Thursday 11 September 2014

Wednesday Women's Whining

A while back I went to Thailand, a woman I know asked me for some pointers of various things over there. Some highlights:

* never pass up a public toilet in the mall
* get used to the bum gun
* never pass up an ice-block or iced drink
* while there's jalapeno's in the food, don't eat them - they're only there to impart flavor
* don't take much over to Thailand, buy the light clothing that you need in the markets
* buy yourself another bag there and bring it back with your tourist crap in it

And good stuff like that, all very simple and matter-of-fact. Which she basically followed to a T - amazing.

When she got back though, talking with her yesterday: "Bangkok, all those older men with Thai girls on their arms! Disgusting!"

I laughed and told her we all know what that's about. People wanting a rich Westerner to get them out of their hell-hole, older guys wanting their fun.

A little bit more ranting about it on her part, petite girls, so many beautiful girls, more ranting - then I hit her with the show-stopper: "You were checking out your competition!"

Within two minutes she was giggling her head off as I teased her mercilessly about not being able to compete.


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  2. I tell women there are places in the Middle East where they would have to compete against goats and little boys.

    1. That is for certain. Which tells you a lot about the women in those places, if the locals prefer goats and little boys.