Saturday 11 January 2014

Civilisation vs Immigration

Civilisation requires at a minimum that each family have three children. Two are just for the minimum continuation of the country, providing one extra for accidents (deaths). For a civilisation to properly expand requires four or more children per family. Any civilisation which disincentivises or de-emphasises children and the role that mothers have in having children is going to be outbred in three generations.

The populations of third-world countries (and immigrant minorities) will overwhelm these types of civilisation. Through simply outbreeding, they overwhelm through sheer numbers, out-competing your own citizens. Smilovich and his cronies were right: these refugees come in and they BREED. Until all of a sudden they are in control, because they outnumber your citizens and their culture now outweighs yours.

When a civilisation becomes soft enough to allow immigration through refugees - that civilisation's days are numbered. Their short-sighted compassion has overridden their long-term self-interests. Compassion for these unfortunates opens the door to yet more compassion for their circumstances, and more compassion to give them a break - its a very slippery slope down to hell.

First, they get let in. Then they are given things out of the goodness of your heart: food, housing, education. Compassion gives them preference with certain things: higher education, jobs, the ability to vote. Special treatment that they haven't earned. Special treatment that your own citizens do not get and cannot hope to compete with. Out of compassion they are allowed to keep their own customs - which YOU have to acknowledge, out of compassion for their circumstances.

YOU have to be tolerant of them, out of compassion, rather than them having to adjust to your customs. THEY are the ones who should be doing the tolerating, NOT YOU. Reality is that we've given them a second chance, and they walk all over us - and we allow it, out of compassion, letting them play the victim card. We are such fucking pussies that we give them another chance in a much better place to live than they had, and then bend over so they can ream our asses. Out of COMPASSION.

The correct response to refugees is to keep them in their own countries: that way they will sort out their problems instead of running away from them. If they actually are capable of emigrating - moving and surviving and fitting into another country and culture on their own - then they will be great citizens and are welcome to be there. Otherwise they MUST stay in their own country: if they don't like how their country is run, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Revolution is the only possible check on government excess, theirs and ours.

Democracy is for pussies and whiners. OF COURSE some motherfucker is going to take advantage of the system. OF COURSE people are going to be selfish and vote for things that benefit them. The Republic is the only way to go: only responsible citizens can vote, only people of means (landowners) are citizens, citizens have the duty to protect their country, only children born of parents from the country are eligible to become citizens, etc.

Non-citizens have comparatively minimal rights - though they CAN immigrate and, if successful, become citizens (by proving their worthiness over time). Citizenship is not a right, it is EARNED.

Along the same vein: GIVING technology to the disadvantaged is as much a crime as GIVING them citizenship. You and yours sweated, thought, and developed this technology. You earned the fruits of it. Giving the results of your sweat to someone else, out of the kindness of your heart, is stupidity of the greatest order. It is the one advantage that you have and handing it to another on a silver platter is stupidity.

The same for outsourcing labour to other countries - usually hell-holes and the third world. You are effectively letting someone else do work that your citizens are quite capable of doing, and at the same time denying your citizens the wealth required to buy the results of this labour. All in the name of greed/profit for someone - so your country falls behind as a natural result.

After all, your competition outbreeds you and grows strong on your prior sweat. Their outbreeding will then leapfrog you as well: once you've given them the hand up to being your equal, you're done. A population of 1 million with 10% geniuses will fall behind a population of 10 million with 5% geniuses. If you've outsourced everything to them as well, then you have no bitch when they outstrip you: you enabled it, and you no longer make anything.

Civilisation is only possible with worthy men teamed up with worthy women. Note: worthy. Many men and most modern women are worthy of nothing. So while I keep looking for a worthy woman who is available, I will do as I please with whichever women I choose. Thank you for the fuck, I quite enjoyed it.

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