Friday 12 September 2014

Voting and New Zealand

Voting, voting, voting, voting, voting.

Yes it's that time in New Zealand again. We get to see the big hoo-rah, the talking heads come out of their little boxes and adjust their ties and spread their cheeks in a rictus death smile and mouth the latest crop of meaningless platitudes so that they can be voted into the pig-trough once more for another three years.

So here's one of the more annoying messages out there, very appropriately with the voice fucked-up by the person who posted it (thanks, that actually makes it more bearable in my opinion):
It finishes with: "Do you care about this country? Then you should vote." I like the way that the final person speaking is a woman. It brings the shaming power of women into play, trying to shame everyone into voting "for New Zealand". Men are shamed, women are coaxed via the herd, blah blah blah fucking ad fucking nauseum.


My position on voting: we don't get to vote on the individual issues. We're just voting for which smooth-talking face goes back into the pig-trough for the next three years and gets us into a worse mess than we already are. Therefore as regards voting: I can't be arsed with you motherfuckers - you can get lost. I do not care about your opinions.

Our social security was gutted decades ago. The more "modern" face of social security has forced every person in NZ into the anemic local stock-market. Like in the USA, the only thing holding up the stock values is an involuntary and forced cash-injection of $10-20 million every week. When everyone starts withdrawing their contributions to fund their retirement: splat goes the values.

Everything of real value in New Zealand has been sold off to overseas interests. Our banks have been sold off to Australia, who use us as a cash rort (they only put up the local mortgage rates because the dipshit government upped the OCR and they had to match). A good chunk of our stock market - and therefore big local business - is owned by overseas investors, making a chunk of yearly dividends head offshore.

They've even been selling buildings and land to China, now that we've had a while for us to get used to the "free trade deal". Our local manufacturing has gone overseas. All we produce in bulk these days are raw products: wood, fruit, meat, fish, dairy (Fonterra caught a few in the face - some greedy Chinese fuckers playing with the formula for baby-milk and we - the image of New Zealand - got the bad name).

This sort of free-trade shit is touted by politicians though. "It'll be great for the New Zealand economy!" Yes, sending our manufacturing over there and leaving us to produce raw materials. Thank you Mz Helen Clark, ex-Prime Lesbian, now with her nose in the pig-trough at the United Nations. Thank you for your famous fronting of the Communist Labour Party.

Labour. "We must punish big business!" Which is why you pushed all manufacturing overseas, then wonder why the fucking tax-income from your locals dries up. No business = no jobs = no income = no taxes paid and lots of dole paid out - which dole comes from the government as a free handout. Aka someone picking my pocket so they can pay off people who can't find work because you fuckers sent it overseas.

National. "We are pure as driven snow!" By the looks of it there won't be one National person by the time of the election who isn't exposed as a thief, sex maniac, pervert, moron, or something else. Ah, wonderful the schadenfreude that life brings you to laugh at.

Voting? No thank you, you greedy pieces of shit. You rich wankers who use your millions to buy your three-year allotment at the public feed-trough. Instead I will sip some Grand Marnier and have a little chuckle while things go farther down the rabbit-hole.

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  1. Voting: choose which group of thieves you would like to kibitz. Bureaucracy rolls on as usual, regardless who wins.