Monday 6 January 2014

Sneak up on you

Old habits can sneak up on you, catching you out of the blue, making you embarrassed when you realise what you've done. An extremely sneaky one is when a woman catches you off-guard - say, by handing you her purse.

All of a sudden you realise that you're acting like her man-bitch, holding her fucking purse.

Thankfully there is a quick way to get that dignity back, assuming that you think fast. Just open her purse and start rummaging through it. If she asks what the hell you're doing, say: "I'm looking for your condoms, I'm out." She'll never give you her purse again.

Compliance tests are such a bitch to deal with, because they're usually done so naturally - and you've had umpteen years of conditioning to make you reflexively submit. So rummage through her purse, or sip her drink, or whatever.

Not perfect yet, always striving to improve.

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