Wednesday 17 September 2014

Vicious Cycle

Step 1: Tell two generations of men they are sexist, brutish, scum of the earth who will forever be inferior to women.

Step 2: Give women massive privilege in obtaining scholarships and jobs.

Step 3: Indoctrinate generations of women into perceiving every man as a vile monster, and that being "strong and independent" requires being hateful to men.

Step 4: Rig divorce and child custody laws to make marriage a hideous trap for men.

Step 5: Dehumanize men to the point that we believe their only role is to be a servant to women.

Step 6: Act surprised when men give women the middle finger.

Step 7: Go back to step 1


  1. Re: Step 2 - what might be noticed, when you analyse the layout of this website? Even such small details send a certain message...

    1. A shopping cart, hmmmmm.

      Women, women, women, minorities, "equal opportunity employer" (aka white males need not apply), benefits, women, women, women, "non-profit charity" (aka gravy train), ethical (when that's overtly stated and not implied...), "himself or herself" and "he or she" (aka political correctness gone mad), whistleblowing in "good faith" and "bad faith" (aka they are at least making the appearance of trying to be squeaky-clean).


      I will presume that it all goes downhill from there.

    2. Images of women are featured everywhere indeed. Meanwhile, in reality, the majority of collaborators of note are men, as evidenced here for example.

      Unsurprisingly, if you have it written promoting 'high risk/reward research' in your mission statement, then you might have a problem attracting enough women (usually higher in risk aversion than men) to achieve gender parity. Lest some feminists begin harping about 'patriarchy' and 'structural discrimination'. Accusations of being 'raciss' are more probable anyway, as at the first glance the usual token African American seems to be missing.

      Nevermind that. At least this nonprofit has helped in producing some interesting online lectures about the origin of life. Great if one wants to embarrass some 'young Eearth creationists' trying to treat Genesis as anything more substantial than a myth.

    3. Or was it 'systemic discrimination'? I'm not very proficient in the cant of political correctness.

    4. "Can't" is correct bwahahahahhhh!