Monday 22 September 2014

Reaping Feminism

As ye sow, so shall it grow, and thus shall ye reap.

When you sow hatred, you grow hatred.

When you sow disgust, you grow disgust.

I look at every single woman around me. They absolutely stink of feminism.

An older woman (55) says she loves me and wants to be with me. She's looking for an equal partner. (No.)

A middle-aged woman (37) says that I make her wet and that she wants me to fuck her. She's still living with her "separated" husband. (Hell no.)

A younger woman (21) says that I turn her on and she wants to be fucked by me. She's looking to do her own career-thing in the near future and wants my help. (Fuggeddit.)

A teenager (17 - it's legal in New Zealand) runs her fingers through my hair. Ironically, she has no overt agenda or stench of feminist bullshit, she just wants my cock. (Too young for me to feel any kind of good about actually fucking her though. Yeah I have a smidgen of conscience.)

Do I sound just a tad tired and jaded?

I look at this crap. I listen to this garbage. I think and judge this bullshit. I find myself yawning uncontrollably.

It's all the same. I can't be bothered.

I look around wondering whether there is anything truly unique about any of these women. I'm not seeing it. What I'm seeing is nothing beyond herd...herd...herd ad-nauseum.

If it's not me they're doing, it's someone else.

When I refuse them, they're suddenly hanging around someone else.

They are a: Boring. Empty. Pointless. Sucking. Nothingness.

Occasionally, one seems to have a little more going for her than the general herd. I fuck it. It usually turns out to have been an illusion.

Sheeit. Tap it and gap it. It's involuntary - I never went in intending to do that. Yet I'm forced to. They make me pump-and-dump them.

A prostitute would serve the same function, with a lot less cost and a lot less hassle and heartache.

It's not that I want to. It's that I'm not interested in the feminist bullshit that they've been infected with. The mold-infested feminist seed has made the grain of life a rancid crop of stinking fungus. Rye infested with ergot.

A variation of ergot that gifts the takers with delusions of self-worth, which infects the others who get involved with them. A variation of ergot that causes permanent brain-damage in both sexes.

Where am I going here? Nowhere that I can articulate. Just like civilization is going nowhere worthwhile. A fungus has infested us, feeding off us, draining us, leaving only a husk.

For the moment, our civilization is feeling the pangs of St Anthony's Fire.


  1. I am creeped out by women young enough to be my daughters looking at me in "that" way.

    1. Ditto, and this one's young enough to almost be a bloody granddaughter.

      I suppose that she might have had a possibly-unconscious motivation for it. I make good money. Sugar-daddy!