Monday 27 January 2014

PostSecret Secret Poison

Time for the weekly unveiling of society's inner poison.

Her hamster speaks to her via the children's toys. Creepy.

Tight, smiling, long hair. Probably has a Cranston. You wish your wife looked like this.

Oh, the inner conflict!

What do you mean WAS?

You go girl.

Hypergamy doesn't care.

Watch cartoons? Make a sandwich?

The old fixer-upper? Hard to tell if this is a lesser manifestation of the Sockholm Syndrome aka women going for bad men (like jail thugs).


Words fail at the level of this betrayal.

Gay Marriage Promotes Child Abuse

I have run across a few anecdotal rumblings about child abuse/pedophilia being "rampant" amongst gays. I decided to see what I could find with regard to actual statistics: I wasn't very confident, given that the rumblings suggested that it was very much played down amongst the LGBT community. Still, given that a lot of the so-called fashion scene is dominated by gay types, it is worth looking into. After all, fashion shapes our sexual mores - whether we like it or not.

I didn't find anything beyond vague burblings. Some said that it was rife. Others said that it was bullshit. Still more said that it was not uncommon - and that the incidence was probably much higher than was reported, since the ones doing the reporting were actually disturbed by this tendency in themselves and turning themselves over to psychiatrists for help.

Then I ran across this:

• Heterosexual marriages - incidence of own-children sexual abuse - 0.6%

• Homosexual marriages - incidence of own-children sexual abuse - 18%

Funny how that little statistic has been not-reported widely in the media.

Of course it may not be true, you cannot trust everything that you find on the internet. However it should be looked closely into. Even the slightest hint of sexually assaulting children is big-time investigation material - except in this case when it seems to be conveniently ignored.

Perhaps it's because of tolerance. It is politically-incorrect to stigmatise the LGBT community in any way - you are a terrible person for doing so and they will shriek to heaven and attempt to nail you to the wall, hang you. So the leftists don't make a peep about anything with the remotest hint of a smell of nastiness. Especially if it casts a bad light on their narrative of sweetness, light, and super-saccharine tolerance.

So by letting this slide unchecked and unanswered, they might be condoning child abuse.

Let us assume something like 10% of people are effectively LGBT in some manner. Crunching the numbers for 1000 heterosexual vs 100 homosexual/LGBT families we get:

Heterosexual = 6 children sexually-abused by their parents

Homosexual = 18 children sexually-abused by their parents

If 50% of families were homosexual/LGBT types, then for every 2000 families that becomes 6 children (heterosexual families) vs 180 children (homosexual/LGBT families). Not much of a stretch, considering how fashion is androgenising and pedophiling and shaping the sexual mores of our society. Oh yes, quite a few teenagers - even some early-teens - are fashion models. Pre-sexual-legal-age up as examples of the sexually-desirable.

"But wait!" I can hear you lefties cry. "You can't automatically assume that the LGBT community has the same incidence of own-child sexual abuse! It could be less!" You are quite correct - it could be less. If it were half the above then there would "only" be 90 hypothetical children being sexually-abused by their parents. Or it might be doubled to 360, or perhaps even higher.

We don't know either way because you have conveniently swept this uncomfortable truth under the carpet. You don't want to know, one way or the other, because in any case even more than 6 would make you squirm inside.

Lefties, it's all about the children. Your blinkered and precious ideology is more poisonous than can be believed.

Sunday 26 January 2014

Shaming is Compassion

People think that we in the Manosphere have no compassion. They are both totally fucking right - and completely fucking wrong.

Do we have compassion for the screwball cunts who get fat or cut their hair? Not particularly. Which is why we shame these fat cunts at every opportunity. The fat shaming week was brilliant, exposing corpulent disgust with enthusiasm. I'm looking forward to hair shaming month, it's already starting well.

There are three roots for this shaming:

1/ disgust

2/ selfishness

3/ compassion - WHAT?!

Okay, to explain this shit.

Disgust: these fatties are literally revolting to look at.

Selfishness: if we shame them these fatties might actually get their shit together and lose weight, becoming easier on the eye. That or they'll stay at fucking home out of shame. Either is a selfish win for us, especially if they're more fuckable. Even if we won't fuck them some other guy will, taking the heat off the types of women that we find desirable. That'll also make them less narcissistic, a selfish double-win for both us and them.

Compassion: what the fuck? We men in the Manosphere don't have any compassion!

Hush, grasshopper. Listen and learn.

