Saturday 4 January 2014

Sex Sells

I almost never watch TV so don't generally see the advertising and other crap used to brainwash the masses into stupidity. For once though, I was visiting my parents and they had the TV on in the background. Vague ambience, it was actually a pain in the ass - as per usual all advertisements come through every 10 minutes at high volume and you can't hear each other. Their house though so I didn't ask 'em to shut it the fuck off: I was being pleasant.

So, up comes this commercial with a model girl on it, advertising "Elite Singles". Basically it's a matchmaking service for smart, successful, ambitious men who make big money, but don't have time to seek out classy women.

It reminded me of the Elite Introductions people who were advertising in the newspapers a couple years back. Same shit, different day. If you were a clueless loser without any social circle at all, you could get together with a group for a dinner and be formally introduced - I thought it was a crock of shit when I first ran across it, and I was Beta to the core at that time.

Either way though, sex sells - and the selling is becoming more prevalent. I wonder how many high-end dates these poor suckers are shelling out for to be "introduced" to these classy ladies - and how many of these ladies are shills, like half of the girls at the so-called speed-dating events.

Go ahead girls, take the clueless for every cent you can. It makes up the slack when you're buying ME dinner and presents.

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