Friday 3 January 2014


Danger & Play just before Christmas last year had a post about how going from fit to big gets you a lot of attention:

I can personally verify this from New Years Eve. I had zero interest in actually going out, when I got a call from a mate asking me what I was doing. Okay, what the fuck, might as well go out eh. He's a good mate.

I'd just completed a heavy workout, was sweaty as fuck, hadn't showered, was about to eat and slug down a fresh-made margarita. It's 7pm, I'll pick you up around 9-ish. Eat steak and veg, slap on a shirt without showering, go out and be the chauffeur. Not a problem, no intent to chase girls. Just have a couple drinks and enjoy myself with company.


The girls are paying attention, very amusing. You're walking down the street and they step out of your way. The guys are stepping out of your way. Everyone is eyeing you.

This is 6 hours after my weights session. I'm not still jacked/pumped from the session any more. I'm not flexing the muscles at all. Nothing. Simply walking, talking, laughing with my mates, dancing with girls who come up and ask. Simply a fun time.

After midnight. Run across a girl I haven't seen for two years, she drags me onto the floor for a dance. She's got her hands on my shoulders and upper arms, feeling them up, complimenting me on my looks, saying that I look so damn good and young: she knows I'm 47, ten years older than her. Can see the lust in her eyes. Her partner is there, carefully not watching - in fact he's walked away for a bit. Pity he's there at all, she's DTF.

It dawns on me: I've just barely started to transit from fit to big.

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