We are the most compassionate pack of fucking bastards towards fatties that you will ever run across on this planet. If we can shame one fattie into thinness, then we have immeasurably improved her life in the following ways:

• quality of life - feeling awesome and glorying in her physical body

• vibrant health - much reduced risks of early death, heart disease, type II diabetes, etc

• reduced public costs - people in vibrant health are not a drain upon our health systems

• better sexuality - a former fattie with 4"+ of padding can suddenly get a decent deep fucking with the average 5.5" male cock - probably the best fucking she's had in a long time - happiness for all!

• better fertility - fatness often leads to fertility problems (like polycystic ovarian syndrome) - add that to age problems (another subject) and you need all the help you can get girl

So, who has the most compassion:

— me telling her to drop twenty kilos in the gym and to grow her hair down to her butt

— her female frenemies and wanky males saying "it's not the outside it's what's on the inside that counts", encouraging her to mutilate her sexual attractiveness by cutting her hair and screwing up her life by dis-incentivising her to lose weight

Any woman with true sense will take my bastard behaviour as the deepest act of compassion that anyone in the world can and will ever do for her.

Short Hair Nutjobs

Alright, everyone's getting onto the hair thing. I would normally not bother jumping on the bandwagon of short-haired-girl-bashing, however:

3/ I've experienced it myself

2/ it's true

1/ over the last couple weeks I've said to several girls that they need to grow their hair

In one case, I told a girl that she needs to grow it down to her butt. "But I like my hair short!" I don't care, grow your fucking hair. I should have told her to stop being a lazy cunt.

For the simple-minded, I shall put up a simple series of graphics to illustrate the concept:

Beyoncé - how could you!

Ginnifer Goodwin - tch tch.

Keiren Knightley - from bombshell to wha?!

You will note in all cases that "after" looks like a boy. No fucking way.

In fact I know a chick who looks exactly like the blah version of Keiren Knightley. I did not and will not fuck her, despite her hints. Besides looking androgynous, she was unbelievably fucked in the head.

I knew another chick who messed with her hair so bad that she supposedly killed it. As in, it no longer grows at all. While I am not sure if that's true - she's such a liar and attention-seeker that it could be complete bullshit - she is certainly as batshit crazy as they come. In addition to looking like a weird mix of sexy androgynous bull-dyke, she is pure evil and is the inspiration of an earlier post.

Natalie Dormer - looks like a deranged mix of boy and girl. Or a moulting fucking feral cat.

Nooooo fucking way!

However, here we have the coup de grace:

Cyrus and Beiber - to put it in girl-speak: "Eeeeeeewww!" There ain't much difference there. You could take horizontal stripes of both pictures and do a mashup, would be practically the same.

No. Just fucking no.

Now the interesting part is when you ask yourself what drives this bullshit craze for short hair amongst celebrities. The simple answer: fashion.

See, many of the "it" guys in fashion are gay/pedophile types. These are the ones who drive female fashion - who drive the look that is "in" - who attempt (possibly unconsciously) to shape what is sexy and sexually acceptable. (Nah fuck it, it's a conscious twisting of sexual mores.)

So if the "in" look is androgynous, then hey, you have a plausibly-deniable out for your pedophilic tendencies, dontcha. You're able to pass your boys off as ambiguous girl-type-things. Everybody else can go fuck themselves 'cause we don't care (narcissism, undeniably rife in the fashion industry - and anyway these motherfuckers ain't breeding so why should you).

So, you might wonder why I'm advising some girls to grow their hair. Like, I shouldn't give a shit, right? Wrong.

I'm hoping that by growing her hair, a woman will regain touch with her sexuality - her feminine side. At least for the slightly-less-than-crazy types. Chances of success are small - any girl who cuts her hair short is nuts on a deep level - yet it's worth making the attempt. What the fuck, not like there's any skin off my nose for fucking trying it.

Leave 'em better, if you can.

Thursday 23 January 2014

Dress to Impress

The old saw, dress to impress. Dress to impress your employer/partners, your clients, your workmates, and your woman (or women, if you're single).

But wait. Most women are not worth impressing. (Whether you're single or not.)

As per PUA is Broken, most women are garbage. Damaged goods, mentally defective, insane. When you're at war with your own instincts, your mental processes go off the rails and hairing into nowhere at a great rate of knots.

For a prime example of insanity, look at feminism. These women are so at war with their own natural instincts that it leads them to some incredibly insane statements. Women really don't need men? I hope that you enjoy drilling for oil, transporting, refining, transporting gasoline, distributing, etc - else you won't be driving down to the mall for a triple-soy-latte-with-a-shot-of-cream with your girlfriends, will you. That's one tiny example of the luxury we are all swaddled in and take for granted.

Fuck off you insane cunts. End of message for feminism and anyone who follows that mindset, in even the smallest degree.

So, we have only a real need to dress for your employer/partners, clients, workmates, and wife (if any). Is there an excuse not to dress up if your work effectively requires it?


