Tuesday 21 January 2014

Civilized Behaviour

A lot of people (especially PUAs and so-called Alphas) give women a free pass for shit-awful behaviour. When these childish twits throw a mouthful of filth your way, you're just expected to shrug it off as "that's just the way they are". It's a part of the feminine mindset that this be granted to all women.

No. This is piss-poor behaviour from anyone.

It's one thing for a group of men to be foul-mouthed. Generally they tone it down around women, though these days there's no real need. They're not fragile and tend to have even filthier mouths than most men do.

Of course, most men don't tend to say stuff in casual conversation that causes fights. Women will say anything. If it would cause a fight between men, the chances are higher that she'll spew it out of her delicate, painted cupid's-bow lips. Because men will (unfortunately) give her the Pussy Pass.

These days, most women lack dignity and grace. Some still have a modicum of grace, dignity, and style - generally deliberately learned. They keep their trash side well-hidden, and tend to get married more easily than the less-covert or overt trash.

Then the trash wonders why they're left alone at the end of their lives with cats.

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