Thursday 25 September 2014

Friends for Men and Women

Very often you get a dipshit woman who comes out with the old "lets just be friends". If you're the spineless male type you'll also be drafted in to listen to her vent about her latest boyfriend who treated her badly - before she tries to part her legs again with said boyfriend. Leaving you with a huge case of blue-balls.

You'll even get women who will try to pull the pity-party of "I never knew he looked at me that way!" and "he just wanted to be my friend so he could get into my pants!" Which I've seen women pull a lot. So now it's poison-time, for both men and women.

Here's the skinny on men with female friends - we categorize them as follows:
  • am fucking
  • would fuck
  • completely unfuckable
And a woman can go really, really fast from "am fucking" or "would fuck" to "completely unfuckable". Which is what happens when we dump the pieces of shit who try crap with us.

Now here's the skinny on women with male friends - they categorize us as follows:
  • am fucking (can be multiple)
  • would fuck (on hold for a bad day)
  • does shit for me (orbiter type)
I have given women an earful when they've attempted the "I never knew he looked at me that way/he just wanted in my pants!" pity-party sympathy/gathering on me. Stupid you, girl. I am not interested in your bullshit.


  1. "..they categorize us as follows:..."

    Those of 'us' that are registered by them at all. There are also 'invisible' men, who are labeled 'creeps' if they try to draw attention to themselves.

    There are also women I'd call the 'poisoned apple' type. Unfuckable, but regrettably so. For various reasons, but usually not discernible from the get-go.

    1. Most invisible men are in the "does shit for me" bracket. "Creeps" is a nasty sub-category for when an invisible man attempts to get into the "am fucking" category.

      Poisoned apple types go into the "completely unfuckable" category. Those are the types that quantum-tunnel-jump their way out of "am fucking" or "would fuck". Sadly there are a large number of them!