Saturday 11 January 2014

Hamster Implosion

Here we have a woman whose Hamster is in the process of imploding. She hit the wall a while back, has been in denial, I sucked a few drops of juice from her before she went batshit, and now she's attempting to interact with me again.

Warning: while amusing, this is not pretty. Pass it up if you have a weak stomach.

Her: given up dating met the wrong guys they dont want to no me etc no nice men out there

Wrong. If she hadn't gone batshit crazy I'd have kept squeezing a bit of juice out of her, given her 50 shades of orgasms. I'm a strangely equitable person: if someone takes care of certain needs of mine, I make certain to take care of her similar needs.

Her: I'd like a man to take me out to dinner or the movies whats wrong with that give up

Of course you'd like a man to take you out to dinner or the movies. You're still in denial. Any rate, that's never a good thing: he either becomes a wallet or pisses you women off because you don't like the insinuation that a strong, empowered woman like yourself cannot cope financially. The mental disconnect that you girls often display is incredible.

At any rate, I'm not answering. This crazy cunt is not family, girlfriend, or fucktoy. Piss on her and her stupidity.

Her: I'm not silly I new u only wanted one thing from me

Correct, I made it plain from the beginning - and you were 100% down with it at the time. You even invited me over out of the blue to stay the night with you. And you had several orgasms from my cock, fingers, and tongue.

Your shaming attempt to get me to interact with you has failed. I want nothing to do with your stupid mental meltdown. I refuse to tell you about the petite Asian girl that I'm sparking - who so far has paid everything for our dates together. Beyond the lulz, I have zero interest in you at all - other than as an example of female insanity for my readers.

Here readers. Here I open up and show the black poison in my soul.

How did it get there?

Drop by drop, from crazy entitled females like this one.

"The (dating) situation we have today is like a large lake. On one side you have armies of women pissing and shitting and dumping as much raw emotional sewage as they can create into that lake. On the other side you have the group of so-called 'nice normal' women who are beginning to realise that their drinking water is no longer as sweet and fresh as it used to be."

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