anyone) else instead of looking at the root cause of the problem: their bad behavior.

      'Cause y'know, it wasn't her fault she was a dumb slut who took naked selfies to send to guys who made her horny.

  2. Must be heartbreaking for the femiNazis to know that their much idolized heroin (misspelling intentional) is this stupid?

    1. More likely it went in one ear and out the other. Not many braincells in between, so the torn net only catches stuff randomly and dumps the rest.

  3. The root of the problem is the religion of the golden vag. The notion that every vag is unique and different and that it is almost a religious experience and ultimate privilege if the owner should allow us to have a peek of one. Get over it dudes. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence or any other female, they all look the same upside down. When it becomes a news event because somehow pictures of some girls Hooha got leaked to the interwebz then that is the time for us to reflect on the entire every vag is sacred mentality and yank that shit off the pedestal!

    1. Hahah! That brings some satire immediately to mind.