So, do it. Do a Formal Friday. (A great excuse to really piss off the slovenly women in your workplace.) Turn up at the bar in a suit occasionally. Unless you're working in heavy industry or greasy labor there is no excuse to turn up to places looking like something the cat brought in, then brought up.

That's for the men, now for the girls.

Us men are visual creatures. You know this, you (say) that it pisses you off to have to look good all the time. (Stop being lazy and slovenly. Anyway, we know that you dress well as a part of your cold-war against other women.)

Just remember: how you dress and act is how we'll react to you. Dress and act like a quality girl, we'll treat you like a quality girl (in private you can be my filthy little whore, with great pleasure). Dress and act like a slut, we'll treat you like a slut (with all that implies). Dress like quality and act like a slut - we might thrash around confused for a bit, yet we'll eventually work it out and treat you like the slut you are.

However you dress and act though, remember that we have memories. Once you go the slut route you are marked for life.

Choices and Consequences

"When some see 'coincidence', I see 'consequence'. When others see 'chance', I see 'cost'."
- The Merovingian

Yeah yeah, it's an old saw - the world is The Feminine Matrix, we men in the Manosphere take the Red Pill, yadda yadda. Boring and dumb in most people's eyes. "The world isn't The Matrix!" Like we're too stupid to realise that. Shaddup and use it as a simplified working model - what us half-assed semi-educated fucks call an "analogy".

The reason we use this and similar is because it's a reference for modern people. Start using references like Revealing and people think you're going all oogie-boogie New Age and their brain shuts down. Go on about Enlightenment and people think you're going fruitcake religious and their brain shuts down. Bring up The Matrix and most people in the a Western world have seen it and have a clue - a framework - within which to get a grip on things.

Nutshell version: it's the most effective cultural reference we have for our modern times. Deal with it.

So here we are, like The Merovingian, talking about Choice and Consequences.

Where are you now? What was the process of you getting here? Do you like where you are?

How you got here was a result - a Consequence - of what you did - your Choices - over time.

"You're wrong! I didn't choose to end up fat!" Hahah yes you fucking did. Every time you opened your mouth and gobbled down that chunk of food, you were making a choice - one that led you to the consequence of being fat.

"I didn't choose to end up an unmarried mother!" Hahah yes you fucking did. Every time you chose to open your legs to some bad boy you were making a choice - one that eventually had a consequence of pregnancy, it was simply a matter of time.

"I didn't choose to get my girlfriend preggers!" Hahah yes you fucking did. Every time you chose to part her legs and fuck her without protection you were making a choice - one that eventually had a consequence of pregnancy, it was simply a matter of time (or entrapment).

"I didn't choose to end up poor! It just happened!" Hahah yes you fucking did. Every time you chose to watch a dancing monkey on television who was giving you financial advice, every time you chose to trust your money to your stockbroker or real-estate agent - one that eventually had a consequence of an overhyped market bubble bursting.

I didn't intend to end up where I am. It was a consequence of a bad choice of woman to invite into my life, and worse: because I was emotionally invested in that bad choice woman, to make further bad choices. For a total of 9 years, during which I let her bleed me dry financially and emotionally. That is the part where I look at myself and facepalm: you fool.

Eventually I chose to make a good choice: to rein in her spending habits. It had a painful consequence: divorce and loss of most of my assets. Yet now, because of that good choice, I have minimal problems with money - can travel as I choose - and am once more growing assets and looking ahead to making myself another business. One that should be more worthwhile than my current part-owned business.

One good choice started the process towards freedom. Several more good choices achieved that freedom, leaving me free and capable of making many more good choices which will enhance that freedom.

Fuck some slutty drunk chick? Potential consequences: catch an STD (high), get done for rape, etc. Potential rewards: none bar busting your nut in her garbage pussy. Bad choice.

Go to gym? Potential consequences: basically none. Potential rewards: feeling and looking great. Good choice.

Throw your money into a ARM mortgage on a mansion? Potential consequences: losing all your money once it adjusts and you have to be foreclosed on, plus marriage breakup. Potential rewards: basically none beyond some ephemeral feel-good. Bad choice.

Research and decide to open a business doing X? Potential consequences: losing money and time or basically going nowhere (minimised by the research). Potential rewards: making a shitload of money. Good choice.

The interesting thing is that the world bombards you with messages to encourage impulse buying and consumerism (bad choices). Have a happy meal. Buy her flowers. Splash out on a high-end car. Go overseas on a huge honeymoon/holiday. Get a university education in something useless. Own a mansion. You deserve it. Live the life!

There are very few messages to encourage good choices though. Most people are weak-willed and only make the bad choices - and wonder at the end of their lives what actually happened.

