Thursday 18 September 2014

Feminism is Disrespect and Immaturity

And we men are too stupid to realize it and too weak to slap the stupid out of them when they start screaming at us and pulling this garbage.

Trigger warning:
And I'll admit, I couldn't manage to watch all of that. I've never been able to.

The amount of immaturity and disrespect for others displayed is astounding. "If you would just shut the fuck up and..." and my brain switches off. That's right at the beginning of the clip too, in less than 20 seconds.

Yes, shout down the ones disagree with you or who you want to silence. Vigorous verbal abuse (hey whaddaya think the words "shut the fuck up" actually are? hint: it isn't an invitation to a pleasant chat over lunch) coupled with screaming shit-fits. It's a sick world (and a sick media) when the relaxed and measured (and correct) people get jumped all over by frothing crazies (who are wrong).

These people are sick in the head. I have been exposed to them to the point where I have become hypersensitive to it. To the point where I no longer want to be around anyone who exhibits even the slightest whiff of feminism and feminist thought. Too bad if there are "normal" and women out there. I do not believe. Many, many men do not believe.

So because of your radical nutjobs screaming about infantile things, all you women - across the board - are out in the cold.

As an interesting side-note, there was a story up on CNN about ISIS banning the teaching of mathematics and Social Studies in the parts of Syria that they control. They were also supposedly educating children (because "indoctrinating" and "brainwashing" are too un-PC) about radical Islam (there is no radical Islam, there is just Islam, period). CNN has now censored this story:
Editor's note: An earlier version of this story contained reporting about ISIS and education. CNN has concerns about the interpretation of the information provided and we will update the story when we can verify what is happening.
When you crazies stop being disrespectful and infantile towards your Men and instead look at something more pressing - for example: children as sex slaves (Rotherham, England, by immigrants for 20 years) - then we might be able to open an interesting dialog. Hey, I might actually start to treat you as an equal and a person whose thoughts have a slight veneer of worth.

Until then: fuck off you crazy and worthless cunts.

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