Sunday 26 January 2014

Shaming is Compassion

People think that we in the Manosphere have no compassion. They are both totally fucking right - and completely fucking wrong.

Do we have compassion for the screwball cunts who get fat or cut their hair? Not particularly. Which is why we shame these fat cunts at every opportunity. The fat shaming week was brilliant, exposing corpulent disgust with enthusiasm. I'm looking forward to hair shaming month, it's already starting well.

There are three roots for this shaming:

1/ disgust

2/ selfishness

3/ compassion - WHAT?!

Okay, to explain this shit.

Disgust: these fatties are literally revolting to look at.

Selfishness: if we shame them these fatties might actually get their shit together and lose weight, becoming easier on the eye. That or they'll stay at fucking home out of shame. Either is a selfish win for us, especially if they're more fuckable. Even if we won't fuck them some other guy will, taking the heat off the types of women that we find desirable. That'll also make them less narcissistic, a selfish double-win for both us and them.

Compassion: what the fuck? We men in the Manosphere don't have any compassion!

Hush, grasshopper. Listen and learn.

We are the most compassionate pack of fucking bastards towards fatties that you will ever run across on this planet. If we can shame one fattie into thinness, then we have immeasurably improved her life in the following ways:

• quality of life - feeling awesome and glorying in her physical body

• vibrant health - much reduced risks of early death, heart disease, type II diabetes, etc

• reduced public costs - people in vibrant health are not a drain upon our health systems

• better sexuality - a former fattie with 4"+ of padding can suddenly get a decent deep fucking with the average 5.5" male cock - probably the best fucking she's had in a long time - happiness for all!

• better fertility - fatness often leads to fertility problems (like polycystic ovarian syndrome) - add that to age problems (another subject) and you need all the help you can get girl

So, who has the most compassion:

— me telling her to drop twenty kilos in the gym and to grow her hair down to her butt

— her female frenemies and wanky males saying "it's not the outside it's what's on the inside that counts", encouraging her to mutilate her sexual attractiveness by cutting her hair and screwing up her life by dis-incentivising her to lose weight

Any woman with true sense will take my bastard behaviour as the deepest act of compassion that anyone in the world can and will ever do for her.


  1. Losing "a few" pounds AND keeping in shape afterwards allows her to catch the eye of a better man than otherwise (better looks, higher SES, more bedroom skills) granting her more bragging rights among her hen circle. "A crab basket" won't allow that, will it?

    Or is it feminism needed to rally fatties and fat-accepting fetishists under a common banner of "No fattie left behind"?

    About POS: not likely. More fat means more androgen to estrogen conversion in fat tissues (for both sexes):

    "Adipose tissue is the greatest peripheral source of aromatase in both males and females, contributing to the production of estradiol" (note: from testosterone!).

    Less testosterone means lower libido and less resistance to stress. Mustachioed POS chicks have high libido, unfortunately.

  2. I like the "no fatties left behind" thought - might have to try and spread that one as a meme.

    My thought is that the mustachioed POS chicks have a combination of higher testosterone coupled with a lifetime of entitled mentality conditioning that predisposes them to aggression.

    Thankfully rule #1 should help us vs the fatties: cardio.

    Out of curiosity, are you an INTJ?

  3. Not quite, I'm an INTP with extremely strong I and T, pretty weak N and P. A certified schizoid, so a rather rare bird, heh.

  4. Re: aggression levels. AFAIK, nobody made a study about it yet. From anecdotal evidence, they often have angular faces with a manjaw.

  5. Plenty of manjaw out there. Training probably counts for the majority of attitude though, rather'n testosterone.