Monday 27 January 2014

Gay Marriage Promotes Child Abuse

I have run across a few anecdotal rumblings about child abuse/pedophilia being "rampant" amongst gays. I decided to see what I could find with regard to actual statistics: I wasn't very confident, given that the rumblings suggested that it was very much played down amongst the LGBT community. Still, given that a lot of the so-called fashion scene is dominated by gay types, it is worth looking into. After all, fashion shapes our sexual mores - whether we like it or not.

I didn't find anything beyond vague burblings. Some said that it was rife. Others said that it was bullshit. Still more said that it was not uncommon - and that the incidence was probably much higher than was reported, since the ones doing the reporting were actually disturbed by this tendency in themselves and turning themselves over to psychiatrists for help.

Then I ran across this:

• Heterosexual marriages - incidence of own-children sexual abuse - 0.6%

• Homosexual marriages - incidence of own-children sexual abuse - 18%

Funny how that little statistic has been not-reported widely in the media.

Of course it may not be true, you cannot trust everything that you find on the internet. However it should be looked closely into. Even the slightest hint of sexually assaulting children is big-time investigation material - except in this case when it seems to be conveniently ignored.

Perhaps it's because of tolerance. It is politically-incorrect to stigmatise the LGBT community in any way - you are a terrible person for doing so and they will shriek to heaven and attempt to nail you to the wall, hang you. So the leftists don't make a peep about anything with the remotest hint of a smell of nastiness. Especially if it casts a bad light on their narrative of sweetness, light, and super-saccharine tolerance.

So by letting this slide unchecked and unanswered, they might be condoning child abuse.

Let us assume something like 10% of people are effectively LGBT in some manner. Crunching the numbers for 1000 heterosexual vs 100 homosexual/LGBT families we get:

Heterosexual = 6 children sexually-abused by their parents

Homosexual = 18 children sexually-abused by their parents

If 50% of families were homosexual/LGBT types, then for every 2000 families that becomes 6 children (heterosexual families) vs 180 children (homosexual/LGBT families). Not much of a stretch, considering how fashion is androgenising and pedophiling and shaping the sexual mores of our society. Oh yes, quite a few teenagers - even some early-teens - are fashion models. Pre-sexual-legal-age up as examples of the sexually-desirable.

"But wait!" I can hear you lefties cry. "You can't automatically assume that the LGBT community has the same incidence of own-child sexual abuse! It could be less!" You are quite correct - it could be less. If it were half the above then there would "only" be 90 hypothetical children being sexually-abused by their parents. Or it might be doubled to 360, or perhaps even higher.

We don't know either way because you have conveniently swept this uncomfortable truth under the carpet. You don't want to know, one way or the other, because in any case even more than 6 would make you squirm inside.

Lefties, it's all about the children. Your blinkered and precious ideology is more poisonous than can be believed.

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