Thursday 4 September 2014

Inconsiderate and Selfish

Some background for this post:

Even though I've not been actively searching for women the last couple months, some will still pop up and make it known that they want you. In my opinion this is a good thing in that you know they are *very* interested in you - enough so to step out of the woman's meek little comfort zone and seek you out.

Well, over the last couple weeks I've had a woman doing this with me. (My apologies, I mean female child. A woman is mature and considerate, this piece of worthless just proved to me that she was immature and selfish and inconsiderate.)

So, beginning of this week she was feeling feverish and a little sick (she mentioned it in passing). I told her to go to the doctor and get it sorted out. Which I shouldn't have bloody had to.

The plan for this weekend was a Friday PM to Monday AM fun-fest: locked away together for the whole weekend, enjoying each other in every possible way. You get the general drift.

Today she starts pulling the passive on me: "poor little me, I'm feeling feverish and sick, it will be good to come over and be taken care of this weekend". I ordered her to get her fucking ass to the doctor and get it sorted out - today! - so that the medicine would have a chance to work.

Then while I was doing stuff, it dawned on me. You know exactly what this means. Instead of mutual fun, I was gonna end up babysitting a sick child - and she fully expected me to do it.

Fuck that noise.

In fact, fuck any piece of shit female child who thinks that she is gonna impose on anyone in that way in a new-ish relationship. A long-term relationship, when there has been time for things to develop, etc - sure. Right now, no fucking way, the bonds are most definitely not there.

That's just immature, inconsiderate, and goddamned fucking selfish.

Plus, after ordering her to go to the doctor, while I'm busy with work - she sends texts: "Are you okay?" She knew she'd made a balls-up.

So I sent her a message: "I'm pissed off that you didn't sort this out earlier, I'm pissed off that I had to tell you to sort it out, and I'm not gonna babysit someone as inconsiderate and selfish as you. Don't come over and don't ever contact me again."

Enough. Of. This. Shit.

Her "statistics" for the cheap seats. She's Asian (from Singapore), I have some tit-pics (quite nipply), I have some full-length nudes (quite pleasant), she stands 4'8". She's slightly butterface (probably a 6.5, maybe a 7 at best - pretty good for a 49yo though). She's orally obsessed with sucking cock and swallowing cum, loves getting scratched and bitten, and very much enjoys "love you long time" and is multi-orgasmic.

Tough, I'll find another who is more considerate as a person. Never mind that she's been sending me text messages for the past hour: I can't be bothered reading them.

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