Monday 22 September 2014

Triage the Self-Helpless

When you give someone something, they become self-helpless.

Western culture has already given to the point that the recipients have achieved perfect self-helplessness. Western culture has given to every other culture on the planet, to the point where it is destroying itself - and has achieved nothing of worth. All it has created is a lot of self-helpless leeches that feed upon itself.

You see it. Build a massive system for desalinating water for the masses in parts of Africa (massive bribes required plus loss of equipment during construction). Turn it over to the locals. Six months later: there is no water. All the copper and anything of worth has been stripped and sold for cash. All that's left is a waste of broken equipment and empty concrete buildings, with maybe a few squatters having a shit in the corner of a room and living in the next room.

Yet the West still attempts to give, to the point of sickening our own culture, despite these worthless excuses for human beings having proven that they are of no worth. That they will never be of worth. That they are nothing more and will never be anything more than an endless sucking vortex of "me, me, me" (sounds familiar).

Triage. It is time to let the incurable patient die. It is time to try and heal the curable patient - assuming that we are still curable.

Excuse me. The schadenfreude tastes rather bitter today. More Grand Marnier required - or perhaps a shot of triple-penicillin.

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