Bad choices have consequences. Good choices have rewards. Whichever you have though: own your choices.

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Respect Your Sexuality

In conjunction with my post about PUA being inherently broken, a lot of women have exceptionally low standards for their sexual partners. Further, these standards change with time and stages in life.

When she's young and carefree, many women will give it up to just about anyone. At the beginning of her sexual life this is quite understandable: she's inexperienced, her hormones are running riot, she doesn't know that much about men, that sort of thing. She gets hurt and that's how she learns. Sadly learning by experience is all that's available to her, with the destruction of the family and the anonymity of modern city life.

By the time she's 20 though, she should know enough to keep shitty guys out of her pants. It's not that she's never had any experience with shitty guys - hell, many girls start around age 12 with sexual experimentation. Yet she still ignores the quieter, more relaxed and stable guys in favor of the shitty and edgy guys who've had umpteen other girls before her and will have umpteen more after her.

Yes, I know Hypergamy is a bitch and doesn't care. Yet these girls are capable of: holding down a job, not getting pregnant (at least some of them), and doing things like starting a business or career and buying a home off their own bat.

If they're capable of that then they're capable of stepping back from their impulses and not getting fucked by every bad-boy that they run across. They're not helpless, they are quite capable of delayed gratification and planning, they are often very intelligent (especially nurses) - and they definitely are capable of that impulse-control.

So this means that they coldly and deliberately choose to give up their sexuality to the most deviated men around: the criminal/scum class, the Omegas (and PUAs). Especially when they deliberately go back, repeatedly.

Until their late-twenties and early thirties, when they decide that it's time to settle down. Then they start looking for a more stable type of man, often with some earlier criminal man's bastard child in tow - with the full entitled expectation that the men they're dating are totally ofay with bringing up said bastard. Their standards are higher now too, which is completely stupid. The typical insane and warped disconnect in the spoiled/conditioned woman's mind becomes evident.

This disconnect says: "My sexuality is only available to the very best. Prove to me that you are the very best. I know that I fucked criminals and deviants, that is not relevant and in fact it did not happen. Plus this bastard child of a deviant means more to me than you ever will, deal with it." We men actually know that she values her sexuality so little that she was willingly fucked by the dregs of society, yet we are supposed to take this person who shit all over her own sexuality as being the best in the world.

Unfortunately there are enough weak-willed maggots of men - the Zeta males - who will actually do this, so that she has a fair chance of succeeding. Since he's weak-willed she will grow tired of him, divorce him, steal as much as she can from him, and search for another. Usually this happens because he's easily led and therefore boring as fuck.

(Though when you look at it honesty, most women are easily bored - their growing-up has not emphasised self-reliance so they expect others to entertain them. This is why feminism came from middle-class women, they were the first ones who had the time to get bored and start getting pissy about molehills in their selfishness. This is what usually causes frivorce.)

This might happen a couple of times. Every time that she does this as she gets older the less chance she has of succeeding - until suddenly she's locked down in a relationship with her cats and watching reruns of Eat-Pray-Love.

This is another reason why I cheer on my sack-of-shit PUA acquaintance. Every single woman that he fucks is shown to be unworthy of a decent man. Unworthy of a decent life. Unworthy of a decent family. Unworthy of being around. In a way she's also more and more damaged with every time that she has sex with him - I very much enjoy the schadenfreude and karma that she's brought upon herself.

Just the same for women who frivorce - these types are also unworthy garbage.

Where are all the men? Where are all the *good* men?

They wised up to your behaviour, insanity, and lack of standards.

Male Hypergamy doesn't care.

Civilized Behaviour

A lot of people (especially PUAs and so-called Alphas) give women a free pass for shit-awful behaviour. When these childish twits throw a mouthful of filth your way, you're just expected to shrug it off as "that's just the way they are". It's a part of the feminine mindset that this be granted to all women.

No. This is piss-poor behaviour from anyone.

It's one thing for a group of men to be foul-mouthed. Generally they tone it down around women, though these days there's no real need. They're not fragile and tend to have even filthier mouths than most men do.

Of course, most men don't tend to say stuff in casual conversation that causes fights. Women will say anything. If it would cause a fight between men, the chances are higher that she'll spew it out of her delicate, painted cupid's-bow lips. Because men will (unfortunately) give her the Pussy Pass.

These days, most women lack dignity and grace. Some still have a modicum of grace, dignity, and style - generally deliberately learned. They keep their trash side well-hidden, and tend to get married more easily than the less-covert or overt trash.

Then the trash wonders why they're left alone at the end of their lives with cats.

Monday 20 January 2014

PostSecret View

Today's view of society's poison, courtesy of PostSecret.

