Saturday 4 January 2014

Kevin Conboy Hates Free Speech

Here is the face of a man who threatened to shut down two WordPress sites because he finds the content "offensive":

The sites that he found offensive?


So, why did this human turd pop his top and threaten to take down these sites? (Not a chance with Return of Kings - they have their own webhosting.)

Was it because they post pictures and techniques on torture? No.

Was it because they teach you how to be an arsonist, or hook you up with assassins and hit-men? No.

Was it because you can buy drugs there like on Silk Road? No.

Was it because they promote the world-wide slave-trade? No.

Perhaps - God forbid! - they teach you hacking, computer theft, how to sell credit card information, or the dissemination of (gasp!) State Secrets, like WikiLeaks? No.

Well fuck me. What do they promote then?

The sites teach men what it is to be men - how to be men - what makes men attractive to women - how to get to fuck women - and similar subjects.

So the question becomes: why did this human turd find this offensive?

Here is where we start to dip our fingers into the sticky, stinky, rancid mentality of a human turd. Why would a man find these things offensive? Usually, things which offend you threaten in some way your preconceived ideas and self-image.

Could it be that it threatens his own self-image in some manner? Perhaps because the man is such a human turd that when he realised that the information on these websites was helping other men get laid while he cannot - that he completely lost it at the thought of his own sack-of-shit existence being a complete failure at womanising?

Dear dear me.

He sounds like a complete failure, a loser, a - dare I say it - human turd.

Because only a human turd would flip his shit at the thought of another man getting to fuck some good-looking girl.

That, or a woman jealous that she's not the one getting fucked.

Addendum: here is the original tweet, now-removed by this human turd.

"Hunting down cowards on the internet" - oh the cognitive dissonance!

I can totally see him hunting a deer.

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