Tuesday 21 January 2014

Respect Your Sexuality

In conjunction with my post about PUA being inherently broken, a lot of women have exceptionally low standards for their sexual partners. Further, these standards change with time and stages in life.

When she's young and carefree, many women will give it up to just about anyone. At the beginning of her sexual life this is quite understandable: she's inexperienced, her hormones are running riot, she doesn't know that much about men, that sort of thing. She gets hurt and that's how she learns. Sadly learning by experience is all that's available to her, with the destruction of the family and the anonymity of modern city life.

By the time she's 20 though, she should know enough to keep shitty guys out of her pants. It's not that she's never had any experience with shitty guys - hell, many girls start around age 12 with sexual experimentation. Yet she still ignores the quieter, more relaxed and stable guys in favor of the shitty and edgy guys who've had umpteen other girls before her and will have umpteen more after her.

Yes, I know Hypergamy is a bitch and doesn't care. Yet these girls are capable of: holding down a job, not getting pregnant (at least some of them), and doing things like starting a business or career and buying a home off their own bat.

If they're capable of that then they're capable of stepping back from their impulses and not getting fucked by every bad-boy that they run across. They're not helpless, they are quite capable of delayed gratification and planning, they are often very intelligent (especially nurses) - and they definitely are capable of that impulse-control.

So this means that they coldly and deliberately choose to give up their sexuality to the most deviated men around: the criminal/scum class, the Omegas (and PUAs). Especially when they deliberately go back, repeatedly.

Until their late-twenties and early thirties, when they decide that it's time to settle down. Then they start looking for a more stable type of man, often with some earlier criminal man's bastard child in tow - with the full entitled expectation that the men they're dating are totally ofay with bringing up said bastard. Their standards are higher now too, which is completely stupid. The typical insane and warped disconnect in the spoiled/conditioned woman's mind becomes evident.

This disconnect says: "My sexuality is only available to the very best. Prove to me that you are the very best. I know that I fucked criminals and deviants, that is not relevant and in fact it did not happen. Plus this bastard child of a deviant means more to me than you ever will, deal with it." We men actually know that she values her sexuality so little that she was willingly fucked by the dregs of society, yet we are supposed to take this person who shit all over her own sexuality as being the best in the world.

Unfortunately there are enough weak-willed maggots of men - the Zeta males - who will actually do this, so that she has a fair chance of succeeding. Since he's weak-willed she will grow tired of him, divorce him, steal as much as she can from him, and search for another. Usually this happens because he's easily led and therefore boring as fuck.

(Though when you look at it honesty, most women are easily bored - their growing-up has not emphasised self-reliance so they expect others to entertain them. This is why feminism came from middle-class women, they were the first ones who had the time to get bored and start getting pissy about molehills in their selfishness. This is what usually causes frivorce.)

This might happen a couple of times. Every time that she does this as she gets older the less chance she has of succeeding - until suddenly she's locked down in a relationship with her cats and watching reruns of Eat-Pray-Love.

This is another reason why I cheer on my sack-of-shit PUA acquaintance. Every single woman that he fucks is shown to be unworthy of a decent man. Unworthy of a decent life. Unworthy of a decent family. Unworthy of being around. In a way she's also more and more damaged with every time that she has sex with him - I very much enjoy the schadenfreude and karma that she's brought upon herself.

Just the same for women who frivorce - these types are also unworthy garbage.

Where are all the men? Where are all the *good* men?

They wised up to your behaviour, insanity, and lack of standards.

Male Hypergamy doesn't care.

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