Picking that this is a guy and he spanks off to those pictures. Pussy.

Words of wisdom from someone who's seen under the covers. I hope that your clarity survives the eruption of hatred.

Pathetic mangina. All women are replaceable.

I like big butts...start doing those kettle bell exercises girl.

Except that feminism has already conditioned you. Too late girl.

Sex sells, what more can you say.

Maggot sitting around masturbating and crying "why meeeeeeee" instead of confronting the cheating bitch and kicking her shitty ass out the door. Try doing this:

• hire a smoking-hot prostitute
• let her know that you're going to arrange for the two of them to be "caught" by your wife
• fuck the prostitute every way from Sunday in your marital bed until the wife walks in
• when your wife does her nut, calmly tell the prostitute to leave
• ignore your wife

If it's truly gone too far then you at least brought it to a head. Otherwise, you've just instilled existential dread and jealousy in her. Never let her know that it was a prostitute.

Sluttiness at its finest, she got major wet. I wonder how many other girls reading about that will get wet at the idea.

Sunday 19 January 2014

PUA Is Broken

Why PUA and Game is fundamentally broken.

Alright, I've had this post sorta in the works mentally for a while. It's not quite gelled, and now I've run across something vastly better anyway. So here's the link to TheRawness, where he takes apart the mentality of The Game and Style and Mystery, etc. It's a lot to take in, very much worth the read:

And here's my original post/concept that I've been working on - raw and waaaay unfinished, what the hell:

It's amusing. I've often had the feeling while reading about pickup and Game that there was something wrong with the mindset behind it, or the way that it was actioned, etc. Yet I've not had the time and ability to put it into words. What's more amusing is that I've had a certain amount of success when applying PUA principles.

Well, over Christmas I had some time to think and came to these realisations:

• PUA still has vagina, pussy, as the prize to be sought

• MGTOW focuses on the behaviour of women and doing what you want

Now when you still have pussy as the prize, you are focusing on the woman still. You are putting her up on a pedestal still. Sure you might "cut her down" (more accurately, jump through hoops of her devising to get her attention) - yet in the end you are still entertaining her. If you are entertaining enough you might get your prize (you get to fuck her you dancing monkey you).

This does not address the root problem of spoiled and entitled women. It simply makes them more entitled and spoiled in the interim - at least until they hit The Wall. In addition you've dumped a big shit on your personal dignity and inner self-worth by effectively begging someone who is useless crap for the opportunity to have sex with them.

In addition the PUA are kidding themselves with the thought that they are "outcome-independent" - they sure as shit are not outcome-independent! Their entire mindset has one overarching goal: to fuck, means and ways be damned and never mind the duration of said sexual relationship. Anything and everything, even if married. The better-looking, the greater bragging-rights. Their whole existence is an ego-driven eternal validation of dick in pussy.

In the terminology of BoneCrkr this is the mindset of the Omega male: the criminal class who cannot hang on to a woman. Sure it's better than being a Zeta male - a weak-willed man - yet it would be better to become a strong-willed man than becoming criminal scum just for pussy. Shit, becoming strong-willed affects your whole life in good ways.

So if you need pussy that bad, take that $1,500+ you spent on learning to pick up women and the money you spend chasing women in bars. Simply buy a good-looking prostitute occasionally. Apply the old Banker's maxim: if it flies, floats, or fucks - rent it.

(Now that I've dropped a great steaming dump on the PUA mindset: fucking deal with it. Part of this post was inspired by reading about a couple guys who flew overseas for some sex-tourism - practicing Game on the locals and whinging about being expected to pay. Fucks sake, save your money and pay for a prostitute closer to home. It's not so fucking random. Or learn how to give a girl multiple orgasms and let the knowledge of that get around your social circle.)

Now when you focus on the behaviour of women you are putting up a filtering barrier that only lets women who match certain standards through. Sure you might have to adjust the filters occasionally, make them even more selective. It hurts when a narcissist manages to fool you and gets through to sink her claws into your heart. All part of the process though if you want to find the right kind of woman.

The barriers can be harder and higher if you can't be bothered with women at all. Cut them completely out of your life, speak minimally and professionally to them, etc. It's your life to do with as you wish: if in your mind it is better to make money, enjoy your life, and just fuck a call-girl occasionally - then more power to you. Good on you for deciding 

This also doesn't address the larger root problem of spoiled and entitled women, it simply keeps that type out of your life. On the other hand it doesn't make the problem worse - which realistically is about the best that you can manage as an individual.

In aggregate is a different matter. Given several million men who aggressively filter out crappy women, eventually the useless crap turns to garbage that gets left to rot out in the cold. Sadly the rotting garbage has a distinctive smell (and sound) comprised of a lifetime of entitlement combined with the weak mentality of a victim:

"Where are all the men?"

