Sunday 7 September 2014

The Universal Hot Crazy Matrix

From James Yeager of Tactical Response, here is an explanation of the dating market - both men and women.

Got that, guys? Good. Especially avoid the Danger Zone (strippers, redheads, anyone named Tiffany) and Tranny areas.

Especially check out the bit at the end, how women think of men. Most men want to be in the Fun Zone (PUAs train for this). Be careful about getting yourself in the Marriage zone for the wrong kind of women.

By the way, do a youtube search for "universal hot crazy matrix" and you'll see a few parodies by women: the universal hot jerk matrix, the universal money pig matrix, the husband matrix, etc. Amusing that some of them felt the need to stress that they were joking.


  1. Replies
    1. I disagree - fake redheads included, takes some special crazy to be what they ain't ;-)

    2. 'Real' ones receive more intense 'high' from endorphins (it's hinted at at Wikipedia). IMO they are more likely to be into not-entirely-safe, not-entirely-sane, blurred-lines-consensual stuff (as opposed to "safe, sane and consensual" boundaries of BDSM).

      On unrelated note, Bible literalists at Dalrock's dismiss evolution as 'fairy-tales for adults'. If so, then what about the account of Genesis? If you take Genesis 4:17, 4:26 and 5:4 together, then it seems that sons of Adam had no other choice as engaging in incest with their sisters, if you take it logically. A fun question to troll people who don't believe that genetic engineering ALREADY allows for producing new species of plants, if you use colchicine to induce polyploidy in dividing cells and grow them into new plants.

    3. BTW, it extremely handy to have the 'Context Menu Search' browser extension configured to include Wikipedia, among others. Highlighting the word or string of words, right-click to open the submenu, then left click to run the search engine in a new tab - all this takes less than a second.

  2. Wow. I just remembered a Kenny Loggins song.