Monday 13 January 2014

Double PostSecret

I've been rather busy churning out the posts the last couple of weeks anyway. Let's dive into the cesspool of life once more.

Definitely passive-aggressive woman's behaviour. Step moms don't like stepdaughters - not their blood.

What a sackless pussy that guy is. A toy is an admission that he don't do it for her no more - time to leave.

Oneitis. There are plenty of girls out there, go find a better kisser. Or one who thinks enough of you to kiss you thoroughly.

This is probably a chick, given the weird stuff - though I won't rule out a mangina. Can't even collect weird stuff that might be useful, like guns and knives and ammo.

The female hamster of a feminist reveals the truth of her deeply sick and twisted fantasies. Nice fetish!

When people don't get the sex that their bodies and minds require, they become deeply disturbed in strange ways. Just look at bronies.

Time for some Eat-Pray-Love? You're about to be replaced man.

"Watch the babysitter get gang-fucked by a home-invasion intruder in an explosion of semen."

At your wedding? Yeah...

STDs no longer carry the stigmata that they used to.

Because he didn't give a shit about you - you were just another hole to dump a fuck into.

So you are so awful that you can only get fucked by geeks?

Women are never happy.

The entitled hamster in full flower. Note the whining undercurrent of not being haaaaappy.

You mean "slut", not woman. I love introverts, they're so secretly kinky and twisted and sensual with a rich inner life. Rich enough to match mine.

Can't stand your own bastard spawn eh. This is gonna be more of a problem in the future.

Pining for the Alpha who got away.

If that's what you think, you're probably right. Nice rack, I'd tap that.

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