"Where have all the good guys gone?"

"Man up!"

"You can't handle a strong, empowered woman!"

Ironically, the last accusation is almost correct: it fails when you realise that useless crap which has rotted down to garbage is trying to pass itself off as the absolute finest haute cuisine and liqueur. Nobody wants to put their bare hands into rotting, moldy, festering garbage which has a good sprinkling of rusty and broken razor blades mixed in with it.

It's not that we "can't handle strong, empowered women" - it's that we "refuse to bother with rotting garbage".

Literally, we refuse to tolerate your toxic waste mindset - which shows itself to all and sundry in your nasty and shitty behaviour. Which is why you put up barriers, hoops, fling out shit-tests, etc etc - your inherently broken entitled mindset puts these up so that you can have some shits and giggles from putting men through a dance. It's a sick form of control.

We refuse to jump through the hoops created by the mentally-defective woman in the slight hope that we maybe, possibly, kinda, sorta, might, eventually, one day have a shot at sticking our dicks in your pussy.

Doing that lacks dignity.

So the above means that PUAs serve as an excellent pre-filter for MGTOW: every woman who fucks a PUA is automatically going to be caught in the filters as someone to not bother with. Probably only worth fucking, assuming that you decide she isn't too high a risk for STDs - and will tolerate sloppy seconds.

This why I personally cheer on my PUA acquaintance, even though he's a maggot to all his male "friends" and would happily throw us under a bus for a shot at pussy. He does it quite regularly, a typical narcissistic sponge. Bros before hoes is pretty-much honored only in the breach, the only reason I tolerate him is to keep tabs on the shitty women out there.

It's also highly worth knowing many of the PUA tips, tricks, and tactics. Being able to understand parts of womanese is useful for your filters. Simple, classic things like:

"Hey, you" really means "Hey (I want to fuck) you" - and you can choose to take advantage of it

"Buy me a drink" - "No, but you can buy me one" - and save money by never buying women drinks again

"If you were XXXX you would YYYY!" - mentally change that to: "If you were XXXX you would eat dog shit!" - and remain unaffected by this shaming tactic

So, this leaves me with the realisation that PUA is merely another stage of coping. A lot of people will be quite happy with it as-is, yet it's not the end-all of life. Eventually, at some time, further growth involves the realisation that women really aren't all that and getting your dick wet isn't the end-all be-all of having a good life. That it actually is bros before hoes.

At that point the PUA might become an MGTOW and go to do what he wants. Women become largely irrelevant, an occasional pleasure while you do far more important things.

Which ignoring they as a group hate hate hate with a passion.

Friday 17 January 2014

Rules for Single Women

If you think all men are pigs, expect to live alone when you get older.

If you have 100 reasons to reject a man, expect to live alone when you get older.

Prince Charming is gay.

Rich, attractive, nice - you can only have two in a man.

If you ask a man on a first date how much he earns or what kind of car he drives, he gets to look at your bare breasts while you are still in the restaurant.

If you answer your cell phone during a first date, he has the right to immediately get up and leave with no explanation.

Choosey and "stuck up" are closely related.

At 40, single "Rules Girls" (see the book written by Fein & Schneider) become single, lonely women.

If you expect a man to pay for everything, you'll need a strong jaw and a good tongue.

Perfect men don't exist. Good men are everywhere.

It's OK not to want kids. It's not OK to sacrifice your personal life and personal goals for your career.

The kharmic retribution for putting good men into the "Friend Zone" while getting hurt by bad boys is to become bitter, angry, and the owner of at least three cats.

You are not a princess no matter what your T-Shirt states. If you really think you are a princess, then you'd better have the body of a stripper, the face of an angel, and the personality of a saint. Even so, only Prince Charming can marry a princess and Prince Charming is gay.

Your single girlfriends don't want you to have a happy relationship with a man. Consider this when listening to their advice.

A man won't say "I love you" until he is 100% confident that you won't use this against him. This might take years, be patient because men can be sensitive, too.

Taking the time to look your best is not optional. After all, if you can catch his eye then you can catch his heart. Being agreeable, pleasant, and happy will seal the deal.

Smiles and laughter are contagious and can melt any man's heart.

The unintended consequence of independence is loneliness.

There is a fine line between expecting that a man pay for everything and being a common prostitute.

Excessive complaining is neither attractive nor polite.

You are entitled to nothing. However, you can expect rewards for working hard for something.

Before you say "it's all his fault" after a bad date, look closely in the mirror.

It's not always men making you unhappy. Don't let bitter women convince you of that.

Being strong doesn't mean being bitchy. Southern women have known this for generations.

