Tuesday 19 May 2015

Caricatures of Men and Women

The media (in the form of entertainment) portrays both men and women as immature caricatures of what they should be. We see this all the time these days: wimpy ass-kissing men, strong ass-kicking women, etc. This appears to be feminism's message of "women are as good if not better than men" and everybody's noses are rubbed into this from a young age.

Given these as examples, with no real mother/father role-models, is it really surprising that the younger generations have turned out the way they have? Women insanely overconfident, men insanely underconfident. More: encouraging women to become insanely overconfident, plus discouraging men from gaining normal confidence and making them insanely underconfident.

It strikes me that many of the stereotypes from the Manosphere - Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Sigma, Lambda, whatever - are based upon these caricatures. Similarly, it strikes me that much of the reason that some segments of women go for certain types of men (scummy "alpha"-types) is also because of these caricatures - it's what they see and expect.

Yes, there's a lot more involved in this process than just the media - I'm simply picking on *one* of the causes. One that I think is quite strongly involved in the process. When children are plunked down in front of the idiot-box to keep them occupied while the parents or single-mommy does stuff, there is a golden opportunity for both marketers and social manipulators to get their claws into a freshly-malleable mind.

As an update: I see that Vox Day has been posturing again. Ragging once more on a certain segment of the manosphere male population, to whit: the MGTOW. Tch, tch. When he does that, it's a prime example of leftist/feminist shaming language coupled with an inability to accept other people's point of view, coupled with immaturity - and like calls to like.

Is he being willfully blind? Or just deliberately stupid? Doesn't he realize that there's at least 10x the number of MGTOW out in the world than the other manosphere guys? Just because they don't give a toss for your dogshit doesn't mean that they don't note you flinging turds in their direction. All he's promoting is divisiveness - or is that his plan? Is he actually a "useful idiot" or shill for the feminists/establishment?

Like calls to like: immaturity might explain a bit more of the business between immature women being attracted to posturing know-nothing criminal-loser-scum "alphas". Their posturing is a sign of great immaturity, striking a chord with the immature women. Which is why we get criminals and other worthless types siring more children upon the immature children that are the modern women.

More thoughts, regarding having to "game" your wife all the time. For sure, keep things fresh for the both of you. Yet when you have to constantly entertain someone - it shows in my opinion a great shallowness and immaturity on her part. If immaturity is all that they respond to then that's a sad indictment regarding their mentality.

Round and round the cycle (of immaturity) goes.


  1. LosAngelesKing20 May 2015 at 01:19

    I'm not MGTOW...nor do I ever plan to be, as I'm happily married. Be that as it may, I don't have any problem with MGTOW either. I don't fault any man for acting in his own best interest, and they get enough of the shaming from the femcunts as it is without having to deal with it from "men" like Vox Day also. He's a fool, and a windbag blowhard, much like his pal Roissy. If MGTOW are such "cowards" like he thinks for not (let's just call a spade a spade) "manning up" and refusing to "save" Western civilization, then he can explain why he fled to Italy from America. Western civilization is beyond saving, and one will themselves loony trying to prove otherwise. The truth is he's a self-exalting egomaniac who wants to anoint himself an armchair general directing the troops who are actually suffering on the ground, while doing nothing himself. He just barks orders from the sidelines "you're not doing things right. You're cowards." Come to think of it, that's the kind of behaviour I would expect from a woman.

    1. Keoni Galt has put up a post that makes me question some of my beliefs and statements about MGTOW. Its an excellent read. And he is married.

      I put up a while back a post much like your remarks. He (Vox) chose to abandon his homeland and its western civilization, that makes him a hypocrite any time he opens his mouth to criticize anyone else for not "manning up" and saving it. He's done the expat thing, something else which he hypocritically denigrates.

      I think that I've said before: any time a civilization throws 51+% of it's most productive citizens (married so-called "beta" men) under the bus is a civilization that deserves to die. In fact, it has a death-wish.

    2. To clarify, "under the bus" as in enabling the divorce/frivorce industry and destruction of the family unit - the foundational cornerstone of civilization and society.

    3. LosAngelesKing20 May 2015 at 12:43

      No clarification needed there, I knew what you meant :). Enabling the divorce/frivorce industry and the family unit will destroy civilization, but I think that came after loosing the bonds of sexual propriety with the sexual revolution. That also contributes to skyrocketing divorce rates due to decreased ability to truly bond with their mates. What do these people do when they have children themselves? They (mothers more so than fathers) act as surrogate pimps to their daughters by allowing/encouraging them to be the sluts they were when they were younger. That's at the worst, but at best they just look the other way. And the cycle continues apace. It's gotten to the point that I'm beginning to wonder if the sluts we're contending with now are just little girls lost looking for a man to tell them no. I may be wrong about, but it has been much of my experience.

    4. I also am wondering re sluts being little girls lost and looking for a man. Of course, by the time they find that man they're probably broken already. Or bad habits are excessively ingrained.

      Plus, the default response to "no!" seems to be to spit in your eye. Then they wonder why a Man sneers at them and walks away.

  2. The Manosphere Greek alphabet soup is a caricature, as I have suggested several times. The "Alpha" is just a cartoon version of James Bond, for an example.

