Monday 20 January 2014

PostSecret View

Today's view of society's poison, courtesy of PostSecret.

Picking that this is a guy and he spanks off to those pictures. Pussy.

Words of wisdom from someone who's seen under the covers. I hope that your clarity survives the eruption of hatred.

Pathetic mangina. All women are replaceable.

I like big butts...start doing those kettle bell exercises girl.

Except that feminism has already conditioned you. Too late girl.

Sex sells, what more can you say.

Maggot sitting around masturbating and crying "why meeeeeeee" instead of confronting the cheating bitch and kicking her shitty ass out the door. Try doing this:

• hire a smoking-hot prostitute
• let her know that you're going to arrange for the two of them to be "caught" by your wife
• fuck the prostitute every way from Sunday in your marital bed until the wife walks in
• when your wife does her nut, calmly tell the prostitute to leave
• ignore your wife

If it's truly gone too far then you at least brought it to a head. Otherwise, you've just instilled existential dread and jealousy in her. Never let her know that it was a prostitute.

Sluttiness at its finest, she got major wet. I wonder how many other girls reading about that will get wet at the idea.

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