You can't have it all. Please have the good sense to realize this.

What you call "settling" is actually called "compromise". It's what emotionally healthy people do in normal relations. It's also why you're having problems landing a man.

Don't expect men to fall all over you just because you are a woman. Feminism taught men to be independent, too.

There's nothing wrong with looking feminine.

If he doesn't call you back, it means he's just not really into you. Deal with it.

If you meet a man, don't find reasons to reject him or things to change in him. Find reasons to accept him and respect him.

"As if" and "whatever" are immature insults used by 12 year olds, not intelligent young women.

The common word in "drink whore", "dinner whore", and "attention whore" is still whore.

Sorry girl, it's NOT all about you - so you can change your T-Shirt now.

Many men would rather chase women, not girls.

Given the current state of divorce laws, don't expect any man to marry you. It's not you, it's just how things are right now. If you're truly sincere about marriage, sign the pre-nup.

Hanging around gay men won't give you any useful insights about straight men. Frankly, hanging around gay men is just creepy.

"No fat chicks" is the man's version of "If you're rich, I'm single".

Winning a man is easy, keeping a man requires hard work.

Advertising "Bitch" on your T-Shirt or sweatpants won't get you any dates. Single men don't care for that attitude.

Deferring self-gratification is a sign of maturity. You can wait until dinner even if you're hungry now.

The real world is pushy, rude, and often unpleasant. That doesn't mean you have to be the same way.

If you dress to get sexual attention, expect to receive sexual attention. And not from the guys you want.

Monday 13 January 2014

Double PostSecret

I've been rather busy churning out the posts the last couple of weeks anyway. Let's dive into the cesspool of life once more.

Definitely passive-aggressive woman's behaviour. Step moms don't like stepdaughters - not their blood.

What a sackless pussy that guy is. A toy is an admission that he don't do it for her no more - time to leave.

Oneitis. There are plenty of girls out there, go find a better kisser. Or one who thinks enough of you to kiss you thoroughly.

This is probably a chick, given the weird stuff - though I won't rule out a mangina. Can't even collect weird stuff that might be useful, like guns and knives and ammo.

The female hamster of a feminist reveals the truth of her deeply sick and twisted fantasies. Nice fetish!

When people don't get the sex that their bodies and minds require, they become deeply disturbed in strange ways. Just look at bronies.

Time for some Eat-Pray-Love? You're about to be replaced man.

"Watch the babysitter get gang-fucked by a home-invasion intruder in an explosion of semen."

At your wedding? Yeah...

STDs no longer carry the stigmata that they used to.

Because he didn't give a shit about you - you were just another hole to dump a fuck into.

So you are so awful that you can only get fucked by geeks?

Women are never happy.

The entitled hamster in full flower. Note the whining undercurrent of not being haaaaappy.

You mean "slut", not woman. I love introverts, they're so secretly kinky and twisted and sensual with a rich inner life. Rich enough to match mine.

Can't stand your own bastard spawn eh. This is gonna be more of a problem in the future.

Pining for the Alpha who got away.

If that's what you think, you're probably right. Nice rack, I'd tap that.

Sunday 12 January 2014

Einstein the Lesser Alpha

With great amusement I ran across this piece about Albert Einstein by some clueless woman:

So, let us look at the words which spouted from this woman's fingertips:

"Wife ordered to keep room tidy, serve three meals a day - but expect NO affection...and she must stop talking when he demands it."

Wow, that sounds pretty harsh. Harsh enough to get any woman's blood boiling and start her screeching like a harpy. But wait: most women will take offense at the slightest little thing anyway, because a mindset of hate and anger and distrust has been inculcated in them from birth. They've been trained and conditioned to entitlement all their lives and get upset if someone looks to be overturning the applecart.

Perhaps we should take a closer look at the content of the article, instead of the deliberately-provocative headline. After all, bad news sells!

Ah, it's about a book! The title is "Einstein: His Life and Universe". Sounds like a winner, given this man is unarguably the most influential thinker of his time. Turns out that good ole Albert had a hard time maintaining a harmonious love-life. Now we know what tiny part of the book and Albert's life has drawn the shrill ire of this woman.

"Einstein's approach to love was so pragmatic that when his 11-year marriage to Mileva Maric was floundering, he issued a list of outrageous rules that he believed would allow the two to remain together for the sake of the children."

Aha! Right there we can see an entitled-female-mindset slant - rules are "outrageous", even (or especially?) if it is for the sake of the children. Let's have a further read:

"Einstein stipulated that his wife should not expect any intimacy from him, should not reproach him in any way; should stop talking to him if he requested it; should leave his bedroom or study immediately without protest if requested, and should refrain from belittling him in front of the children, either through words or behaviour."