    1. Very cartoonish. James Bond, slipping into a hottub with a random blonde. "My name is Bond. James Bond." Instant makeout session ensues.

  3. It begins early, BPS. A perfect example is the "Kim Possible" cartoon:

    The titular protagonist; Kim Possible is just your average, everyday girl who happens to save the world on a daily basis. With a grab-bag of gadgets, and her cheerleader training, she'll thwart any villain's maniacal plot, at any time, and any place. However, no doomsday machine, or baddie can compare to her biggest, and most important struggle; surviving high school.

    Kim's sidekick, and best friend since kindergarten; Ron is often dismissed by his peers as a lazy, accident-prone slacker, and coward. He also has a tendency to blow things out of proportion, and has turned making a fool out of one's self into an art form. However, despite his pants-losing antics, and fear of monkeys, he will always pull through when the chips are down and there is no one Kim trusts more in a mission.

    Don't forget to thank them properly:
    when the occasion would present itself.

    1. Good grief. Please, bring back Captain Kremmen.

      Scene - Carla is just returned to the brig after "interrogation":

      Kremmen: "Carla, you're back! What did they do to you?"
      Carla: "I've been graped!"
      Kremmen: "Don't you mean raped?!"
      Carla: "No, there was a whole bunch of them!"

      Get that one past the censors these days, the feminuts would shit-hemorrhage their brains out.

    2. It has nothing on certain anime and manga targeted at teenagers (shounen/shoujo), mind. It's also interesting that borderline rape by a mandatory hawt guy is a staple of female entertainment in general.

    3. At least nominally, hentai are targeted at adults. So I would not have them in mind typing 'It begins early'. :)

  4. The Black Knight20 May 2015 at 09:58

    The Manosphere's usage of Greek alphabets to categorize types is ridiculous. Surely there can't be that many different types of men to use up all the letters?!

    I can understand labeling maybe three kinds at best and here is my interpretation of them:

    - Alpha: men who have the characteristics either via lucky genetics or a cultivated personality (PUAs) that cater to women's primitive desires and are favored by women sexually.

    - Beta: men who are seen as wallets / bank accounts by women but are not favored sexually. Women actually view them with contempt throughout all stages of their lives. These are the men with whom women "settle down" (a more truthful term should be: "settle for") after hitting The Wall and ejected from the Alpha Thug Cock Carousel. Betas are the orbiters and white knights who worship women with the vain hope that the women will pick them.

    - Omega: The completely independent, free man. A man who truly doesn't give a fuck! He will not waste his time or resources to please women. Having understood women's true nature, he walks around with self-assurance as he doesn't care what women think of him. No shaming language can affect the Omega Man. He has transcended beyond that. Omega is Enlightenment!

    Anymore than these just becomes obsessing over minor differences. Same goes for all those pill colours.

    1. It's a strange situation isn't it. The "generally accepted" version, the "Vox Day" version, and BoneCrkr's version. Pick (or reject) your preferred terms. In the end, that's all we can do - the manosphere as such is really not much more than basic guidance.

    2. LosAngelesKing20 May 2015 at 12:32

      I tend to put more stock in BoneCrkr's version. The "Alpha" he was describing tended to describe "Alphas" for time immemorial. They carried deserved respect by other men. His definition of Omega was of the predatory scumbag class that would only attract the female trash class. I would know, having known plenty of those types too. Trash attracts trash. It seems like most of the most influential guys of the manosphere worship the dirtbag class of "men." Roissy especially who has stated his admiration for serial killers like Richard Ramirez...and these guys claim they're trying to save Western civilization? I call bullshit on that.

    3. I similarly gravitate towards BoneCrkr's version, where his definition of Beta was of a Man still. As you say, Omega criminals (or criminal wannabes) - plus Zeta, the weak-willed.

      I think that's what put me off from being a real PUA. Something about the message of "come be trash with us so you can fuck hot sexy trash chicks and then snort a line of coke off her ass" did not attract me. It was not my map of what a Man should be and I was not going to shit all over my map for a chance to stick my dick in some hot trashy chick.

    4. LosAngelesKing21 May 2015 at 12:00

      Same here. Trash will always attract trash. While I often believe slutty women deep down are little girls lost looking for someone to tell them no, it's dependent on them being told no at a time when it truly matters (when they're still young), many of them were seriously damaged. And I didn't want to stick my dick in crazy. I'd seen a lot of guys get lead around by their dicks destroy their lives. False rape accusations, getting gamed to the poorhouse by strippers, the list goes on. Not to mention, women manipulating/controlling them with sex, and the eventual feelings of emptiness that's associated with endless casual sex. One of the cruelest insults the femcunts hurl at men is the one that hits closest to home: you're just bitter that you're not loved. The other juvenile ones like mother's basement, can't get laid etc don't come close. That (feeling loved) can't be reached by mindlessly banging club skanks, and PUAs know it, no matter how many pills they pop, and no matter how many lies they tell themselves.

    5. "You're just bitter that you're not loved" - interesting accusation. Does that come from their own deep well of bitterness within? Projected out on the world, because they can only blame others for their problems and can't accept the slightest hint that it might be partly their own fault?