Dear me, I wonder what might have caused these demands?

"No intimacy" - obviously things had broken down pretty severely by that point. If there's one thing a man likes it is fucking. When he decides that a woman is truly unfuckable it's not because of a light, pleasant conversation over tea that happened to have a few unfortunate words and accusations tacked onto the end of it.

"Should not reproach him in any way" - obviously she was earbashing him and he was tired of it. Remember: verbal abuse is still abuse, as you women keep telling us men.

"Should stop talking to him if he requested it" - I'll bet that most of her talking was incessant nagging and whining and demands. Probably at the most inconvenient time, like when he was trying to think clearly. Not a good thing for the man who invented: E = m-c-squared

(Let us side-step into a thought-experiment here. Let us assume that because Einstein was nagged to distraction and he was too weak to say what was unacceptable behaviour, then no E = m-c-squared was ever invented. At the end of WWII the Japanese would never have surrendered because two cities were not obliterated by the atomic bomb. There would have been a ten-year struggle over forbidding terrain that would have practically ended with genocide. Think of the loss of so much beauty and culture! The atomic bomb saved Japan and the Japanese.)

"Should leave his bedroom or study immediately without protest if requested" - a man's gotta have a refuge and this man especially needed peace and quiet to exert his brains. I note that that's his two rooms - she still has the run of the rest of the home.

"Should refrain from belittling him in front of the children, either through words or behaviour" - ah, here comes the real crux. Obviously he's seriously trying to set boundaries of reasonable and civilised behaviour from her. It should have been done earlier, however have to give the man credit for the attempt.

Basically he simply stated that he expects to be treated decently in his own home. Nothing in the slightest wrong with that - in fact it should be a given. Anyone who won't conform to society's decent standards of behaviour is seriously defective. Let's see the reaction to these generally reasonable demands for decent behaviour:

"The more Neanderthal-minded males out there may well be nodding sagely in accordance with Einstein's outrageous demand - but women's jaws will no doubt be collectively hitting the floor."

Haha you condescending female shit. It's "outrageous" that a man expect to be treated decently, let alone demand it. You also speak for all women. I predict an old age filled with cat-kissing in your future!

At any rate his wife moved out after a few months with the children and later got divorced. I bet that it was because she couldn't handle being held up to the rules - women always gotta push the boundaries. Extreme entitled mindset.

Other interesting things come to light though. Albert had some sexy-fun-time with a first cousin while married, who he later married once divorced from his shrew. After four years of second-marriage he was having more sexy-fun-time with his secretary (the niece of a friend). It shows that even back then, women followed their hypergamous instincts and had fun and partying.

You-all simply can't resist that cock can ya's.

So Albert was a reasonable womaniser for his time and place. However he couldn't control his women, didn't understand them properly (or more accurately, chose to get involved with shitty women) so regrettably he is a Lesser Alpha at best. No surprise really, he was more intellectual than visceral - I'll give him a two-thumbs-up for not taking shit and for taking advantage of what was offered to him on a plate.

For further edification here is his misogynist manifesto (according to the woman writing the piece):


You will make sure:

- that my clothes and laundry are kept in good order;
- that I will receive my three meals regularly in my room;
- that my bedroom and study are kept neat, and especially that my desk is left for my use only.

You will renounce all personal relations with me insofar as they are not completely necessary for social reasons. Specifically, You will forego:

 - my sitting at home with you;
 - my going out or travelling with you.

You will obey the following points in your relations with me:

 - you will not expect any intimacy from me, nor will you reproach me in any way;
 - you will stop talking to me if I request it;
 - you will leave my bedroom or study immediately without protest if I request it.

You will undertake not to belittle me in front of our children, either through words or behaviour.

I don't understand this. Isn't this mostly what a loving woman should do for her husband by default? Basic decency from one person to another? Doing laundry? Cooking? Cleaning? No browbeating and earbashing? Privacy when busy with work? Basic standards of respect - most especially around the children? Is not giving her man any shit so dreadfully hard? Especially when he's working?

Wow, she must have really pissed him off for him to decide that she's unfuckable, he doesn't want to be in her presence, and there's no way he wants to be with her in public.

But wait, this woman author further states: "There would seemingly be no benefits to Maric in return."

No benefits in return. So she's not getting fed, not getting housed, and not getting clothed in return for attempting to act like a decent parent and wife would. Funny that I don't read any hint in the article about the woman being thrown out to deal with life on her own: she chose to leave off her own bat after a couple of months. With the children, of course. Then filed for divorce 5 years later - after which Albert married his first cousin, who he'd been fucking for a few years by then.

You go girrrrl!

Albert, I salute you!